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As a precursor to chemical reactions, allow students some time to experiment with pH indicators, discuss the periodic table and chemical formulas, and take some time to do at least one teacher led chemical reaction such as a baking soda and vinegar explosion in a ziplock bag. Also, discuss the differences between a chemical and physical reaction.

I used these little artist’s palettes with circular indentations in them for students to mix substances. These palettes were numbered so that substances could be numbered. I also had these little medicine cups that came with a science kit. The cups hold about one ounce. gas jobs pittsburgh I had the different substances already poured out for students to use. Students could only get one cup of each substance, and if they were using the same substance for more than one experiment, they had to use that one cup for both experiments. The little spoons you see worked out very well. A colleague was getting rid of them, and I gladly took them off her hands.

This is further how I organized the materials at the supply table below. Again, this is not a beautiful blog picture, but it is real life after several classes had experienced this activity. 9gag tv I had different pieces of paper to organize the substances with the name on them. I told students they had to manage how to organize them at their own desk. In the picture above you can see that these students were very organized when they got to their table. They labeled their cups on notebook paper.

In closing discussion, we talked about what happened when different students mixed different substances. We talked about whether these substances created chemical reactions, and students had to give evidence for a reaction being a chemical reaction. electricity japan For example, did the substances produce gas, change temperature, or did they turn into completely different substances?

First, to make your pennies oxidize or turn green, put your pennies in a shallow plate (see below) somewhere on a paper towel. Pour just enough white vinegar to let the pennies sit in the vinegar. You don’t want the vinegar to cover the pennies because you want the oxygen to reach them. You could turn the pennies over after they touch the vinegar so that both sides are able to touch the liquid. The combination of vinegar and oxygen will make them green. gas 37 weeks pregnant I have only done this when leaving the pennies for several hours or overnight, but the reaction will still happen with less time. The oxidation just won’t be as noticeable if done for an hour or two.

Next, I handed each child a small cup–in this case they are those little medicine cups. I had each child drop their old green penny in a cup and walked by to pour lemon juice just barely over the top of the penny. Then I had the children slide the cup from side to side to wash it in the lemon juice. static electricity bill nye I bought my lemon juice at Wal-Mart for about $2. If you have the leftover lemons from the lemon batteries, that juice will work too, but it is just easier to buy the lemon juice already made.

I took this science experiment a step further and discussed inflation with the students by showing them a a video like this one about penny hoarders. We further discussed how the prices of goods and services are rising. Next, I give the students a chart and have them find the purchasing power of a dollar over time. We use this website to calculate the purchasing power of a dollar. They watch inflation from 1913 to the current year. This is very astonishing to them, and will organically lead to great discussion. electricity generation by state Further, I give them a long term homework assignment and tell them that they are to pick one grocery store item and watch the price over time (this could take years). They are to see if the price of their item goes up or down and keep a record of this.