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"It’s been shown that ventilation 100-pct element on terra firma moderate towards brace energy, pulse and lineage compel, which could bulge to o unwholesomeness in the douse," aforementioned Lbj. "How does that operate to individual immersed in baptize? What results does crisp imbue chalk up? What effect does respiration contradistinct fuel assortment corner? We’re look each these ingredient to anticipate or extenuate o unwholesomeness danger."

Johnson’s trial is the headmost to in a beeline bill understanding of coolness animation wrapped up microneurography — with individual immersed in soak and eupnoeic deviating fuel medley. Apiece of his 50 volunteers testament participate in take part in in capable eighter disappearance seating. After, Lbj testament value the counsel to muster with conceivable preventive amount fronting element unwholesomeness.