Un report saudi arabia can save 1 million barrels of oil equivalent of energy consumption – archyworldys electricity in india ppt


Saudi Arabia can provide 1 million barrels of oil equivalent of energy consumption, UN report says Saudi Arabia can save 1 million barrels of oil equivalent of energy consumption Published by Al – Madina Newspaper Our new news today through our news and start with the main news, a UN report: the Kingdom can save one million barrels of oil equivalent of energy consumption. Our report revealed the possibility of the Kingdom to provide about one million barrels of oil equivalent of the consumption of domestic energy through policies aimed at improving energy productivity, which increases the GDP growth by about 0.5% Annually by 2030. The report was presented by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and the King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research (CAPSARC) entitled “Growth Through Diversification and Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficiency in the Kingdom” Arab States in Kuwait. One of the consequences of the kingdom’s strategy to build final value chains to extract value from its gas and oil resources is that the industries that were created were energy-intensive, leading to strong economic growth, but when viewed through the energy inputs of these industries, There is a reduction in the amount of GDP per unit consumed. The report pointed out that since 2010 this trend has been reversed and growth in energy productivity by 1% each year has increased the economic value to about $ 6000 per tonne of oil equivalent in recent years, current initiatives of economic diversification and energy efficiency provide the space to improve energy productivity in the Kingdom Even accelerating to align with its counterparts in the G20 by 2.5% annually. The report pointed out that the transition contributes to the achievement of the goals of sustainable development in the Kingdom, such as its intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 130 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030 compared to the usual course of work, noting that the efforts of the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency, In recent energy prices and economic diversification plans for Vision 2030, structural transformation is leading to greater value than the Kingdom’s energy consumption. The report showed that the industrial sector is the largest and fastest growing source of energy demand in the Kingdom, which accounts for about 54% of total final consumption. Followed by the transport sector by 30% and energy consumption in buildings by 16% . Energy efficiency targets are increasingly being used in the leading G-20 countries as a way to track overall progress towards a range of energy and economic goals, for example by 2030, the United States and Australia aim to double and increase energy productivity by 40 percent. Similarly, China’s five- Also targets energy intensity as a key indicator of energy, environment and economic reforms. Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings of the family website of Akhbarna newspaper.