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we only went to one Luau and this was the one most recommended. It is set in a botanical garden and it is lovely. you arrive around 5pm and have time to wander around looking at plants and birds (peacocks, chickens, et al) before the opening ceremony. Then you sit at very long tables – it is like a very large wedding reception. there is a 2 piece combo playing but v lab electricity is tough to hear due to everyone chatting. The mai tais flow freely and they are very organized having the tables go up to the buffet. The food was delicious and alot of variety. You could go up multiple times, but we didn’t know that ahead of time. My husband and I happened to sit chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet next to a family and we were right next to a boy of about 10. I noticed that he had an enormous portion of pork on his plate but had stopped eating and then a busboy took it away. Not 10 minutes later, the child came back with another plate heaped with food and pork, which he then proceeded to leave untouched. This kind of thing makes me sick on several counts: the waste of an animal’s life, the hungry people in this world, the fact that children pay less than half the cost that adults pay at so many venues like this. I would like to see people charged extra for food e electricity bill they waste – yes, one price for all you can eat, not all you can WASTE! Moving on to the entertainment: they had a little hula demo and audience participation right there in the food pavillion and then after dinner we moved to an amphitheater for a very nice pan-asian dance revue. the Stage was nicely appointed as an island setting -volcanoe, plants, tiki torches and the dancing was very well orchestrated. there was a live band that accompanied some of the numbers and they were good, although the sound system seemed to go in and out on us. I recommend for a one-time experience, but would personally not ever do another one due to the amount of food I saw wasted. Big turn-off

We booked the luau through an off site service. You can watch the show for $15 per person so we thought we would skip the food and go out for a nice dinner before we went to the show. Then were informed that they only sell a certain number of tickets for the show only and they were all taken, we would have to experience the whole luau or forgo the whole thing. We opted to do the electricity for dummies pdf whole thing. We were told we would pay less than the stated save electricity pictures price for the luau but when we arrived they insisted we pay the full price. Since they had our credit card number they could have gone forward with the charge whether we attended or not so we went. There is a quick tram ride with comments about trees etc. along the way. To quick to note which plants they were talking about. Then hang around the area for half an hour or so until they pull the pig out of the ground which takes about 10 minutes. Go to the pavilion where approximately 500 people have gathered for mediocre food and watered down maitais. Getting that many people through the buffet line took awhile although they had six lines going at a time. NOTE: I am not a fan of filling ones plate with heaping portion 2 or 3 times, buffets are not for me! If you like to eat alot then this would work for you. Then to the show which was well worth $15. Since we were treated rudely when we arrived we were annoyed to begin with, NOTE the $40 we were made to pay over the amount electricity formulas physics that was stated to us ($78) was refunded on our credit card after calling the people who booked for us. But before we even electricity jewels set foot toward the luau we were disappointed by rudeness and lack of compromise. That said——-I understand it is difficult to prepare food for 500 people so you cannot expect the best and actually very little produce is grown on the island so don’t expect alot of fresh product here. While we calculate each buffet was a cost of $73, we felt this was not a good value for us. They do require a huge amount of employees to get the job done, also huge amounts of food so costs there would be high. There are several luau’s on the island and this was identified by us to be the best one.

We recently visited the Smith’s luau with a family of eight, including a small child. The event begins right in the parking lot with a trip on a shuttle train to the gardens. Immediately upon check in, we were placed on another shuttle to tour the gardens, and given an amazing tour. The kids loved the peacocks that weren’t very shy. The pig roasting was well done gas yourself, and explained with energy, and excitement. Because of our large party we were assigned a table right up front by the dinner stage. A nice band played during dinner, and instructions were given before they asked for volunteers to come in stage. The food was amazing! The teriaki beef was our favorite, and tge drinks were generously flavored…..if you know what I mean. After dinner, we were asked to walk ocer to the theater to watch the show. It was interesting for a luau. It was like watching a play. It explained/demonstrated the cultures and myths that youtube gas station karaoke developed the local population. At times, very dark, with a weird silence before the next event. We really loved the fire dancers. I would highly recommend to families. You can honestly see that this staff wants everyone to have an amazing time.