Turtle soup show episode 194 shadow and flame with magik electricity experiments for 4th graders


Episode 194 of Turtle Soup is immediately one of my favorite episodes of the show! Not like the previous number of episodes were subpar, but this was just raised to the top so quickly electricity laws in india for me! I’m pretty sure my enjoyment of the episode all comes from Eric and Ryan reviewing proper issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (47 and 48) which it has been a minute since they reviewed issue 45 and 46 back on April 3, 2017!

I’m such a huge fan of Chris Allan and Stephen Murphy’s (Dean Clarrian) run of Adventures, from issues 23 through 70. My second favorite run would have to be Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco’s run of Image Comics Ninja Turtles, 1 through 23. I’m so happy that IDW is reprinting the Image run and going to give the series a proper conclusion. I want to get those trades once they come out! The first one is out in August!

I might have to put $30 aside for it! It comes with the first 13 issues, which I love the concept of that, so the second gastronomia y cia volume will be the second half of the series and then it will follow up with a cheaper three issue volume (which ideally comes with all of other TMNT Image electricity 4th grade appearances) and then I can have the entire Image run on my shelf in three books. I did add all of the TMNT Adventures to my wishlist but that is from Volume 7 to the latest and final Volume 16, so it is all out there now. They don’t seem overly expensive with 16 being only $14.

Ryan tells this story about Josh Groban that gives the episode its title. I’ve never tried to pretend to be someone else, even gas house pike frederick md jokingly, to try to get some loving but neither has Ryan but maybe it might be a fun experience. I kept thinking of how Bryan Johnson of Vulgar, Tell ‘Em Steve Dave, and Comic Book Men fame had a long standing and one sided feud with Josh Groban. That’s really all I now of Groban.

That quickly gets a brief mention how they are alright but not alt right that made me laugh harder than I was expecting. By then, I was lock in on the show and was already thinking of relistening to it (which I rarely do with any podcast these days) and if I was going gas meter reading to relisten to it, I’ll write a long article about my adventures back into the episode.

There is a panel in 47 where it looks like cops are fighting straight at Sarnath’s butt. Now that we have moved into a proper house, I have my comic book question within arm’s reach but the closet has boxes in front of it so for the time being, they are still denied to me. I want to be able to start following along as I wasn’t able to really do that with Uncanny X-Cast but I can do that with the turtles.

Master Splinter comes off a little high or relaxed this issue with how all he can muster to what he’s witnessing is an “interesting” and later, an “indeed.” Which transitions into a story of Ryan seeing a possum that gas konigsforst if he was high, would have freaked him out as it looked like a skull coming at him. I should write that Ryan reviews 47 and Eric gets 48, so the first hour is heavy on Ryan’s point of view but Eric peppers the show with comments too that are equally funny.

Fun exchange and tribute about how Murphy goes all the way back to issue one, which adapted the Eyes of Sarnath episode into the comic’s first three issues to tell this latest electricity sources adventure. Which is pretty great that he did that. Adventures was really great at keeping track of its own continuity. I like those first 22 issues of the series, but it didn’t get legendary status until Allan shows up for 23.

I’m not gas near me now sure to address them as “Eric and Ryan” or “Ryan and Eric,” I’ve been trying to track how others do it in voicemails and emails but I think most people simply go with “guys” or “Turtle Soup Boys” or names like that. It made sense with Rob and Brian of Uncanny X-Cast fame as it was the one syllable name followed by the two syllable name so I try to follow that with Eric and Ryan. Either way electric utility companies in california sounds fine though.

One comic is an fictional autobiographical story of a guy who earned success with a giant juggernaut of a hit franchise in the 80s and decades later, trying to create a new passion project. The other comic is about the actual giant juggernaut of a hit franchise, which is super meta. Which I like the idea of how he must have came up with the parody of his life comic, started having to draw images from the fictional comic, then realized he might as well just completely draw the fictional comic as well.

Ryan’s friend Jonathan posted on Facebook how he was inspired by Eastman’s project to create a side podcast where he reviews episodes of Turtle Soup. Which I had that exact idea to create The Uncanny X-Cast Legacy podcast where I review each episode of Uncanny X-Cast static electricity sound effect, and I actually started some work on the first episode but then I realized how silly that would have been but I still think about it from time to time.