Tw mk ultra survivor relives programming (read description first) – youtube 3 gases


This video is not, however, intended for MK survivors who still have programming, as the consequences of watching this in a fully or partially programmed state could be dire. If you are a survivor and choose to watch this, please take the maximum amount of safety precautions you can. We are not responsible for any damage this video causes.

Even if you are not a survivor, you may still find the content of this video disturbing. We mention rape, pedophilia, slavery and violence to animals. We violently spasm, blink rapidly and make many expressions of pain. Because we are reliving programming, we appear hypnotized and drugged at times, terrified at others. At one point, we quietly but violently scream.

We have also chosen to include some links to alleged Monarch/MK ULTRA programming tapes. We couldn’t find the ones we intended to share, so here are the best examples we can find right now. Whether they are real or not, they will give you an idea of what some of the tapes from our programming looked like, so that you can better understand why, in this video, we say and do the things we do.

*For thousands of years, people have perpetrated a crime against humanity known as trauma- or torture-based mind control. Its essential goal is to break the will of an individual and brainwash them into being an unwitting slave – a slave who neither knows they are a slave nor has the ability to question their circumstances. This is achieved through the systematic perpetration of rape, torture, gaslighting, humiliation and forced perpetration and witnessing of violent trauma, leading to the forcible creation of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and Stockholm Syndrome (trauma bonding). Dissociative parts of the victim (called alters) are then accessed through hypnosis and "programmed" to do their abusers’ wills.

Nowadays, in higher-level mind control, this programming often involves the use of "programming tapes." These tapes use binaural beats, subliminal messages, catchy jingles, pop culture references, hypnotic spirals, violent imagery, dualistic statements and "trigger cues" designed to call forward different alters in the victim’s dissociative system. These trigger cues can often be traced back to earlier programming sessions, as the programming builds on itself over time. It is due to the repetitive, long-term exposure to these programming tapes and the torture that accompanied them that my alters are stuck reliving the trauma over and over again. It is this reliving of trauma that you see in this video.

You may be wondering at this point just who these groups are. In my experience, cults, government agencies and child trafficking rings are the most common – and no, none of these spheres of human life are actually separate. The CIA, for example, fits all of these categories and more. I know this because they are the primary organization that abused me.

Like many others, I was programmed by the CIA from birth under the code names Monarch and MK ULTRA, but not during the two decades they have claimed their involvement in those projects was limited to. I was used, alongside numerous others, from my birth in 1996 until my escape in 2014, after which point I was subjected to constant attempts by the organization to reprogram me. By the grace of all that is good in this universe, I have since achieved a level of safety I could never have imagined. It’s now been over a year since I can remember being accessed. That doesn’t mean it can’t have happened since then without my knowledge, but I get closer to achieving total security in my dissociative system every day.