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Tusoteuthis vampyrus is a very aggressive water predator. Approximately 30 feet long, Tusoteuthis is a terror of the deep. Once it grabs its prey, it slowly crushes it into submission while using the talons on its tentacles to siphon and drink the victim’s blood!

Tusoteuthis is a terrifying opponent for several reasons. Firstly, its grab slowly renders its victim unconscious, so death isn’t the only concern. Secondly, its vampiric blood drain instantly revitalizes it, even during combat. Finally, if Tusoteuthis is losing the fight, it sprays a cloud of ink into the surrounding water, blinding its attackers to cover a sneaky escape.

One of the major benefits of taming Tusoteuthis is harvesting its ink. Unlike normal ink, Tusoteuthis’ ink is very oily, and can even be refined into fuels such as gasoline. Between that and Tusoteuthis’ distinctive capability to grab & carry large creatures underwater, it makes for an excellent aquatic tame, despite its slower speed.

Tusoteuthis is found only in very deep water, where it swims about at a slow pace. If it spots the player or a tamed creature, it will begin to move itself towards the player or said creature and attack it. Because of the unique body plan of cephalopods, a Tusoteuthis must turn itself around to strike with its tentacles.

A monstrous relative of the vampire squid, Tusoteuthis bears a closer resemblance to giant squids, but is much more terrifying than its timid kin. Tusoteuthis has powerful tentacles with hooked suckers, capable of drawing blood and keeping even a Megalodon from escaping a horrible fate. A parrot-like beak hides in the center of the writhing mass, ripping flesh, shell, and bone into easy-to-swallow bits. Tusoteuthis also possesses the ability to spray an oily ink if it is in danger. Fearing only the Mosasaurus, Tusoteuthis is a true terror of the deep.

Note that 50 Black Pearls will still restore up to 1500 Food regardless of the creature’s current Food when fed, and so Starve Taming will actually take longer as the full 1500 food will need to deplete per required consumption (compared to allowing 10% to deplete each time).

• The least-likely-to-die distraction available is a high level Carbonemys with a high armor saddle. Stimulants may also be required for taming higher level Tusoteuthis, as an unconscious Carbonemys is of no interest to the Tusoteuthis. The lower the durability of the Carbonemys and the higher the dps of the Tusoteuthis: the more Carbonemys that may be required or sacrificed. Other high durability tames also work, but anything that requires oxygen is not recommended. A drowned tame is also of no interest to the Tusoteuthis.

While riderless, the Tusoteuthis will not wait long to let go of your creature – making a team of two the safest option, as the distraction’s rider can remain mounted until the creature is fed and then dismount themselves and swim up. If you do attempt to solo tame, flippers are recommended for speedy getaways. Make sure your tame is on passive and set to follow, and if it survives the feeding it will swim up to safety the moment the squid lets go.

Remember that a ridden tame cannot retaliate when within Tuso’s tentacles. If you’re going for a pack attack, let the squid grab the dino you’re riding, as you will be able to watch out for the health and the torpor of your mount and you’ll have one more source of damage.

You can also use another Tusoteuthis to fight it. Focus mainly on melee damage, with a little health. Swim up to the Tusoteuthis and start attacking it. It will try to grab you, but it is not able to. Keep attacking it until it tries to flee. Because the Tusoteuthis has a wide turning radius, you can keep hitting it as it tries to turn. If it is a lower level, you should be able to kill it before it gets away. If it gets away, follow it. Tamed Tusoteuthis have double the movement speed of wild ones, so you should be able to catch it. As long as the wild squid is near the ground, it will probably run into rocks, where you can kill it.

Another method to kill a Tuso is luring it into underwater canyon and shoot it from above using Crossbow, it will try to attack you but his large hitbox doesn’t allow it to turn effectively and it will start to turn around randomly, unable to hit you.

• Using , , , it is usable as an aquatic carrier (like the Megalosaurus and Kapro) for anything up to the size of a Rex and Mosa, use left click to munch the captured dino or player to death. It cannot grab birds. (It can grab pelagornis, but it can’t pull them under the water, not tested with other fliers.)

• While holding a target, the Tusoteuthis will constantly inflict Torpor, until the target is unconscious, making it the most efficient knock-out aquatic taming mount. Note that the Tusoteuthis cannot hold an unconscious target, so the mount will let go of the tame as soon as it’s tranquilized.