Uber and port canaveral – florida departures – cruise critic community gas in dogs stomach


I personally do not recommend Uber to anyone that is not already considering suicide. 6 people executed in New York because their driver was mad at Uber for under pay. Women in Orlando recently were able to retain their safety by staying away from the man 9gag who was there to pick them up Uber style! He was not in the mood for driving except maybe his knife into their hearts. Sir, with all due respect, Taxi drivers are reviewed by their company. Then, they are reviewed by the insurance company..Point is, everyone knows electricity words who they are. It is a shame when a man puts his family in the hands of who is

an online application that has no human correspondence has told you is safe…go ask the 6 dead, go ask the girls whom decided the computer program doesn’t inspect Uber drivers very well at all because they feared for their lives when this guy told them to get in…I would suggest to you that you put in an Uber application. Note how long it takes before your approved because everyone is. Then try getting a security card from Homeland security for TWIC. They actually check your past…takes 3 -9 weeks…Uber la gasolina in english?? 20 seconds

That’s too funny, taxi services bashing UBER, like they’re somehow better. LOL..Pretty sure I read a story on the WAPO where an UBER driver just recently saved a teenagers life.. I have the gas constant in atm feeling you’re more interested in charging ridiculous fees, instead of personal safety. As for me, I drive for UBER, have a FL D, G, MB, DI security licenses, I was a PORT security officer until I quit, mostly because there was a lot of shady stuff going on, which was verified later when their entire staff was fired. I have a POST certification from Georgia and a SLED certification from South Carolina, as well as current first aid/cpr/and from the American Red Cross. I have done about 100 UBER rides in two weeks with 56 (5 )star rides and 12 written compliments. As for UBER youtube gas monkey the drivers are required to have insurance, and I am sure if I wanted to drive a cab tomorrow, it would take me about 5 secs.

I really am not looking to argue. My point is simple. Uber uses an application online to hire people that are responsible for the transportation and lives of those they transport electricity inside human body. They do not interview in person….. anyone. Anyone whom applies will be hired. Your safety is what you make of it. I personally feel that mine and my family’s is important . If the company does not meet with this driver, does not interview this driver, does not gas nozzle stuck in car look into their driving history etc…I would never put myself into the car that he is driving. There have been murders by uber drivers, bunches of rapes, burglary rings etc etc all due to this failure of ubers hiring practices as they are in it for the money and nothing else. Their drivers only last as long as the car they will soon replace and realize they didn’t even make enough eseva electricity bill payment money to pay half what they paid for their car for and are now stuck without as uber used up their cars and pay 0 for doing so. You ride with whom you like but to promote a business that has absolutely 0 respect for their customers or their safety is to go without saying…silly

If they were a ‘fly by night’ company or something electrical supply company near me along the lines of ‘Bobs private transport’ that was localized, then your point would probably be more valid. Does Uber have issues? Sure. But to say that a taxi service is so much better simply because someone interviews the driver is silly. Uber has over 2 billion rides, 62 million trips and 50,000 drivers in 2014 which I am sure is more than double that by now.

My thing with a taxi is they are typically double the cost of an Uber, the cars don’t come close to an Uber driver (at least that I have ever seen) and the drivers of Uber in my experience are MUCH more z gas station friendlier than any taxi driver. Not to mention when you take an Uber, you’re supporting someone local versus some cab company possibly out of another city/state.