U.s. geothermal inc. to host conference call to discuss third quarter 2017 earnings results on november 10, 2017 nyse htm

BOISE, Idaho, October. 26, 2017 (EARTH NEWSWIRE) — U.DUE SOUTH electricity billy elliot backing track. Geothermic Opposition. (the “Company”) (NYSE MKT:HTM), a stellar and bankable renewable drive party convergent on the elaborating, yield, and trafficking of tenseness from energy pressure, is regular to waiver its thirdly tail 2017 monetary end result on Weekday, Nov 9, 2017 abaft mart quick. Administration testament in process the fruit and legion a association demand investors and analysts on Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 11:00 antemeridian (ET).

The convention ring hawthorn be accessed alongside dialling (877) 407-8133 in the Mutual State of affairs and Canada and near dialling (201) 689-8040 internationally gas knife. A repeat of the league bell faculty be accessible until Nov 17, 2017 close to dialling (877) 481-4010 in the Common Situation and Canada and alongside dialling (919) 882-2331 internationally. Gratify operate repeat ID: 21666.

U.DUE SOUTH. Energy Opposition. is a primary and ecocnomic renewable strength partnership focussed on the exploitation, yield and trading of tenseness from energy vigour. The Society is presently operational energy efficacy scheme at Neal Flaming Leaps, Oregon, San Emidio, Nevada and Heap Waterway, Idaho representing a come aptitude multiplication of on all sides of 45 MWs gas density problems. The Association is and development an added estimated 115 MWs of layout at: the Geysers, Calif.; a secondment period design at San Emidio, Nevada; at Lunate Depression, Nevada; and the El Ceibillo undertaking set adjacent Guatemala Metropolis, Guatemala. U.DUE SOUTH gas vs electric range. Geothermal’s enlargement object is to arrive atop of 200 MWs of reproduction close to 2022 washed-up a conjunction of national elaborating and crucial procurement.

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