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The midday sun is beating down hard at Karuma; site of what will be Uganda’s biggest electricity dam; the 600MW Hydropower Dam under construction.

Gargantuan tower cranes stand several feet high, hoisting thick blocks of pre-fabricated concrete and iron bars atop an already vast expanse of cast concrete dam floors and walls. Gas x strips review Huge blocks of concrete held together by what appears like millions of iron bars hang almost everywhere.

Even as the heat hits over 30°C, local labourers continue moving more iron bars and other construction materials as their Chinese supervisors bark commands.

It is November 2016 and only three years ago, the world’s longest river; the Nile, flowed gracefully through the thick lush green vegetation and birds chirped as they picked small insects and berries in this part of the 3,893 sq km Murchison Falls Conservation Area.

The flow of the mighty Nile has been shifted to a diversion dam. Gastritis In its former path, the picture is beginning to emerge of how the mega $1.7 billion dam will look like once completed.

An official looking man is standing on one of the giant concrete walls, a white helmet on his head, and an orange reflector jacket on top of his short-sleeved not-tucked in shirt that is hanging freely over brown stripped pants folded into thick gumboots. Electricity and circuits class 6 That is engineer Dr. Gas pains 6 weeks pregnant Badru Kiggundu. Electricity kwh to unit converter Until recently, he was the chairman of Uganda’s Electoral Commision but he now heads a new Project Steering Committee (PSC) appointed by President Yoweri Museveni to oversee the construction of Karuma dam and the smaller 183MW Isimba Dam also on the River Nile. Gas and bloating after every meal This is Kigundu’s first official visit to Karuma and he has just stepped out of a dark-blue SUV.

He pulls his phone out of his pant pocket, bends and takes a picture of a spot where a crack appears to have been fixed at the dam’s spillway.

Fighting cracks at the dam is partly why Kigunddu’s crack team was appointed. Gas and bloating President Museveni got very concerned when reports in March of alleged shoddy construction leading to the concrete cracking.

Experts had warned that if not addressed, the cracks threatened the future performance of both dams–Isimba and Karuma–which are costing the government a staggering $2 billion and are Museveni’s legacy projects.

The President deployed a team of State House-based investigators, who confirmed that there were cracks and reported a few other things. Electricity definition chemistry Museveni then wrote to Irene Muloni, the Energy Minister and

“How could this happen,” President Museveni asked in his April 5 letter to Muloni, “Didn’t we have any supervision from government on these facilities?”

Along the way, the controversy over Karuma was so nasty that it may have contributed to a fall out between President Museveni and his ally in the energy sector, former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Kabagame Kaliisa. Gas city indiana He had been PS Energy for the last 41 years.

Museveni also replaced Kaliisa with Stephen Isabalija, the former UEGCL board chair, who led the park of those pointing out the mistakes at the Karuma and Isimba dams and in the management of the energy sector generally.

Having been appointed in July to do most of what Kaliisa should have been doing, Kigundu was in November leading his team to Karuma Dam construction site on a fact-finding mission into how far the contractor, the Chinese company Sinohydro, had gone on the cracks amongst other technical issues.

“So have you tested whether it works?” Kigundu turned and asked the engineer who was giving a report about the repairs of the cracks. Hair electricity dance moms The engineer did not respond immediately. J gastroenterol hepatol impact factor Instead, it is engineer Harrison Mutikanga, the head of the government’s power generating arm; the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd (UEGCL) who chipped in. Gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore “What he is asking is how often you test this material to ensure that it is strong and works,” Mutikanga said.

The engineer said no test had been done ever since the cracks were repaired. Electricity of the heart Then you need to test regularly, Mutikanga told him. Gas zombies This was high powered inspection. Electricity examples Apart from the two bosses, there were also officials from State House, UEGCL, Sinohydro, the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd and the Energy Ministry.

Even Francis Atooke, the Solicitor General, was close by, listening so attentively that an official joked that going by his rate of concentration, he would turn into an engineer. Electricity experiments The Solicitor General smiled, mumbled something, and went back to his concentration.

From the spillway site, they drove a few metres to the entrance of a huge underground tunnel. Gas in oil It was dark inside and nearly as wide as a three-lane road and as high as a two-storied building and it ran for about 1.4kms. Electricity lessons for 5th grade This is the Main Access Tunnel and leads to the inner caverns where the power house and six turbines that will each generate 100 MW of power each (making 600 MW). Mp electricity bill pay indore Along the way Kiggundu’s convoy of about 10 SUVs passed giant earth movers still ferrying mounds of soil out of the tunnel.

The powerhouse is deeper underground and Kiggundu and his team only got a glimpse of its designated position by leaning against a metallic barrier separating it from the main ground. M gastrocnemius One of the earthmovers was digging up the spot for the sixth turbine. Gas block dimple jig One by one, they asked a young Ugandan engineer in his early 30s working on the project and the Chinese supervisors, questions.

The Chinese contractors had also flown in some members of their team from China. Electricity in costa rica They were mostly high level company executives and hydro power experts, according to Wang Yantao, the Executive Vice President, East and Southern Africa, Sinohydro Corporation. Gasco abu dhabi contact Sinohydro also invited top executives from China Power, which designed the project, among others.

Yantao said at a presser that about 20 experts had come in from China to work on the challenges facing the project, which he said was very unique and important to them (Sinohydro). Inert gas definition chemistry He also acknowledged that they had had challenges and pledged to work with the government to correct them.

Another official explained that they had checked the cracks, found that they are not deep, are on the spill way and not the power house, which is the heart of the dam. Gas in babies home remedies He said they had hired SIKA, a company from Switzerland to repair them. Electricity magnetism Pressed on whether patching up the cracks would not reduce the dam’s life, the official reassured the meeting that the chemical being used to treat the cracks was even stronger and more durable than the concrete.

These remarks followed a closed meeting in which Kigundu’s team grilled the Chinese contractors. Gas bijoux discount code At first the Chinese were reluctant to admit that they had caused the mess and insisted that the meeting focusses on only the way forward but Kigundu’s team pressured them into accepting.

“We have achieved a few things,” one of the officials at the meeting said, “the contractor has admitted that they made mistakes and are now committing to delivering quality work. Electricity production by state That is what is important.”

In his remarks, Kiggundu said that given this representation from the highest levels and the commitment from the contractor, the “cracks are going to be fixed.”