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Like you, I also have been stretching for years, and it has taken on a full body approach. Yes, even my jaw and overall facial structure. I’m not sure how much your doctor could actually help you out, because unless they are naturopathic doctors, they might as well give you pills to ease the soreness, but he/she might also believe you (and I) have some sort of mental affliction to which they might aid only for the purpose of "normalizing" you.

You stretch because it makes you feel good, am I right? so what i’ve learned is to incorporate muscle strengthening exercises in my stretching workouts. Either by using kettlebells or resistance bands has helped me to balance my body more accurately than just purely stretching.

You’re not weird, nor should you feel so asking your doctor. Your doctor needs to understand that we as an ever-evolving species is continually adapting to new changes we put our bodies through, so if he can’t help, or doesn’t know how to, I’d suggest going to see a Chiropractor.

I also know what you mean about stretching your face. When I do those facial exercises< i feel like i am broadening my face and my jaw is affected because i’ve noticed my teeth shifting, ever so slightly, as if they too are allowing me to develop more cubic space inside the mouth.

I am having the same problem. Mine is more concentrated on my neck, though. It began when I was about 12 years old and I needed to crack my knuckles and shoulders. When I was 14, I once went to a Tae Kwon Do class and when I threw a kick, I felt a strong pain in my neck and had to lay down. The instructor said I had a lot of knots in my spine. A week later, a friend fainted and when I was helping carry her to a car, she fell over to my side and all the weight came on my shoulders and I heard a loud crack and I got sharp pain in my neck. As the years have gone by, my need to crack my neck has increased; specifically the right back side. The only other thing that relieves this urge is taking a strong object (such as a remote) and jamming it in there to press on that specific nerve. The relief is instantaneous but as soon as I stop, the urge returns. I know my condition is stress related because this urge is always worse when I am nervous or stressed.

I can”t take this anymore. It”s embarrassing looking like the crazy person who keeps bending his neck forward to crack it every 10 seconds. I went to a neck specialist and the best he could tell me was that I needed to exercise more often because the muscles in the neck get weak and tense up to keep the head in position which is why I feel like my neck is stiff. I disagree with him because exercise only exacerbates it. The day after working out or even on the same day my neck feels stiffer. I don”t know if it helps but I am also a nail and cheek biter. I pretty much crack every joint in my body for relief. I am currently 22 years old and my neck no longer cracks as much anymore. No matter how hard I try to crack it, most of the time it just won”t crack anymore. This means that the urge gets worse so I am forced to force stretch it forward to stretch out the specific tendon, nerve or muscle in my neck that”s driving me crazy. Can anyone out there help me with this. I am seriously going crazy and I feel that it has gotten worse.

I’m also suffering this urge to stretch since I was around 30 (now I’m 49). At first it was only in the upper legs, but now, it’s the whole body: legs, back, neck, shoulders, hips, feet. I stretch several times every day and this takes much time of my day. I feel I’m different of the rest of the world and I’ve lost my wish to have fun with friends for that reason. Some days I feel better (cause I don’t work and have plenty of time to dedicate myself), but others I feel bad and tired since I wake up in the morning. I also have cramps, mostly in my feet, which I also must stretch several times everyday. The only solution I’ve found is to stretch, though bathing in warm water also loosens the tightness.

My doctor says its myofascial pain syndrome. That’s when you feel a tightness in some muscles and you press them with a tennis ball or whatever that is hard till they loosen. But that’s not definitive. The tightness comes back hours or days later.

I’m quite sedentary, though I like (and need) to practice some sport everyday, but I’ve noticed that the stronger the sport I practice, the worse I feel the next day. The best sports: aqua gym, swimming, yoga, stretching, pilates, and similars.

I therefore think it’s the muscle fascia which tightens. The fascia is the tissue surrounding the muscles, which it’s interconnected throughout the whole body. That’s why when you press one trigger point, you feel a response in another part of the body.

When I got my fascias released after the massage, I felt better and could feel my muscles relaxed. But, differently as before, my muscles had no tone (I stopped walking middle distances because of the pain and tightness). With tightened fascias it seemed I had muscle tension, but with released fascias my muscles were soft and unfit.

The question is: why happens this with the fascias (if this is the origin of the symptoms). I’ ve read it has something to do with posture, and you have to find the original trigger points to loosen, but how. Ordinary people, including my own family think there is nothing wrong with me (and I have doctors in my family, but they’ve never listened to me).

I’ve also tried with cannabis: I also felt worse the first days and couldn’t think of anything else but to stretch. I let my mind under the effects of cannabis drive my body cause I felt so clear the need to stretch. And it helped a lot. I was so astonished of this effect I had to search for it in google and found it helps proprioception of your body: that is, you become aware of your body as joint to your mind, there is no separation mind/body (so to say).

The worse of all these is the time I’ve been loosing trying to rest of all this tightness and pain, with no help from ordinary doctors, spent a lot of money in massages and other alternative therapies, to not know who can help you (chiropraxis, acupuncture, others), the lack of empathy from your friends and family (a friend who is a new psychologist even said it was histeria OMG), that I’m now so unfit, and feel tired very easily, because I feel I have no muscles, but fascias.