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Ugin is a planeswalker with strong ties to the plane of Tarkir, where his magic, the transmutation of energy into matter, is responsible for the elemental dragon storms that once raged through the plane, giving birth to its dragons. This magic was derived from the study of the energetic patterns of entire planes—their creation, destruction, and renewal—and he has applied these universal principles to creating his own form of magic. [1] Valuing both the dragon broods and the humanoid Clans, he gifted the Clans with concealment magic in order to hide from the depredations of the dragons.

Ugin was the mastermind of the trio of planeswalkers, including Sorin Markov and Nahiri, that lured the Eldrazi to Zendikar to imprison them within the Eye of Ugin. [2] Over the course of 40 years, the planeswalkers prepared Ugin’s plans, creating a massive network of stones known as hedrons, powered by leylines and coded by draconic runes. [3] When the Eldrazi finally arrived on Zendikar, Ugin’s part was to combat the Eldrazi with his own colorless magic, the magical key to unlocking the Eye. [4] Fighting Bolas [ edit | edit source ]

Thousands of years after the Eldrazi were sealed, Ugin encountered the nefarious elder dragon Nicol Bolas. Recognizing Bolas as a threat to the existence of the Multiverse, Ugin and fellow planeswalker Azor devised a plan to trap Bolas on Ixalan. [5] [6]

Before it could come to that, Bolas tracked the spirit dragon to his home plane of Tarkir. The two planeswalkers waged a titanic battle, leaving Ugin nearly dead. Bolas dug deep into Ugin’s mind for information about the Eldrazi and their prison. His purpose accomplished, Bolas departed, leaving the grievously wounded Ugin to die. However, although physically dead, the dragon’s spirit had not departed, and found its way into the mind of the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol. Sarkhan was plagued by Ugin’s whispers in his head, 1,280 years after the dragon’s death. Sarkhan later discovered that the whispers were Ugin’s psychic plea across time and space for help. [7] Ugin’s Rescue [ edit | edit source ]

Sarkhan Vol was drawn back to his home plane of Tarkir by the whisperings of Ugin’s spirit in his head. While there, he was able to travel back in time 1,280 years using Ugin’s Nexus, a spiritual nexus surrounding Ugin’s bones. The nexus transported Sarkhan back in time, just before the battle between Ugin and Nicol Bolas. [8] [9]

1,280 years after Sarkhan Vol saved Ugin, the spirit dragon still rested in his cocoon of hedrons. During that time, Tarkir’s history changed and Ugin’s dragons had now become the dominant species on the plane. Sorin Markov arrived on Tarkir and with the help of an enthralled Atarka warrior made his way to Ugin’s resting place. There, Sorin awakened and freed the spirit dragon from his slumber. Ugin explained about his battle with Nicol Bolas to Sorin who then informed him about the awakening of the Eldrazi. A shocked Ugin inquired about Nahiri stating that they would need her help to fight the Eldrazi again by rebuilding the hedron network. Ugin soon realized that Sorin was purposely hiding the information about Nahiri’s fate and was annoyed. He warned Sorin to put aside whatever spat the vampire and Nahiri had and to find her. He then thanked Sorin for his assistance with a warning that they will meet again on Zendikar, and Nahiri had better be with the vampire.

Later, Ugin met Sarkhan Vol who had arrived searching for answers. The spirit dragon had been studying Tarkir’s new history in the various carvings around the canyon. He eventually questioned Sarkhan on his actions and how a hedron from the Eye of Ugin arrived on Tarkir. Sarkhan informed Ugin of the events in the past few years, deducing his actions in the past. As Ugin had no memory of the alternate timeline and the role his spiritual echo had played in it, he theorized that Sarkhan had now created a time paradox of sorts. The Dragon Man had appeared from nowhere and had saved Ugin the Spirit Dragon before disappearing to reappear a thousand years later. Understanding this, Sarkhan made his peace with Ugin and left.

Having been freed from stasis on Tarkir, Ugin returned to Zendikar. With Sorin Markov and Nahiri missing, he started to rebuild the Eye of Ugin and the hedron network. When Jace Beleren arrived to investigate, the Spirit Dragon revealed how the network might be used to again immobilize the Eldrazi titans, but Jace suspected that the same trick might instead serve as a first step in killing them. Ignoring Ugin’s dire warnings, Jace left the Eye and made his way back to Sea Gate to pass this information on to Gideon. [11] After the newly formed Gatewatch destroyed Ulamog and Kozilek, Ugin berated them for killing the ancient creatures instead of trapping them, fearing dire consequences for the multiverse. [12] Breath of Ugin [ edit | edit source ]