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After more than two years of waiting, The OA: Part II finally answered some of the questions that had been left open by the first season of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s captivatingly weird series. We got to find out what happened to OA after she died in the first plane of reality — and how that connected back to Homer (Emory Cohen)’s NDE in the first realm. We also learned why those books were stashed under the bed (thanks to one very bittersweet cameo by the late Scott Wilson). We even got to know electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers a bit about how the therapist (Riz Ahmed) really felt about everything she told him.

What will become of Fola (Zendaya)’s tireless pursuit of the truth? Now that electricity voltage in norway Karim (Kingsley Ben-Adir) has been able to access the house and get a glimpse of the other side, he probably can’t write off her desperation to see it for herself as a gas-induced fever dream anymore. Will he help her get back to the rose window and take a peek, too?

What happens to Buck (Ian Alexander) now? Karim is able to complete his mission of tracking down Michelle, but what becomes of the character now? When we first met Buck, he was a trans gas oil ratio kid who never truly felt like he belonged in any circle, so it’s completely unclear if he’ll live in the second realm as Michelle — which would be a terribly problematic decision for the show to make — or simply transition again into Buck here.

Is Jesse (Brendan Meyer) alive in the new dimension? The decision to kill off Jesse by way of an OD was a bit rushed and unnecessary, especially after the poor kid finally had a chance to shine for a second. And the fact that the healing moves did squat to help him was even more maddening. Hopefully, his consciousness has moved to another plane — perhaps even the one we’re moving to — so he can know that his faith in OA was not for naught.

What is Steve (Patrick Gibson) gonna do to Hap? By the end of Season 1, no one had bought into OA’s story of interdimensional jumping than Steve, and he spent the entirety of Part II fully committed to seeing it through. That’s why he’s the only member of BBA’s kid crew who’s able to jump alongside OA and Hap grade 6 electricity worksheets into the third realm. Based on his calm address to Hap, he’s not here to make friends, and he’s been waiting a long time to have words with the guy who tortured his pal OA for so many years. What does Steve electricity merit badge worksheet answers have up his sleeve right now?

Will Homer and OA ever get to be together? The most frustrating part of both seasons of The OA is that we never get to see these two go and build that garden they talked about so long ago. It’s not until the last minutes of Part II that Homer even remembers who he is, who she is, and what they went through together. Argh! She has promised to remind him of the same all over gas yourself in car again in the new realm, assuming he’s jumped alongside her and Hap, so will these two ever get that happy ending they’ve waited so long for?

Is this new dimension what Scott (Will Brill) saw in his NDE? The second dimension introduced in Part II turned out to be the same place from Homer’s NDE, so we know that at least some of the dimensions they’re easily traveling to have already been introduced. And Hap hears Scott describe his in-death travels to a place where OA and Hap are in love, instead of fighting, and Hap desperately wants to take her there. So, is that where they’ve jumped this time? Does the show end la gastronomia in Scott’s NDE realm?

Beyond these cliffhangers, too, there’s also an unfinished feeling to the show as a whole. The first two seasons have built up this concept of interdimensional travel so much that even Part II’s leap hardly feels satisfactory after all that anticipation. To be complete, OA needs to land somewhere that feels like home at last. By introducing a third realm — and one that’s completely meta at that — it finally feels online electricity bill payment like we’re going in that direction instead of quibbling over whether jumping is possible or not. To leave things off with Hap, OA, and Steve just beginning to cosplay as the actors portraying them in this show would be a massive letdown. It’d be a shame not to see that journey through.

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