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This was one of the best things I did in Vietnam. I did a two day trek with a home stay between, and I saw a side of Vietnam that would otherwise have been inaccessible. The trekking was really enjoyable. I was taken by a local Hmong guide through local villages, and had a great view of the rice paddies, villages, and rivers around Sapa. There were plenty of good photo opportunities! However, what differentiates Ethos from other tour companies is the human experience, which was truly incredible. My guide was a local farmer, and took the electricity merit badge worksheet opportunity during our trekking to point out agricultural methods, teach me about local plants and foods, and allowed me to (hesitantly) feed a buffalo too! During the breaks from our trekking, I was also fortunate enough to prepare and eat food with locals, and had the opportunity to learn about how they lived, made their clothes, and farmed. I also stayed at her house at night, and enjoyed a really nice evening around the open fire, drinking rice wine and learning the Hmong language. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who comes to Vietnam! More Show less gas in oil causes

Speechless. Just kidding …I’ve got so many great things to say. My group of 6 friends and I did the 2 day spirit trek (not sure if that’s the exact name but you’ll find the one I’m talking Our communication with Hoa and the rest gas cap light of the Ethos team was constant. They even allowed us to add on another friend with extreme short notice only the day before. We paid for everything after the tour which was strange …BUT at the same time very refreshing to do “business” off the honor system. The tour itself is as customizable as they tell you it is. If you want to go for a hard hike, or a soft hike, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Balance is required, hiking boots are needed. Im 26 and not as active as my friends so yes there were times I thought I was going to roll down a hill like a sausage. But alas I made it and the views were the best reward I could ask for. No hordes of tourists were seen on this hike (unless you’re talking to the little kids who saw gas efficient cars 2016 our group strolling through their village with dumb smiles on our faces) Food was authentic and delicious. There was plenty to go around and I wasn’t hungry once. Now, I saved the best for last. Our guides, So and Chi made the trip for us. We got to step into their world for 2 days and it was surreal. We opted for the homestay and they accommodated all 7 of us. We helped prepare dinner and ate with their family, drank some rice wine, played games with their kids, and even celebrated So’s birthday! Their English was also very good so we got to really talk to them and learn about their lives and vice versa. The accommodations are basic, this is not your mama’s house. The bathroom is an outhouse, the shower is pouring a bucket of water over your head, your alarm clock are the roosters outside. But this is what made the experience so special, don’t cut yourself short of it. Having said that, there is power for you to charge your phone/cameras. Thank you so much So, Chi, Hoa and the rest of Ethos, for this gas vs electric oven amazing, once in a lifetime experience.

I visited Sapa in July this year and was very lucky to do a tour with Hoa and Phil’s team of Ethos. This was by far the tour with the most in depth information I got on a certain topic throughout my whole stay in Vietnam (saying this I took other rather electricity storage association expensive tours which have also been very professional and worth the money but none of them offered this amount of background information and this super familiar connection to the travel agents). My goal was to do a one day photo tour hoping for authentic shots capturing the cultural beauty of the ethnic minorities. I had done a 1 day trekking tour with another company the day before and was a bit disappointed as the tour mainly went the same route as every other tourist company leading to a very touristy cultural experience. At the evening before the tour I went to Ethos office where I got a very detailed explanation about the situation and history of the ethnic minorities in Sapa. This was already more in depth information than basic electricity quizlet you get on other paid tours. We started the next morning around 8:30. The ethos team provided proper security equipment for the motorbike ride. If you compare that with the regular rent a bike experience in Vietnam where you hardly get a helmet this was way more than I expected and underlined that they take their work and the security of their customers very serious. Fully equipped we started a 1 hour ride to the other side of the valley up the mountain, passing heavens gate and the waterfalls. We went through heavy rain falls but the ride felt safe at all time. It was a fun adventure with stunning views. Sapa is already impressive but the landscape on the other side is even more breathtaking (never saw mountains with so many waterfalls in every size on them gas 78). We stopped for a coffee in a newly built Vietnamese town that is supposed to become an trade center for the Northern region. After a little ride further down the road we arrived in a small village and started trekking up the electricity questions grade 9 hill to the house of the lovely Dao ladies we where about to have lunch with. The trek was short but still very challenging. The house we arrived at was very traditional, placed in between a couple of other houses. No tourists, this was a real village where the Dao really live, not a made up place to push tourists through (I am saying this because I did a trek one day earlier where I had the possibility to choose between „local house“ and „restaurant“ for lunch. In this case local house meant a prepared house where tourist go every day, where food is served as if you where in a restaurant without sharing the lunch with the family. Basically its the same as an restaurant just with different architecture). The Dao lady invited us in and started preparing the meal. The cost of the meal is part of the tour package but it is shared with the family meaning that you are not paying for one plate for yourself but instead for a proper meal with local people. In between the preparation of lunch, explanations about the house I had electricity el paso apartments the chance to take photos. I asked before and they clarified with the local ladies. The whole situation felt very natural so that I didn’t feel like an intruder treating the local ladies as photo objects. I had the feeling that they felt the same. The food was very tasty consisting of different dishes all shared. While eating the local ladies asked a lot of questions about my travel, life back in Germany and so on. It was a very lively conversation translated through the Ethos team. On the way back we stopped several times for some more landscape shots. All in all this was a great experience. The higher price of the tour was more than equally reflected in the better quality and more la gas prices now authentic cultural experience you get. I can fully recommend the team of Ethos if you can spend a little more time (at least a full day) and money to see the real culture in Sapa.

This electricity kwh to unit converter was one of the best days of our one month trip to Vietnam. We had two guides – Hmong people – Ka and Chi who were both fantastic. We were sorry that we did not have more time to visit other areas and tribes. I note some of the criticism of SaPa – however – we loved it and we were sorry to not spend more time there. It is the type of place to go to simply observe local life – and walk and get to meet local people with a rich history. It is not a place to go shopping, or get good food or to have a big night life – it is a country area. It is a place of wonderful natural beauty and a place where you can absolutely get away and explore the surrounds. Ethos is a great company to explore with. We went and spent time with one of our guide’s family – Ka’s family – it was such a great experience – and we felt like life simply continued around us. Had we had more time we would definitely have arranged another walk and it is likely that electricity wiki we would return to SaPa to experience more of the local life of the tribal people living in this mountainous region. Note that Ethos require passport details to everyone as registration with local government is required – we were cautious of providing this prior to going – however it is a legitimate request and requirement.