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[Editor’s note: Israel’s nuclear attack on Syria had nothing to do with missiles. It was an assassination attempt, done in combination with Israel’s planned overthrow of the Iranian government. When Netanyahu said he had access to Iranian intelligence, he wasn’t lying. Iran is filled with traitors.

The attack was nuclear, we can prove it beyond any doubt using experts from the IAEA who contacted VT but are otherwise silenced. If an honest inquiry is held, Israel will be held accountable for using one of its “dial-a-nukes” supplied to them by the Bush administration, specialized low yield, low radiation nukes with “adjustable” output.

This statement from the US is the official cover story for the nuclear strike on Hama last Saturday. There was no pile of 200 missiles built with the help of North Korea and Iran, the target of the Israeli F-15s that tossed a small nuke onto a Syrian-Iranian base was a major command and control centre.

Most likely they were trying to take out General Soleimani, the Iranian commander who has been running the war in Syria after successfully organising the Hashd militias that saved Iraq from Islamic State. This makes Soleimani a major burr in Israel’s ass and they would love to get rid of him.

Netanyahu is going full-blown psychopath with his laughably bogus intel on Iran’s violation of the nuclear deal, but rest assured, it is a widely held opinion among military, intel and political circles in both Israel and the wider world that Bibi is a dangerous nutcase and everyone knows his Iranian intel is ludicrous bullshit.

However, there is one world leader that Bibi is able to influence (or should that be command) to swallow his bullshit about Iran and that is the bloated orange monstrosity currently incumbent in Washington. After delivering his insane press conference on Iran, Bibi stated that the matter was now in Trump’s hands, that the decision to take action against Iran lay with US president, which means Israel will have a lot of influence on that decision.

Nuking one of Iran’s main command and control bases in Syria with the intention of killing Iran’s best general can rightly be seen as Israel taking another small step towards an outright conflict with Iran; progress towards this war aim have to be small steps as Israel has to coax the US to follow her in those steps and join her in the military assault on Iran that Bibi so craves. Ian]

The strike on a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday was carried out by Israeli F-15 fighter jets after Iran had transferred a shipment of anti-aircraft missiles there, three U.S. officials told NBC News. The officials said Israel seems to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. support.

The Syrian army said early on Monday that “enemy” rockets struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. According to several outlets, the strikes targeted the 47th Brigade base in the southern Hama district, a military facility in northwestern Hama and a facility north of the Aleppo International Airport.

Citing unnamed American sources, the report said Iran has delivered wepons to the military base, including surface-to-air missiles, adding that Iran in the past two weeks has increased cargo flights to Syria with weapons shipments, which includes small arms and anti-aircraft missiles. The report says two U.S. officials believe that the shipments are intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel.

An official from a regional alliance including Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, said Monday that the strikes killed 16 people, among them 11 Iranians, according to a New York Times report on Monday. The report said the bombardment also destroyed 200 missiles. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity, as he was permitted to speak to the press.

“The same Iran is trying to hide its weapons while everyone ignores it. The state of Israel cannot ignore Iran’s threats, Iran, whose senior officials promise to wipe out Israel,” he said. “They are trying to harm us, and we’ll have a response.

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Khatami threatened Israel on Tuesday, saying it should stop its “dangerous behavior” and vowing that the “Iranian response will be surprising and you will regret it.” Khatami’s remarks came Following Netanyahu’s speech which Khatami described as Israeli “provocative actions,” and two days after the strikes in Syria.