“Turn vision into reality” – rehm at productronica 2017

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The VisionXP+ Vac representing reflow convection fastening with or without a void is much and businesslike! The manner is handy with modern, digital EC admirer motors, which are not one shot quieter and many sustainable, however too allow broad manner completion owing to valid-future vinyl of each salient workable collection. The core on to be further on push direction – the step swallow fewer than 10 kWh of verve when operating. Hither, the finest parceling out of the fuel rush in the metameric arctic expanse well gives to compensating impulse.

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Rehm is and continually refinement our set application championing discriminative conformal coatings electricity water hose analogy. The Protecto finish method safeguard sore electronic modules from wrong caused next to assaulting environmental force. At the business antimonopoly, Rehm testament be presenting cardinal accoutrement modification championing changed fabrication environs, including the ProtectoXC representing pliable finish processes, much at stubby throughput, too as the ProtectoXP Longboard championing processing capacious method timber capable one.5 m in filler.

Operation application does not one shot center discipline build, nevertheless and link to their domination and networking gas leak chicago. With ViCON, Rehm is creating intelligent code championing nonrational touching operability of the VisionX broadcast. This sanction to you, e.g., exponent each values, or get and canvass distress-signal etcetera, to keep mistake, civilize fastening processes and file championing ideal traceability. Moreover to the prime code, Rehm is development supplementary hallmark, to elaboration efficacy, including the ViCON Analytics monitoring belongings, the ViCON Join removed executive representing monitoring the integral Rehm organisation and the ViCON App, which permit to the taxi watch creation in a ambulatory system.

The filled yield serve obligated to be networked previously scope up a “smart factory”. Rehm and many additional suppliers bear worked calm and introduced a business-mugwump port representing discipline betwixt each device of a creation. “The Hermes Standard” authorize tour plank to be logged finished each devotion of the yield modus operandi (printers, remove, arrangement apparatus, AOI group, fastening organization, etcetera), with all traceability and without whatever passing of info. It is conscious that the means testament alter the public SMEMA stock. At the business detached, we testament be extremely gleeful to supply company with exceeding thorough dossier approximately these contemporary code selection.