Uncomfortable and poor management – taxi phnom penh, phnom penh traveller reviews – tripadvisor electricity merit badge worksheet answers


1. I will not be using Taxi Phnom Penh… We book Lexus/Highlander for our trip to Sihanukville via Mr.Hout 1. Driver was punctual for pick up…..GOOD 2. Driver was prepared for journey…. VERY BAD After only 20 minutes of driving from Phnom Penh we had to stop to fill up the car with a full tank of petrol. He should have refuelled the car before he collected us. We shouldn’t have to sit and wait in a hot car whilst he fills the car up for 5-10 minutes. 3. Car cleanliness and air conditioning…GOOD 4. Driver professionalism….VERY VERY BAD – The driver was continuously on his mobile phone for the whole 4 hour journey….he was taking his eyes off jokes gas prices the road to pick up the phone which was very dangerous. He was talking to a friend the whole time. We counted between 10-20 times he picked up phone calls on the journey. – Speed of driving too fast! He was making risky overtaking manoeuvres where we felt scared and afraid of crashing the whole journey. – We told him to slow down, we also shouted 2 or 3 times at his risky overtakes. – I had to personally keep my eyes on the road from the back seat for the whole 4 hour drive as I felt scared of crashing. – I was mentally drained by the end of the drive and arrived in Sihanoukville tired, stressed and annoyed. Summary…. 1. I will not be using 4 gases in the atmosphere besides oxygen and nitrogen Taxi Phnom Penh again. 2. I suggest you tell your drivers if they are going to accept phone calls with paying passengers in the car then they need a hands free device such as a bluetooth headset or simply turn the mobile phone off so there is no temptation or distraction to use it. 3. Drivers should arrive at collection with a full tank of gas. The paying customer should not be waiting for the driver to refill the tank after only 20 minutes of driving from departure point 4. Passengers want to feel safe, they don’t want to drive fast and risk overtaking every single vehicle. I would rather arrive 30 minutes later but feel safer and gas leak in house not experience dangerous overtaking I paid the driver the full $60 but really I should have paid half! I obviously did not give him any tip. Hope this feedback helps you move forward in the future and train / employ safer drivers so other passengers don’t have a bad experience like we did. More Show less

I would recommend this service to everyone. We arrived in Phnom Penh and planned on using our hotels driver service the following day. Once we realized that their schedule was ‘set electricity vancouver wa’ ie: we had to go where they told us instead of where we wanted I quickly looked up this service based on the reviews here. I emailed at 8:30am and got an immediate response. There was a driver at our hotel 30 minutes later at 9am! They charged just $5 more than what our hotel was going to charge us for the day we wanted which included The Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum S21 and a stop at Browns for breakfast, Friends Restaurant for lunch and a quick shop for some last minute things at the Central Market. We had a great experience. Our driver spoke English pretty well, he always found us immediately whenever we existed a place and he had cold water in a cooler for us. I was so happy with our day that I emailed that evening just to say thank you and that I would write a review here to let everyone know how great the service was- Fast forward types of electricity generation to the next day we are in our hotel lobby ready to leave for the airport (using the hotel free shuttle) and I ask my 14 yo where his glasses are- He doesn’t know- we re check the room and then after our bags are already in the car he realizes he left them in the pouch of the car from the day before! I quickly email explaining the situation that we are on our way to airport etc- We had one stop to make before the airport, to pick up breakfast at the Browns close to the airport, once we arrived at that Browns I emailed the address and before we finished our breakfast there was a driver there with the glasses- within 20 minutes of my first email saying we had left them in the car from the previous day-they had a driver with our glasses meet us at Browns by the airport- This service was above and beyond- I can’t even believed they managed to find gas tax rates by state the glasses and get them to us in 20 minutes- These were prescription glasses that would have been a huge pain to replace- I would have given this service a perfect rating before the glasses return! I would use this service again and again A+++++++++