Ufo hunter claims rare jellyfish sprite spotted over caribbean sea was an alien spaceship, accuses scientists of covering up truth about et phenomenon [video] electricity physics pdf

An enormous mushroom- or jellyfish-shaped flash of bright light that illuminated the sky over the Caribbean Sea for a split-second on Sunday has drawn the attention of alien and UFO conspiracy theorists who claim that the phenomenon was, in fact, a form of extraterrestrial craft or alien entity. Responding to claims by a scientist that it was a natural atmospheric phenomenon called a jellyfish sprite or an A-bomb, UFO hunters accuse scientists of colluding with NASA and government to cover up the latest alleged evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. The strange and extremely rare phenomenon that appeared for a split-second in the skies over the Caribbean Sea was filmed by Frankie Lucena of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, according to CNET. Gas 99 cents a litre The video (see below) shows the mysterious phenomenon lighting up an expansive section of apparently cloudless skies. Youtube gas monkey