Ultimate list marketing ideas for your travel agency or tour company electricity sources uk


Yes, their demographic information is important, but beyond that you need to ask yourself what drives them when researching, planning and booking. What motivates them to travel? What frustrates them? Where do they find their information? Xtensio has a great free tool that will guide you though this process.

Do not ignore mobile devices or tablets when building or redeveloping your website. Up to 50% of your visitors are likely to browse your site from their mobile device. How frustrated will they be if they have to pinch and zoom their way around?

The data you can collect will tell you so much about user behaviour – how they found your site, what pages they visited, where they left, how long they stayed and so much more. This data will be invaluable to your marketing efforts. If you’re not comfortable in this space then find someone who is.

The most successful online brands favour minimal website design that makes finding information easy. Does your site capture who you are as a brand and is it user-friendly? Is there enough content and a strong enough call-to-action to convert visitors into sales?

Is your website doing what you expect of it? Is it converting visitors and at what percentage? Do you understand what a 5% increase in site conversion will mean to your bottom line? Such an increase is achievable if you stop guessing and start using conversion testing software like Optimizely.

The bulk of your information should be available at your site, so don’t miss ANY opportunity to send traffic back to it where you can track, monitor and always work to increase leads. Sending a newsletter? Share only a snippet and encourage readers to click back to the site. Posting to social media? Same again. This goes for everything that you do.

In my experience Facebook is still one of the best social platforms for travel agencies and tour operators in terms of driving web clicks. Yes, there is a lot of clutter you need to cut though but it can be done with custom audiences, boosted posts, testing, and some planning.

Reporting facilities like Facebook Insights will allow you to track, manage and alter your strategy in line with your goals. If you are time poor or want to delve a little deeper, nut out a social media strategy with an agency to maximise your investment.

Encourage your offline database to subscribe to your email newsletter and then put in place a strategy to start communicating with them effectively. A good newsletter will drive traffic to your site, encourage social shares, and generate leads.

If you’re current email newsletter design isn’t responsive then you should build a new one. Think about how often you plan to send emails and what kind of content you will include. Most providers will allow you to segment database so that every reader is receiving content relevant to them.

Traditional banner advertising on high traffic sites can be expensive and click-through-rates ridiculously low. But done right, Google Adwords and Retargeting will provide you with a positive ROI. This is because you can target those who have actively showed interest and intent to purchase your product.

NFC is all about close proximity communication. NFC is the same technology that your customers use when they pay with Paypass from their mobile devices. With a little creativity you can implement NFC into your brochures, itineraries and more!

Lock in information nights and ask your suppliers to present or supply marketing material. Push them for exclusive value-ads for bookings made within a week of the event. Wheel and deal for giveaways to share with your newsletter subscribers on a monthly basis.

Live streaming was once restricted to those with the means and the right technology. Thanks to the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live anyone with a smartphone can download the app and become a broadcaster. Live streaming is much more powerful than video because it opens up communication and enables real-time viewing and answers.

Tour providers could use Facebook Live while on tour to provide viewers with an opportunity to see the tour in action and ask questions. A cruise agency could schedule a broadcast from a ship inspection, and invite clients to join them as they tour the ship and answer their questions.