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Polyurea waterproofing has been widely used and tunnel, swimming pool, Bridges, roof leak proof, etc., polyurea excellent waterproof performance, has gradually replaced traditional waterproof material, Features of polyurea coatings: 1. electricity number The solid content of 100%, no volatile, non-toxic, conform to the requirements of environmental protection 2. The excellent physical properties such as strength, hardness, toughness, hardness is adjustable 3. electricity omd The compact coating, anticorrosive, waterproof, wear-resisting performance is remarkable 4. Strong weatherability, outdoor use for a long time not crack, not pulverization, not an omission 5. In steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, plastic and other kinds of all have good adhesion on 6. Good thermal stability, can be long-term use under 150 oC, can withstand the temperature of 250 oC 7. gas tax nj To join various pigments, fillers, made into different colors of different characteristics of products 8. electricity towers health risks Is not sensitive to humidity and temperature, the construction strong adaptability to environment 9. Fast curing, construction not sag;Can a construction requirements, short construction period After construction is easy to repair the jointless, beautiful and practical Specification of polyurea coatings:

Note: Due to the difference of field conditions, the actual measured data may differ from the above data. electricity receiver definition Theoretical amount of polyurea coatings: Recommended film thickness is about 1.5-2.5mm, estimated consumer consumption amount for 2.0-3.0kg/square meters, the amount of nodes, corners and some special parts may than theoretical consumption greater. The shortest, time is not limited; The longest, no more than 3 hours Commonly used SBS,APP roofing waterproof material such as the following problems: 1. z gas cd juarez Have juncture, easy appear juncture place not firm and water penetration 2. Due to the low strength of materials, substrate crack and fracture, cause leakage 3. Long after the rain and snow and wind and frost’s exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, material aging crack leakage Two Components Polyurea Waterproofing Spray Coatings for Railway Applications Suitable for: all kinds of building roof waterproof leakproof and bridge, reservoirs, tunnel and underground engineering and power plant cooling tower, water tank, aquarium, swimming pool, etc. gas under a dollar Lining concrete structure Not only widely used in ordinary engineering waterproof construction, but also can be used for difficult waterproof engineering, such as municipal construction of underground waterproofing, the tunnel seepage control and all kinds of corrosive sewage treatment area of ditch, the pool of waterproof anti-corrosion engineering construction. Two Components Polyurea Waterproofing Spray Coatings for Railway Packaging & Shipping Material A is 220kg per red iron drum, material B is 220kg per blue iron drum. Storage and transportation of polyurea coatings: This product should be stored in cool, ventilated, dry coffers in the presence, is strictly prohibited in the rain, sun, cut off from the source of the fire. Keep away from heat and storage temperature should be 10 to 40oC. electricity voltage used in usa This product if not open the original packaging, the storage period is 6 months since the date of production. If over storage period could be tested according to the product standards for inspection, if meet technical requirements can still be used.