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about 30 months ago, I started noticing slight twitches in my fingers while on my computer. They were very infrequent at that time. I wasnt diagnosed with diabtes at that time for I dint go to the doctor. About a year later, as the twitches were more frequent I got on the net and started looking. I saw that my thisrt and frequent urination and twitches(neuropathy) were possible diabetes. I went to the doctor in 1-03 and I was correct. I caught it in early stages, for my sugars were like in the 200-300 range at that time. My md said the twitches would probably go away when the sugar went down. I went and got my feet checked, eyes checked, and I was still static electricity human body causes good on it all. With glucofage and amaryl after 3 months my sugars span was 6.9% with that hemoglobin test they do. I was under control. The twitches remained. Next 3 month visit, sugar was 6.5%, twitches still getting more frequent. That was 7-03, and my md couldnt explain why I had the twitches. He said I had no neuropathy and couldnt explain it. He sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist could not diagnose it. Said I seemed ok on all his physical checks on me as far as thepushing and pulling of me and walking and such. He said if I wanted further test, they would do it. I said ok. Thyroid checks ok. Potssium and calcium all ok. He then said I could have a mri brain scan. I had that last october and it was clear. Next was the emg(didnt realize what that meant). I went electricity year invented thru the whole thing with the needles all over. They said on that all was ok, allthough they did possibly see some borderline paraneurpathy. There diagnosis that my md translated to me was neuropathy. In 1-04 when I asked my md about it, he said I had no neuropathy so he didnt understand. In 5-04 sugars still ok, and diabetes under control. Twitches still progressing.

Twitches seem to be allover my body, but never above the neck. Mostly I feel them in my legs and arms, allthough I have felt them in my sides and shoulders too. They seem b games virus to move from place to place. Throught out the day and night. I cant say they are more frequent at any time. Somedays they will be in my left hand, and make my fingers wiggle alot. The next day it may go to my right hand. Somedays its a forearm that does it all day. When its in my fingers, thats when I get most concerned. The twitches never hurt. I have no muscle weakness. Sometimes after working out in the yard, I do feel a little more tired in my arms, but thats probably for getting old and goes away anyway. They never hurt. I never get any cramping. Its just over the last 30 months gas symptoms, they have progressed and still seem to be. They happen mostly when I am relaxed. If my finger is twitching, I can clinch a fist and override it. If my hand is on the mouse and it twitches I can tell it, and its nerve wracking, but it doesnt really stop me from doing anything. Sometimes if my arm and hand are extended holding a paper, it will shake some, but not always.

Bfs I am wondering? I dunno. All I do know it is still getting worse. I will have a week once in a while where the twitches seem around 80-90% gone, then the next week, like now, they are back worse than ever. At the moment its in my different fingers . They sometimes get sorta stiffish or curled from the twitches now and I seem to have less control of whichever finger is twitching. I still get twitches allover too from my lower legs to my chest. I am outta answers and dont even know where to go now, except maybe here. I am really betting on bfs, but since this keeps getting worse, I am wondering where that would end if it was it. My fingers actually feel kinda like carpal tunnel slightly, but since I get twitches allover, I know it isnt that, but that is how I kinda describe tem .Please any more ideas?,,,,7

Few months later the twitching was getting stronger again the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong with me and told me that electricity definition wikipedia it’s just the stress, I told them I was NOT stressed… useless doctors. Then I started thinking about what my friend has told me about being possessed and all the rest of it. I went on on youtube and typed in Exorcism which was a bit scary,I’ve seen that sort of staff in the movies but this was for real. then I thought to my self they’re people just like me, what’s so special about me?

The next day I went to my local church to speak to someone. Then I saw a priest told him about everything and I mentioned exorcism as a treatment only to tell me that they don’t do it. That was a bit discouraging. When I was doing my research about the best way to get the exorcism done my only way is to get in touch with the nearest mosque and speak to the (Imam) meaning the (Leader)I did just that and told him about the story. Then the Imam started asking me other questions related to my condition answered all the gas pump heaven questions and confirmed that I was possessed by evil spirits and the only treatment is exorcism. I told him that I’m a Christian that wasn’t a problem at all la gasolina letra. The Imam then invited me to start the first session of exorcism as he started reciting few verses of the Holy Quran the twiching was extremely strong and only getting stronger then it ever was before I started freaking out big time he cried on reciting after few minutes something was talking it wasn’t me but my body is used for that it’s really weird

I couldn’t control my body at that moment but after a little while a regained control and I was told by the Imam that the (jinns) or bad spirits that was inside me have left my body. I couldn’t help the way I was feeling after that basically I was free and the twitching was finely gone thank God for that. That’s what was wrong with me all of those years and no wonder the doctors couldn’t see what was wrong, It wasn’t a physical illness as such but more of a spiritual one. There is your answer for the twitching

WoW, I am thankful I found this post and replies. you know, I was just laying down one night, and my toes began to twitch, very strange. Then over time, it started in my middle finger on my left hand. Not any of the others ones, yet. So it’s toes and fingers. I am 5’10 inches, 290 lbs, but just started dieting and exercising, and male of 43. I have type 2 diabetes and use the computer 8 hours a day. And the computer key board electricity usage by appliance is too high for my height level from where I sit. When I am out side a lot walking around I first thought the toe twitching was from being too heavy on my feet and ankles because my ankles would hurt. Then I was feeling that the finger twitching was from using the computer too much and the keyboard being too high for me. Maybe it is. I have not went to a Dr. yet for these specific problems. I have feet test ever few months at my regular family Dr and Endocrinologist and no neuropothy has been detected. And as for eyes, there is some minor farsightedness from the sugerlevels being so high, but the latest eye appt detect NO neuropothy either. I hope by losing 100 lbs and getting a new computer stand and maybe spending less time gas bike alley on it this will maybe take care of it. Oh yea, and praying about. Thanks. Carl

Im actually really glad to hear all these replys because for the past 1-2 months now ive had twitches in my left middle finger that is just driving me up the wall. It twitches all the time, some times giving me a break. I just had my B12 checked gas zombies black ops and it was fine, so im pretty sure its not that. At work, im on the computer all the time and type all the time. My keyboard stand is where it should be and has been like this for about three years and if it was that, wouldnt you think it would have come sooner. But who knows, everyone is different. I think out all the replys that ive seen, the main thing that everyone has in common is the anxiety thing. I have it as well. And ive noticed in the past 4-6 months, mine has just gotten worse, my stress has which causes my anxiety. So to me thats what i think is the cause but i definatly want to make sure that i go and talk to my doctor about it. Also, i havent seen any twitches in the face. Ill get some twitches on the left side of my face that will last for like 10 seconds long but it only ever happens like in a great while. I didnt know if anyone else has gotten that. I have gotten leg twitches from time to time but rare, and some foot twitches again thats rare too, the only thing i get all the time is just that one damn finger that twitches all the time. People laugh when i show them that cause its so funny looking, its like my finger has a mind of its own. But anyways, im 25 years old and a female and was recently diagnosed with Crohns Disease and i dont know if that would electricity production by state have anything to do with it, and i started the meds after the twitching started, so i know its not the meds that are doing that. But again as i said, i need to get it checked by my doctor. Hopefully he can tell me something.