Turning shipping containers into homes for the homeless – la times

Tear down this fort: The fort built by territorial surfers at Lunada Bay on the Palos Verdes Peninsula will be demolished. Electricity notes pdf The city’s Planning Commission approved a permit to tear down the structure Tuesday night. Gas and supply okc Los Angeles Times

Deadly crash: The family of a USC graduate student killed in a crash last December is suing the private university and the public safety officer accused of causing the fatal collision. Electricity prices going up Kelsey Dresser died one day after her 1995 Chrysler LeBaron was struck by Public Safety Officer Miguel Guerra. Gas house edwards co Prosecutors, who have charged Guerra with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, say the officer was traveling at three times the speed limit when he T-boned the car. Electricity grid australia Los Angeles Times

Hosting the games: The new mayor of Rome says her city should not take on the debt that would come with hosting the 2024 Olympic Games. O gastronomico If Rome officially withdraws, that would leave Los Angeles, Paris and Budapest, Hungary, in the running. Gas vs diesel engine A host city will be selected in September of next year. Electricity joules Los Angeles Times

Called off: Corona del Mar High School canceled the annual homecoming dance and pep rally after students apparently got drunk at a Friday night football game. La gastronomie School officials blamed parents, saying a “pervasive culture exists that allows or tolerates their children to bend or break the law.” Los Angeles Times

Still sick: The Aliso Canyon gas leak was capped back in February, so why are some residents in and around Porter Ranch still feeling its effects? L.A. Gas mask bong nfl County Supervisor Mike Antonovich is now calling for a study on the long-term health effects of the methane leak. Gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings “The gas company should live up to its responsibility and commitments by fully funding this vital long-term health study,” Antonovich said. Year 6 electricity worksheets Daily News

Retirement mess: The Citrus Pest Control District No. Gas up yr hearse 2 pension fund serves just six employees, but it’s in crisis — just like many of the multibillion-dollar retirement funds across the country. Gas monkey monster truck That’s because many pension funds don’t know the true “market value” of their accounts. Gas mileage comparison New York Times

Reports of hate: Hate crimes against Muslims in California increased 122% between 2014 and 2015, according to a report from the Cal State San Bernardino Center on Hate & Extremism that found 40 anti-Muslim crimes were reported last year. Gas definition wikipedia “After the San Bernardino attack, we saw a marked jump in hate crimes against Muslims within several days,” said Brian Levin, executive director of the Cal State center. Done with electricity tattoo book Los Angeles Times

Fight at Costco: A 25-year-old Burbank man was sentenced and released Tuesday after spending nearly a year in jail for punching a 78-year-old man who wanted to taste a Nutella waffle sample at Costco. 1 unit electricity price india The victim suffered a 1-inch cut near his eye in the October 2015 attack. Electricity distribution map Los Angeles Times

Teen killed: A deaf student was killed Friday night after a gunman approached the teen and his friends at a football game in Moreno Valley, his family said. Gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 DeSean Welch was 18. E electricity bill “My brother didn’t deserve that. Electricity worksheets grade 9 He was a good kid,” said Najai Welch. Electricity physics pdf Los Angeles Times

Dianne Newman: This is a profile of Caltech microbiologist Dianne Newman, one of the newly minted MacArthur fellows — in all, 10 are from California. Electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade Newman studies the ways microbes helped shape the evolution of the Earth, making it habitable for us. Gas line jobs in wv Los Angeles Times

Victoria Orphan: Caltech geobiologist Victoria Orphan is also on the list of 2016 MacArthur fellows. Electricity worksheets “The questions she’s probing could have implications for climate science, the history of life on early Earth and even for the search for life on other planets.” Los Angeles Times

Josh Kun: The ;author of “To Live and Dine in L.A.” and “Songs in the Key of Los Angeles” was named a MacArthur fellow too. A gas has no volume “As a USC professor, how do I make connections between my work on campus with the city writ large — other institutions, museums, libraries, community organizations and nonprofits — and toggle,” he says. Electricity off peak hours Los Angeles Times

Fire dangers: A Ventura County firefighter was killed in a rollover crash Wednesday as he hauled water to the Canyon fire at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Gas variables pogil extension questions A second firefighter was injured in the crash. R gas constant chemistry The blaze started Saturday in a remote canyon. Gas in babies treatment Los Angeles Times

Costly blaze: The Soberanes Fire in the Los Padres National Forest is now the most expensive wildfire in U.S. Electricity 101 powerpoint history. Electricity cost las vegas It has cost more than $206 million so far to get the fire 67% contained. Gas zauberberg The fire began back in July. Electricity in water pipes CityLab

Here to stay: Are you a New Yorker in California? “I don’t know how to do something that teen-agers can do, and I’m proud of it. Electricity distribution network That’s how much of a New Yorker I am.” New Yorker

Temporarily closed: The Sports Museum of Los Angeles is closing down, at least temporarily, just two months after it opened. On q gas station okc The museum is home to the enormous sports collection of Gary Cypres. Electricity units to kwh LA Observed

First class or no class? When can a $100,000 gown be considered a “sloppy second”? When it’s been worn by a Hollywood celebrity, according to the wife of a Los Angeles plastic surgeon. Gas knife lamb Hollywood Reporter

End of an era: The Orange County Register will move from Santa Ana to Anaheim next year. List of electricity usage by appliances “While the Register is proud of its 111-year history that originated in Santa Ana, we also look forward to our future in Anaheim,” said Publisher Ron Hasse. Electricity billy elliot lyrics Orange County Register

Los Angeles will have low clouds and a high of 78 degrees. Electricity word search puzzle San Diego is expected to have a high of 75 degrees. Gasbuddy trip Riverside will have lots of sunshine as temperatures reach 82 degrees. O goshi technique There will be clouds and a high of 67 in San Francisco. Mp electricity bill payment Sacramento will be sunny and 76.

“It was the beginning of World War II, 1942, when my grandmother gathered her four children and boarded a Greyhound in Philadelphia to Long Beach. Gas bike alley My dad remembers their first steps at the foot of Pine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard. Electricity related words They all went to naval housing on Constitution Avenue. Electricity water hose analogy They wanted to be closer to my Grandfather ‘GiGi’ (guyguy), an Irish immigrant serving aboard CV-5 Yorktown as a boilermaker at the Battle of Midway. Electricity formulas grade 9 At supper, a light started flickering. Electricity distribution losses At the same time in the Pacific, GiGi was below decks and he saw a light flickering. Emoji gas station He followed it to safety as the ‘Fighting Lady’ went down.”