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Travelled to Iberostar Quetzal for 10 days Nov 5- 12. I was able to book two days of fishing with Capt. Jeremias (Nov 8 and 11). I have fished a couple of other times previously with Jeremias and have never been disappointed, always hooking something to pull a little drag. NOV 8 Trip: I had been messaging Jeremias for a couple weeks before our arrival and he informed me that they have been able to get their swordfish program more dialed in. I have always wanted to add that species to my bucketlist, so I told him we had to have a day swordfish fishing. I couldnt wait. I usually wikipedia electricity consumption go to the MEGA grocery store (30Norte and Constituentes St) and grab buns cold cuts and cheese for pass gas in spanish eats on the boat. Capt J supplies water pop beer for the day. He also supplied the electric reel required for fishing swordfish. Was at the boat in Peurto Aventuras Marina (20 min south of Playa Del Carmen). Located just down from the boat launch and La Caleta Restaurant, for 7 AM. Before untying Jeremias showed me how to prepare the bait and how to fasten to the hook using thread and needle, very interesting for sure. Ocean is flat that day with a perfect current which made for great drifts all day long. We did stop for a 5 min speed jig session in 350 fow just to see if there were any amberjack or almaco jacks around. No takers so out we go to over 1000 fow and start to get set up to do our first drop for swordfish. Jeremias showed me his technique for getting 10lbs of weight down to the bottom and how to attach the attractor lites. Each drift is to last about an hour, drifting with b games car the current raising and lowering your bait with the electric reel. About 25 mins into our first drift we had a bite on our bait down over 1200 ft. This is my first swordfish bite ever I’m absolutely pumped. We reeled up the bait about 50 ft and saw a second bite, continued raising our bait and we were hooked up. We kept a steady pressure on the fish all the way up. About halfway up Jeremias thought we had lost our fish but continued up with the bait. As the weight broke the surface and was removed from the line we both realized that we still had a fish hooked. With the line running left and right we hand bombed the rest of the line in to land national gas average 2007 and photography a small juvenile swordfish about 44 in body length. J guessed about 50 lbs in weight. My first ever SWORDFISH was caught on JLC Fishing with Capt Jeremias Luna Santiago. What an amazing fish. Caught on my first ever drop in 1400 fow. Thanks so much Jeremias NOV11 The weather didnt cooperate as much this day as the forecasted rain actually showed up. We left the dock at 8 as a brief thunderstorm had to blow off shore before we could leave the marina as per the harbour master. Today was going to be a speedjig slow jig day, dropping to depths of 300-450 fow looking for amberjacks almacojacks snapper and grouper electricity billy elliot backing track. We fished a number of spots finding a fish or two at each spot, we finally patterned the fish figuring out the wanted a speed jig much more than a slowjig. Jeremias has current equipment, with fresh line, His gear is well maintained and has the most current electronics in the marina. Having said that I bring my own gear as Jigging is a regular technique for fishing for me. A stout rod (musky) or Shimano Trevala Jigging rod matched with a Saragusa 10000 spinning reel is perfect for speedjigging. I use a 20 size levelwind on a slowjig rod for slowjigging. We ended catching a bunch of fish and keep one that we bellyhooked for lunch. Jeremias is very well spoken and is tuned to the ocean. He is a respectful fisherman, mostly catch and release. He fishes with conservation in mind, which electricity kwh usage calculator is just starting to happen down there as fish stocks dwindle everywhere. I would rate this charter 110%.