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ISO-New England (Independent System Operator, a not-for-profit company designed to be an arbiter between electric companies and residents) identified inadequate transmission resources to serve the Greater Boston area, including potential overloads to the existing 115-kV and 345-kV systems serving this area.

To rectify the situation, Eversource and National Grid propose to install back-up lines underground along a “preferred route” from the Woburn substation to the Wakefield substation and also from the Everett substation to Woburn (redundancy is a requirement and enforced by the ISO).

The two projects have been designed to meet growing customer electricity demands and maintain system reliability in the surrounding area. Electricity in costa rica These projects were selected by ISO-New England as part of the “preferred solutions” to solve the need.

Some of the benefits, as outlined by Eversource, are improved reliable electric service, reduced energy costs, direct and indirect economic benefits during construction, and new property tax revenue where the facilities are located.

The first project runs mostly through Wakefield; however, 1.6 miles goes through Winchester from Lake Street to Pickering Street to Border Street to Cross Street and finally to Washington Street before entering Stoneham.

Project Manager Beverly Schultz said the company ranked or “scored” different routes before coming up with the “preferred” option. Gasco abu dhabi contact They looked at a shorter distance using Davidson Park as a cut-through, but found that to be difficult due to Article 97, which would require legislative approval. Inert gas definition chemistry They felt that would cause project delays (Eversource and National Grid laid out a timeline that showed the project online by 2018).

Selectman Jim Johnson, however, really pushed for Eversource to go back and reconsider using Davidson Park. Gas in babies home remedies He felt that local state officials would approve it, because it would cause less disruption to residents and also avoid bad intersections at Cross and Washington streets and Washington and Forest streets.

The two companies – National Grid and Eversource – used various criteria to evaluate many routes within the project area, along with input from municipalities and state agencies. Electricity magnetism Most routes used public roadways, but railroad right-of-ways, parkland and some private lands were considered (Schultz and David Velez, project manager for the Everett to Woburn project, said no property takings were proposed).

Regardless of what direction Eversource ultimately goes in, Schultz valued the project at $107M and said they would coordinate closely with the town in planning, construction and restoration.

The construction process, she said, involves an eight foot by eight foot by 30 foot long manhole installation, trench excavation, conduit installation, backfill, temporary paving, river and railroad crossings, installation of cables between each manhole, cable splicing and testing in manholes, plus final pavement and other restorations completed to the town’s agreement.

So far, Eversource has held four open houses about the project last spring and filed a petition with the Energy Facilities Siting Board (a subset of the Department of Utilities) in September. Gas bijoux discount code Then, the EFSB held their own public hearing in November. Electricity production by state Upcoming, the EFSB will hold evidentiary hearings in March with a possible decision on the project by the first quarter of 2017 (they make the final decision). Electricity distribution companies Eversource hopes to start construction around March of next year with an in-service date expected in 2018.

The second project runs mostly through Medford (3.2 miles) and Winchester (2.3 miles). Gas quality comparison It will connect the Eversource Mystic substation in Everett to Woburn. La gasolina lyrics translation The project is valued at $70M.

Velez outlined the “preferred route”: Pond Street to Woodside Road to Wildwood Street to Fletcher Street to Bacon Street and finally to Main Street before entering Medford.

Like the first project, various criteria (including residential/commercial land uses, parks, hospitals, environmental, and project length, as examples) were used in the analysis of potential routes, along with input from municipalities and state agencies.

Eversource has held four open houses about this project and also filed a petition with the EFSB back in May. 9gag instagram videos The EFSB, then, held their own public hearing back in July with evidentiary hearings to begin next week. Gastric sleeve scars Eversource anticipates a decision by the first quarter of 2017 with construction to begin soon thereafter. Electricity research centre The in-service date is similar to the first project.

Schultz and Velez said both projects would employ a traffic management plan developed jointly with each municipality, plus police details paid for by the project to keep sidewalks and roads accessible during construction.

Eversource and National Grid, they said, would work closely with neighbors and businesses by going door-to-door, using informational mailings, updating the project website, and hosting a project hotline and email account.

Velez said they will coordinate with residents to allow access to and from driveways during construction days. Gas oil ratio formula When not in use, both companies will use steel plates to cover open trenches (similar to any other Eversource or National Grid project).

Who owns the transmission lines? Community Relations Specialist Bill Zamparelli, when asked, said that Eversource owns the lines in Woburn, Winchester and Stoneham, while National Grid owns the lines in Wakefield.

Zamparelli added that the town and state regulate the location, construction and operation of the lines. Gas station car wash First, he noted, ISO-New England determines the need for the project, then they pick the preferred solution to satisfy that need.

Unfortunately, while the preferred solution satisfied the ISO, it didn’t exactly satisfy the Board of Selectmen (or the 40-50 residents in attendance). Basic electricity quizlet Johnson expressed concerns over both the takings of the town’s right-of-ways and also the potential for not excavating low enough (below the town’s water/sewer lines).

As for the excavating, Velez said there were trade-offs to digging that deep, such as cost and time. Arkansas gas association Johnson worried that if they needed to access water/sewer pipes, electricity lines would be in the way.

Some residents expressed concern via email about Electric and Magnetic Fields. Electricity notes for class 10 In order to assuage their fears, Eversource brought in Dr. Gas x side effects Peter Valberg, a Doctor of Physics from Harvard.

As the proposed transmission lines are underground, Dr. Electricity out in one room Valberg said, the ground will shield the electric field completely. Electricity word search answer key He also noted that because the lines are closer together underground (unlike above ground where they are farther apart), it decreases the magnetic field.

To help put the exposure in context, residents are exposed to magnetic fields from a variety of everyday sources: microwaves, refrigerators, electric can openers, hair dryers, etc. M power electricity While these everyday exposures are well within recommended ranges, the level of magnetic fields is often much stronger than the level from transmission lines.