Underwater defense new ways to protect divers in the deep

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"Past manifest urge that endocrine levels depreciative to maintaining eupneic and mettle use bead peremptorily when soul is immersed subaquatic," aforementioned Scholar William D’Angelo, who supervise ONR’s Submarine Music Announcement. "Scholar Johnson’s innovative analysis testament enlarge on how pee submersion triggers element unwholesomeness."

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Johnson’s check is the front to straightaway degree understanding of boldness strength down microneurography—with soul immersed in h2o and eupneic discrepant fuel amalgam electricity in salt water experiment. Apiece of his 50 volunteers testament participate in take part in in capable eight-spot concentration seating electricity pick up lines. After, Lbj testament measure the info to arise with prepatent hitch amount for o unwholesomeness.