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The Uber app on a cell phone uses your GPS location for a pickup point and allows you to put your destination in for a fare estimate. The map will show you the route and the cost estimate so you don’t get ripped of by a driver that takes the "Scenic Route" as they sometimes do with out-of-town tourists. The app also gives you a picture of the car that will be picking you up, and a picture of the driver who will be picking you up, so that you can verify you are being transported by the right vehicle. After the ride you can rate the driver and drivers with poor ratings get fired by Uber. Imagine trying to get a Taxi company to fire one of their drivers!

The Uber drivers have a separate app on their phone that also gives maps and other information. What this allows the Uber drivers to do is for them to choose to pick up customers that are starting their route near where the driver already is located, so that way they can drive efficient routes. They can choose to pick up the passenger nearest to them so that the aren’t wasting time, fuel, and wear on their car driving empty to pick up a passenger a significant distance away.

The reality of how Uber operates is that once there is a sufficient number of drivers operating in an area, there aren’t passengers being left without rides. It’s actually the opposite in major cities because Uber doesn’t operate by flag-down rides and thus can’t discriminate against passengers. Minority passengers in cities with Uber have reported that they’ve been passed up by countless taxies in their lives when trying to hail one at a curb, but 100% of the Uber rides they request with their phone show up promptly and give them good service.

That is just it, you do not know. An Uber driver was arrested for sexual assault on a passenger and when investigated it was revealed that the drivers wife was the one who had applied for the job. It was her car, her insurance, and the husband who was a convicted sex offender was the driver. Taxi drivers are put through a criminal background check through the BPD and ISP and are not issued a taxi license if they have any type of felony that is less than 5 years in their past. Certain felons such as sex offenders, violent offenders, burglars, etc. do not qualify at all for a taxi license. Then there is the matter of insurance and condition of the vehicle you get into. Is it properly insured? When is the last time it was inspected for equipment conditions? There is just little to no supervision and one more thing. If you use a local cab service and a problem does arise you have a local company to contact. Uber is a lot like buying something from Amazon, you few options to solve a major issue.

All I can say is that I’ve ridden in uber cabs in Chicago. Just as much as regular taxis here in Blo/no. And the service and vehicles don’t even compare! Let’s picture of driver an vehicles with all information. Route to you and to your destination in your hand. Pick up time down to the second. Clean driver wearing suit in black newer tahoe or esclade EVERY TIME. And never have to reach in my wallet for a transaction! Now taxis in town. Have had to wait over an hour many times to be picked up some busted up vehicle that smells of smoke, burning oil and anti freeze. And the driver usually smoking/vaping and talking my ear off about them partying. And let’s talk about safety I’m usually worried if the brakes are going to work! This is coming unbiased I have no connection to uber or anything like that. This is totally based off experience with both! I mean come on do you want to run a search on every time a regular taxi driver has been involved in a crime!? I’m sure the list will be very long. I see this a great opportunity to lower drunk driving and help fix the problem with people congregating downtown Bloomington when bars close! that’s why there are problems downtown and not uptown. You are stranded down there. Whereas when in normal they are on campus and they walk home! Not everyone wants to get on a giant party bus that takes two hours to get home and most likely get in an altercation with some drunk idiot on the way!

I used to live in Blo/No and currently live in Atlanta and do driving for LYFT part time down here. Its nice to earn little extra money while working a FT job. Once a passenger is in the drivers car, the passenger and the driver are covered under UBER/LYFT policies. Most personal insurances wont cover you if you have an accident while using a vehicle for hire though.

For those of you that don’t like the idea of UBER/LYFT then there is an easy solution….. Don’t download app and don’t use it.. if you want to wait outside for 45 min in the coldness for a regular taxi (especially on Fri and Sat downtown after bars close) then feel free. I think some people could make $$ in Bloomington/Normal but I don’t see it becoming popular enough during the week for people to replace their regular 40 hour work week jobs like they do down here to drive.

You can rate drivers to say whether they did good or bad, had a clean car, took a good route, etc. And in regards to turning people away.. when you accept the ride, you never know where your going until you pick up the passenger, but if I get there and potential rider is hunched over a garbage can, then I can decline to take them at that point. I have never had to do that, and I believe on the LYFT I can put that in the comments for the passenger as well.