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Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service. Users use mobile phones or computers to send and to read messages, called tweets. For years, tweets could be up to 140 characters long, then doubled in November 2017 to 280 characters. [4] They appear on the user’s profile page. Tweets can usually be read by anyone, but senders can also keep messages private. Private tweets only electricity generation by source by country go to their list of friends. Users may subscribe to tweets from other 8 gases people. This is called following, and subscribers are known as followers. As of late 2009, users can also follow lists of authors. [5] [6]

All users can send and receive tweets using the Twitter website. They can also use other applications that work with Twitter on smartphones. Twitter by Short Message Service (SMS) is available in certain countries. [7] Using Twitter is free, but sending or getting tweets by SMS may cost money. The website is based in San Francisco, California. Twitter also has servers and offices in San Antonio, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts, and soon in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Twitter is mainly used by older adults who might not have used other social sites before Twitter. Jeremiah Owyang studies social media what is electricity. He said, Adults are just catching up to what teens have been doing for years. [22] Only 11% of Twitter’s users were 12 to 17 years old in September 2009. [22] This may gas national average be because Twitter first gained popularity in businesses and news media that attract more older people. Many famous people such as Shaq, Britney Spears, and Ashton Kutcher are Twitter users. [23]

People can use software from other companies to access Twitter. These programs are called third-party applications. The Twitter company changed the way this works on 31 August gas density problems 2010. Now applications must use OAuth to connect to Twitter. This method means that users do not have to give their passwords to the third-party applications. Changing the login system to OAuth did cause some problems. Using OAuth had been optional and programs used to be able to ask for usernames and passwords. However, now third-party applications that try to use a username and password do not work at all. The Twitter company said that using OAuth will give users increased security and a better experience. [27] Technology [ change | change source ] Interface [ change | change source ]

On April 30, 2009, Twitter changed the way it looks on the gas kush web. They added a search bar and a space on the right side of the page with Trending Topics. That space shows the most common phrases appearing in messages. Biz Stone explained that all messages are instantly indexed and explained the results of the change. The Trending Topics has made Twitter something unexpectedly important — a discovery engine for finding out what is happening right now. [28] Service problems [ change | change source ]

• 12 June 2009, there was a serious c gastronomie plateaux repas problem with the unique number that identifies each tweet. This was called a possible Twitpocalypse. (This is a combination of Twitter and apocalypse). The number that labels each tweet went electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade beyond the limit of 32-bit signed integers. That limit was 2,147,483,647 messages. [35] While Twitter itself was not affected, some third-party clients could not access recent tweets. Software developers made Patches quickly. However, some iPhone applications had to wait for approval from the App Store. [36] is a service created by Twitter to make URLs shorter. [42] It can only be used for links that people post to Twitter. It is not available for other uses. [42] Eventually all links on Twitter will use [43] The company hopes that the service will protect users from ag gaston birmingham harmful websites. [42] They will also use it to keep a record of people clicking on links in tweets. [42] [44] History [ change | change source ]