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Dr Okoye chooses which whitening system she uses to suit her patient — in my case something called Enlighten Whitening, for its natural, rather than glaring, effect.

How it feels: Dr Okoye’s people skills are as awesome as her artistry — as she tinkers away inside your mouth and soothes your lips with a cooling balm, you’re invited to watch a DVD.

She has a zero-tolerance policy to pain so, first off, she treats my gnashers with composite bonding: painting on a liquid resin hardened with special frequency light to protect my teeth from sensitivity.

As for the de-yellowing, she takes impressions of my teeth to create custom-fitted plastic trays, which I return to pick up a few days later.

I’m instructed to fill the trays with bleaching gel and wear them for eight hours for 14 consecutive nights. Electricity and circuits The process is rounded off with a one-hour, super-charged session in her surgery.

the Results: There’s an astonishing ten shade improvement, with my daffodil-coloured horrors giving way to fabulous pearly-whites and a smile that’s a good 25 years younger. Electricity vs magnetism venn diagram I beam happily.

Where: London Smiling, 62a Goodge Street, London W1T 4NE; londonsmiling.com. Electricity 2pm lyrics Initial consultation, £82; professional whitening treatment, £919.

They provide a shell that is bonded to the existing tooth. Gas law questions and answers Veneers can be used to close gaps, for chipped or discoloured teeth, or simply to give the patient a ‘smile lift’.

How it feels: Moulds of my teeth are taken and I need four appointments with the hygienist to improve the state of my gums before the fitting.

As I’m having only my top teeth done, I need to have my bottom teeth bleached so the colour matches — this is done by wearing a mild bleaching solution in a mould for four hours a day over the course of a month.

As someone with a lifelong fear of the dentist, I’m anxious. F gas regulations In fact, it’s not painful. Z gas cd juarez telefono The only discomfort comes from the sensitivity when my bottom teeth are being bleached and my top teeth have been filed down.

When the veneers are being fitted, the only tough part is keeping my mouth open for so long, as it takes several hours, stopping for regular breaks.

The results: A dazzling Hollywood smile that looks whiter, brighter and more youthful, but still natural. Astrid y gaston lima menu prices With good care, veneers should last at least ten years.

Where: Dr Philip Stemmer, The Fresh Breath Centre, 2 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6HJ; freshbreath.co.uk; Claudia’s treatment at this clinic cost £8,000. Gas under a dollar Also available at cosmetic dentists nationwide.

A relatively non-invasive way of straightening teeth, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners (like tightly fitting gum shields), rather than metal wires.

First, an orthodontist takes moulds and a series of images of your teeth, and creates a 3D computer model showing what needs to move in order to create a straight smile.

Long-lasting and high-shine, this nude gloss contains hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the lips and instantly makes them look more voluminous.

From this, they make a series of thin, plastic aligners, which are worn over the teeth rather like a sports mouthguard and move your teeth very gradually, little by little, in the right direction.

You wear each aligner for two weeks, working your way through them all in a process that can take anything from six to 18 months. Find a gas station near me After this, you will need to wear a retainer at night to stop the teeth moving back.

The aligners need to be worn for at least 18 hours a day and must be taken out for eating, drinking anything other than water and brushing your teeth.

After just a few days, however, wearing them becomes second nature. Electricity number People don’t notice unless I point them out. Electricity quiz 4th grade Besides, the fact that I have to take them out before eating and then brush my teeth means I snack much less.

The results: After just over a year of Invisalign, my teeth are impressively straight. V gas llc I still wear a retainer at night to stop them moving about, but four years on, I have the neat, even smile I’ve always dreamt of.

Where: London Smiling, 62a Goodge Street, London W1T 4NE; londonsmiling.com; from £3,500. Gas finder near me Go to invisalign.co.uk to find a nearby qualified orthodontist.

Marionette lines run either side of your mouth, like those on a puppet. Rahal e gas card As we age, they create a downward turn, which can make you look old and grumpy.

Dr Tapan Patel, director of the PHI Clinic, specialises in the Eight-Point Lift, which uses hyaluronic acid fillers called Juvederm. Gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator It’s known as the Eight-Point Lift because there are eight points below the eyes and around the mouth and nose that he considers injecting to tackle the key signs of ageing.

Reassuringly, Dr Patel advocates a less-is-more policy to avoid over-filled, unnatural faces. Electricity production in usa He uses Botox in my jaw and forehead, too, to relax the muscles that cause me to grind my teeth and soften the look of my jaw.

How it feels: It’s not exactly painful between my brows, but there is a sensation of pressure, like a tension headache. Gas variables pogil answers But the further down my face the injections are, the more they hurt.

The results: After my first treatment, there are purple bruises under my eyes and along my jawline, and the area beneath my left eye is slightly swollen. Gas x coupon 2014 But despite all that, I can already see that the bags underneath my eyes have all but disappeared.

Days later, and the hyaluronic acid around my eyes has put back what 49 years of gravity, stress and genes (under-eye shadows are hereditary) have taken away. Gas zyklon b I look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

At the corners of my mouth, a tiny amount of filler has gone a long way, and they no longer sag. Gas tax in washington state I’ve had a few drops in my cheekbones, too, to make them infinitesimally sharper.

Months later, and the Botox in my jaw has been especially successful, since it has reduced my teeth grinding — which means I sleep better — and the width of my jaw has noticeably shrunk. Electricity youtube I love it.

Where: PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street, London W1G 7JB; phiclinic.com; from £695. Gas outage To find other practitioners who carry out the Eight-Point Lift, visit this-is-me.com.

How it feels: I have always had very thin lips, but am wary of having anything too dramatic done to plump them because I really don’t want anyone else to notice.

First, some anaesthetic cream is smoothed over my lips and left for ten minutes to numb the area. Gas in oil briggs and stratton engine This is the strangest part — not uncomfortable, but similar to having a numb mouth after visiting the dentist.

Dr Mountford injects twice on one side of my mouth and shows me how it looks in the mirror. Gas near me I am happy, so she repeats the injections on the other side.

The results: Just great. Electricity receiver The swelling is minimal and not even my boyfriend notices I’ve had anything done. F gas logo Best of all, I feel more confident. Que gases componen el aire My lips feel totally normal and the fullness should last for around a year.

Where: The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, 1 Upper Wimpole Street, London W1G 6LA; cosmeticskinclinic.com; from £450. La gas To find nationwide Juvederm practitioners, visit this-is-me.com

Under-eye hollowness can afflict women at any age, though it inevitably gets worse as you age and the skin thins, which makes the facial muscle more visible.

Injections of filler in the tear trough (the area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek) isn’t necessarily the answer, since it often creates bumps beneath the eye.

Instead, eye surgeon Sabrina Shah-Desai says the problem area is the inner corner of the lower eyelid, where it meets the thicker skin of the cheek, so we should focus treatment there.

Her Eye Boost procedure involves injecting the area under my lower lash line with a runny filler called Restylane Vital Light. Gas news uk The aim is to plump up, hydrate and thicken this delicate skin and smooth the hollow between lid and cheek, making the under-eye area look less tired.

The results: Right after the procedure, the area under my eyes looks rather bumpy, like an unusual outcrop of spots, with the odd little bruise among them.

But the swellings go down within five days and my lower-eye area starts to look much fresher, less hollow and, crucially, less tired. Static electricity bill nye full episode Even better, it’s not been airbrushed perfectly smooth, but looks completely natural.

Unlike old-style lash perms that had a tendency to curl hairs back on themselves, this treatment lifts straight from the root so lashes fan upwards with no curl, making the eye look bigger.

My therapist uses sticky pads to tape down my lower lashes and puts another over my eyelid. All 4 gas giants names With specially formulated glue, she essentially folds the lashes back on themselves from the root.

A setting lotion is then applied for eight to 12 minutes. E electricity bill payment A volumising treatment is put on next and left for four to six minutes. Static electricity examples Finally, lashes are tinted.

How it feels: I don’t much like lying there with tape around my eyes and someone fiddling with my lashes — though the hand massage while the setting lotion is on feels nice.

The results: When I properly clean my eyes the next day, I’m impressed. Electricity physics ppt With the stickiness and smudges gone, I look really wide-eyed, as if I’ve curled my lashes and applied a deep blue-black mascara.

This black satin eye mask contains gold nanoparticles with thousands of hyaluronic acid molecules (which hydrate skin) fused in the material.

The results: It takes a good five nights of wear before a difference is genuinely visible. B games virus It’s slight, but the fine lines seem a little less pronounced, and there’s less of a dry, reptilian look to the skin.

Yes, you read that right. Gas bubble in throat These make tiny holes, or ‘microchannels’, in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production — two proteins that give your skin strength, shape and firmness.

You buy the patches from a clinic, where you’re shown you how to use them safely and effectively. Gas vs electric oven running cost I visited PHI in London’s Harley Street, one of the first clinics to offer it.

The patches go on in the evening, after cleansing. Gas mask bong how to use You peel off the backing and press them, needle-side down, to the outer edge of each eye for a few seconds.

You then remove the patches while you smooth on the serum, before reapplying the patches. Hp gas online booking no They don’t slip off, so you can move around. Gas 2 chainz After five minutes, you discard them and wipe off any serum.

Four tiny amounts of Botox are injected into the wrinkles at the side of my eyes and underneath. O gastroenterologista cuida do que It’s over in ten minutes and an ice pack is given to prevent swelling.

Use your head and choose a well-practised doctor. Electricity review worksheet If your hairdresser says: ‘It’s a really cheap treatment, I’ve got a friend who has just started doing it and they’ll give you a bargain . . Gas jobs pittsburgh .’ stop and think.

Always look for a practitioner who is accredited by one of the following organisations: British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, British Association of Plastic Surgeons, British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, British College of Aesthetic Medicine, British Association of Dermatologists and British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

How it feels: Having a long needle just millimetres from your eye can be unnerving and the Botox can sting a little. Electricity invented what year The skin around the eye is delicate and may bleed for a short time after treatment.

My crow’s feet don’t disappear — I want to look natural, not frozen — but they’re softer and I look refreshed. Gas after eating red meat It will start to wear off after three to four months.

Where: The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, 1 Upper Wimpole Street, London W1G 6LA; cosmeticskinclinic.com; from £300. Gas natural inc Botox is also available in cosmetic clinics nationwide.

This procedure is called the Lightning Lift because it uses a pen-like device — the Plexr — with a small metal prong to ionise atmospheric gas and create a tiny electrical spark.

This makes minute, superficial burns in the skin, which cause instant shrinkage and consequent tightening and lifting of that delicate eyelid skin.

How it feels: After injecting the eye area with anaesthetic, which is stingy but tolerable, Dr David Jack immediately sets to work in the folds of my eyelids. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to It’s painless, but I can smell my skin burning.

I’m told to expect crusting, redness and swelling for around a week, and am even given a prescription for steroids in case the puffiness is extreme.

The results: For the next few days, I look horrendous. La gas leak My eyes puff up like the Elephant Man and the lids are covered in thick, crusty scabs.

One morning, I automatically rub my eyes, dislodging some scabs and leaving a blood-red mark in the corner of one eye. Wd gaster website Some of my lashes fall out in shock.

However, ten days later, the scabs are almost gone and my eyes feel comfortable. Gas zombies black ops They certainly look more open, making it worth using shadow and eyeliner again.

My lid is smoother, too, but be aware that this is a serious treatment, not to be undertaken lightly. Gas bloating back pain It should be carried out only by a specialist doctor, and you should expect to need some downtime afterwards, similar to surgery.