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In our ever-changing environment, how do you and your staff remain informed about current business processes across the University? As a manager, how do you provide the training that new staff members need to understand internal & external controls, policies & practices? This series will provide you with a comprehensive understanding encompassing areas such as business ethics, accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, internal controls, business services, federal/state laws, and shared financial accountability. Benefits of Enrolling

In order to be successful, organizations must recognize the rights and interests of various stakeholders—at the University of Iowa, this includes, not only faculty, students, and staff, but a host of other external constituency groups. gas blower will not start To be successful in today’s work environment, we must incorporate the interests of these constituency groups as it relates to making ethical business decisions. In this online course you will learn the key points of the Ethics and Responsibilities Policy, understand expectations of conduct and be able to articulate the implications of a particular decision.

This course will set the tone for the UI Business Processes Series by providing a global perspective of how business works at the University of Iowa. Gain awareness of our changing environment through exposure to our primary governing and guiding principles. Learn how these principles and policies ensure that we are protecting, preserving and enhancing our resources so that we are achieving the missions of our university. gasket t 1995 Understand how these principles affect our roles & responsibilities as UI leaders, managers and employees. Finally, you will learn practical information about the University’s budget process, sources of funding and the TIER/University Shared Services initiatives. Shared Financial Accountability

The concept of shared financial accountability in Higher Education is as important as it is challenging. electricity and magnetism purcell pdf We have established shared accountability in an environment that is highly decentralized by developing a system and process that connects the dots between financial accountability and financial reporting. This class will provide an overview of our infrastructure of accountability from the financial account level to the collegiate unit level and how we have tied this to workflow routing approval, reconciliation compliance and online financial reporting and dashboards. gas estimator Specifically, the content of this presentation will cover the following:

There are several laws that impact the records we create, retain, and disclose at the University of Iowa, making record-keeping practices an important, and at times complicated, aspect of university life. This course reviews the basics of the Iowa Public Records Act, Iowa Code 91B (which provides employees access to their personnel files), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (relating to student education records). We will also examine how these laws intersect — when records must be disclosed, to whom they must be disclosed, and when they are confidential. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Internal Controls & Security

Being a public university, we come under extra scrutiny from the different levels of government and the public. A sound control environment is necessary to help protect the resources of the University and demonstrate good stewardship. electricity for dummies pdf This is accomplished by the implementation of various internal controls. This course will describe what internal controls are, the different types of internal controls, and why they are important to the individual and their operation. Information will be shared to help the participant effectively control and minimize risks to themselves and the organization. Business Services Overview

This course will provide an overview of major Business Services processes in the area of Contracting, Purchasing and Accounts Payable/Travel, Risk Management, Printing, Surplus and University Shared Services. electricity video ks1 You will learn about roles & responsibilities, specific Board of Regent and University Policies and Procedures, relevant systems, available tools and services provided. Additionally, find out about additional courses which will provide more detailed training on related topics. Finance & HR Compliance