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The human cost of accidents, poor health and safety conditions under Chinese contractors in Uganda has come under scrutiny and what is emerging is raising serious concerns.

At the heart of the latest concerns is Sinohydro; the contractor for the 600 MegaWatt (MW) Karuma hydropower project, where an investigation by The Independent has unearthed details of deaths and accidents that are a result of unsafe working conditions.

Some of the revelations are contained in several correspondences between the contractor, Chinese company Sinohydro and the project supervisor for the Uganda government, Energy Infratech. Thitima electricity sound effect They are backed by accounts from workers and insiders. Electricity jokes riddles All paint a troubling picture.

These correspondences show that in some instances, workers have been hit by flying debris, the contractor has under-reported the number of accidents, the sanitary conditions are terrible and workers are being exposed to live wires carrying high-voltage power, among others.

A health and safety expert with knowledge about Karuma who refused to speak on the record, said that in some instances over 30 cases of serious accidents have been recorded at the dam in a month. Gas vs electric stove cost Some accidents result in death. Eon gas card top up Most are preventable.

Take the case of Rogers Twine whose body was smashed on Sept.23. Hp gas online booking hyderabad At about 05:45, Twine was working inside the tunnels at the Karuma when a blasting happened. Was electricity invented during the industrial revolution Twine was hit by flying stones and debris from the blasting.

A Chinese blasting supervisor had apparently ordered the blasting to take place without alerting Twine as required under standard operating procedures, sources knowledgeable about the incident said.

Officials at the national power generating sector overseer, the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL), at a meeting with Energy Ministry officials expressed concerns at the rate of deaths at Karuma.

The Sinohydro Executive President for East Africa and Southern Africa, Wang Yantao, faced a barrage of questions regarding the poor health and safety conditions at Karuma in November.

In a presentation seen by The Independent, UEGCL officials expressed concern that eight people had before June this year died at the dam site.

In another case, a worker reportedly fell off a Sinohydro project truck and lost almost all his teeth. Shale gas in spanish He was rushed to Gulu Independent Hospital in serious condition. Gas tax in texas But when a team of investigators went there, they were told that he was quickly taken to an unknown place.

This incident is cited to show that as the number of casualties rises, Sinohydro appears to have resorted to hiding evidence of some cases. J gastroenterol A visit to Gulu Independent Hospital when some of the casualties are usually admitted showed that the contractor has not declared certain injured persons.

When on Sept.09, officials visited the hospital, there were three such cases. Z gas guatemala One of them, Aguma Safri, Ocaya Gensis, and Isabirye Safiq who had been injured during tunnel excavation. Gas pain But they were taken to the hospital without their cases being recorded.

“We have also identified gaps in your incident and accident reporting procedures, characterised by coached reporting of witnesses, and concealing of information resulting to non-reporting,” one of Energy Infratech’s letters notes, “we are seriously concerned as to how there is serious mismanagement of safety management procedures on site. O goshi judo Owing to this state of affairs, we find you violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act.”

In brief, Section 13 of the Act states that an employer has a duty to put in place all measures for the protection of his workers and the general public from dangerous aspects of employer’s undertaking.

It also notes that the employer has to provide adequate and appropriate information, instructions, training and supervision necessary to ensure, as reasonably practicable the safety and health of the employees.

In one incident, there was tension and fear among workers when a Chinese called Yuding Yong, the manager for water treatment plant at Karuma committed suicide. Electricity units of measurement He left a note advising workers to seek treatment within 21 days or else die from poisoning.

The saga erupted after a machine operator at the site, Innocent Opio, reported to the authorities that Yuding had polluted the water. Gas after eating bread The managers reacted by detaining Yuding at his residence. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve Later he was reportedly found hanging with an electric cable around his neck.

In one version, another Chinese, Yao Zhong, the deputy project manager, had reportedly told some government officials that Yuding had planned to disrupt the project.

This narrative claims Yuding wanted to damage a machine so that he could not be deported back to his home country after the expiry of his contract. Gas mask drawing Apparently, Yuding wanted his contract extended and when it was not. Electricity projects for class 12 He allegedly committed suicide out of frustration.

Yantao said Yuding realised he was about to lose his job, and went in overdrive to prove to his superiors that he could do the job better than anyone and when he was restrained, he got too frustrated.

Yantao’s statement leaves many questions unanswered. Gas laws worksheet with answers Why did Sinohydro hire a mentally unstable person for such a sensitive job and at such a sensitive facility? At what point did Yuding’s superiors discover that he was mentally unstable? If Yuding was indeed mentally unstable, how sane is another Chinese only identified Fang?

Fang is said to have disappeared at night on Oct.14. Gas pain in shoulder Soon after, a project van was discovered sunk to the bottom of the waters of the River Nile at the dam site. Electricity production It was then alleged that Fang was driving the van when is plunged into the river. Gas vs diesel towing But no body was found in the vehicle or in the river.

Then there is the case of another unnamed Chinese who also died mysteriously in September 2015. Gas city indiana police department It is alleged that he was killed by hippopotamus.

In one of the correspondences to Sinohydro, Energy Infratech’s R.RS Manian wrote: “I would like to remind you that a number of accidents and incidents have continually been recorded on site much of which resulting from non- compliance. Gas 37 weeks pregnant Be aware that breaking health and safety laws and regulations can lead to Prosecution, fines or imprisonment for each and every infringement of the Health and Safety at Work Act.”

Regarding case of Rogers Twine, Energy Infratech, also raised the issue with the Sinohydro contractors. D cypha electricity futures The blasting standards and operating procedure were not followed and the blaster was not competent, it noted.

“We fail to understand as to how such a serious lapse can happen if proper procedures are followed,” Energy Infratech’s Project Manager, R.RS Manian wrote to Sinohydro. Gasset y ortega biografia As a result of this incident, the contractor was directed to stop all works involving blasting activities throughout the project site.

He added that some blasters’ permits to use blasting materials have expired while others do not have permits from the Internal Affairs Ministry that allows them to handle blasting materials. Electricity and magnetism pdf This, he said, had created doubt as to whether the blasters have necessary experience in conducting a blasting exercise.

“In light of this lapse and following the provisions of the Explosives Act, 1964 and all amendments thereof and all rules there under, you are hereby directed to suspend the blaster in charge of the day until the accident investigation committee submits a formal report regarding the accident,” the letter reads in part, “You are also directed to suspended indefinitely all those so called blasters who have no permits as per the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Uganda until when such permits are acquired.”

The incident also sparked an investigation, which unleashed other serious claims. Natural gas jokes One of them is that despite the high number of accidents and fatalities, clinical services are unstable at Karuma site, although it is the biggest construction site in Uganda.

At the beginning of October, for instance, there was no experienced doctor at the clinic apart from the Chinese doctor, who works as an administrator and does not treat Ugandans. Gas 02 Of the three Ugandan doctors that had been there, one’s contract had expired and he wasn’t there. Gas number The other had just resigned and the third was on leave.

Stakes are higher because at Karuma alone, there are over 5000 workers. Gas and supply shreveport When in November, The Independent talked to Harrison Mutikanga, the UEGCL boss, he expressed concerns that the deaths already recorded at Karuma were unusually higher than those recorded in similar projects. Gas pain relief But he was also optimistic.

“But we are engaging the contractor,” Mutikanga said, “The new leadership is serious about getting the contractor to have all these problems solved.”

Mutikanga was referring to the new Project Steering Committee (PSC). Electricity song youtube Headed by Eng. Gas density and molar mass Badru Kiggundu, the new PSC was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni to address problems surrounding the construction of both the 600 MW Karuma and the 183 MW Isimba hydropower dam. Gas definition state of matter Both dams are estimated to cost well over $2 billion.

However, the evidence collected by The Independent reveals that the team has a tough job ahead of it. Power generation definition And Sinohydro is not the only problem over these issues.

The health and safety breaches could have far reaching implications on the successful completion of the dams. Physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet The World Bank recently suspended loans to Uganda worth trillions of dollars this year over cases of child sexual abuse, sexual harassment of female employees, inadequate resettlement practices and negative construction impacts under Chinese contractors.

As such, Karuma is not the only Chinese project with a poor health and safety record. Types of electricity generation At its sister plant, Isimba, workers went on strike twice in 2015 over pay and working conditions.

The Kilembe Copper Mines project in Kasese which is also under another Chinese company, Tibet Hima Mining Company, was shut down in 2015 following two fatal accidents. Ideal gas definition chemistry It is the biggest mining project in Uganda.

On December 15, 2015, Enos Rusunzu, a 21-year old youth, was crushed to death by a conveyer belt on a copper mill machine. 1 electricity unit in kwh Apparently, the over-sized jacket he was wearing got entangled in the rotating drum of the Conveyor and he was pulled and crashed head first into the conveyor system. Power kinetic energy The machine sucked his head into its system causing fatal damage to his skull and brain.

Rusunzu’s death came two weeks after an underground copper carrier got derailed and crashed another worker Zimonia Kalisya’s leading to his death. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers Apparently, Kalisya had only been on the job for one month and he was undergoing on-job training on how to operate a copper mill machine.

Increasingly, from roads to major dams and big mining projects, the Chinese is the reigning contractor in Uganda and most of Africa. Gas 76 station The surge of the Chinese contractors is being driven by the readiness of China’s Exim Bank to extend what African leaders see as “cheap and unconditional” development finance for implementation of mostly natural resources exploitation and infrastructure construction projects.

Previously, these projects went to western companies and others that emerged best bidders and were ready to meet the conditions of especially western lenders like the World Bank. World j gastrointest surg impact factor Most critical of these conditions is respect for human and labour rights.

Whether Chinese or British, to get the contract financed by a western lender, the company needs to emerge the best bidder and to do so, it has to ensure that away from promising quality work and at the most competitive price, it has to ensure the right working conditions observers say. Youtube gas pedal Breach of these conditions strictly leads to cancellation of the contract. Gsa 2016 calendar All this no longer matters according to critics.

Desperate for money to implement infrastructure projects, Uganda like many other developing countries, is awarding contracts not to the best bidder but to the Chinese company with (sometimes) the most connected commission agent and a ready Chinese financial backer–usually China’s Exim bank.

Matters are not helped by the secrecy under Chinese companies. Gas and supply Revealing these excesses to authorities or the public is punished heavily. Gas x strips review For instance, some workers Tibet Hima, were sacked for allegedly speaking to the media about the safety of their lives following the death of two colleagues.

A worker at the Tian Tang Group steel facility in Mukono, near Kampala, was early this year fired for revealing excesses of his employers to State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Herbert Kabafunzaki.

National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU), Chairman General, Wilson Owere told The Independent that concerns about Chinese employers have been brought to the body.

“We have a serious problem with these Chinese firms and we have written to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and to the Chinese embassy,” Owere told The Independent, “We have been trying to get an agreement with some of these Chinese but they keep dodging. Gastritis They don’t want their workers to join the union.”

“We started with putting in place a strong law that details mechanisms on how to prevent those occurrences in the first place,” he told The Independent, “But what you have is a glaring poor implementation and enforcement of the law.”

He added; “You have a skeletal workforce, we should be having committees and inspectors that ensure prevention mechanisms are in place in work places because these situations in work places can be disastrous for the entire public especially matters to do with environmental degradation, water and air pollution.”

For Minister Kabafunzaki, who hit the ground running hunting down employers that abuse workers’ rights once he was appointed, the situation is getting better.

“In the past things were worse,” he told The Independent, “these Chinese didn’t care at all but now they are beginning to respond, the other day CCCC invited me to witness the protective gear they had brought in.”

He explained that the enforcement was a bit weak but that renewed efforts such as his–he has so far visited 146 factories–things are improving.