Unearthed audio shows tucker carlson using white nationalist rhetoric and making racist remarks arkla gas phone number


Between 2006 and 2011, Fox News host Tucker Carlson spent approximately an hour a week calling in to the Bubba the Love Sponge Show, a popular shock jock radio program where he spoke with the hosts about a variety of cultural and political topics in often-vulgar terms. In addition to making many misogynistic remarks and sexual comments about underage girls, Carlson, who was hired by Fox in 2009, also repeatedly made racist remarks.

Carlson credited white men for creating electricity outage austin civilization and made numerous racist remarks about the Obamas, including agreeing that Michelle Obama would be a problem because she “turns into a sister” and asking of Barack Obama, How is he Black, for one thing? He has one white parent, one Black parent.” Carlson called Iraqis “semiliterate primitive monkeys” and said Afghanistan is never going to be a civilized country because the people aren’t civilized.” He also said he had “zero sympathy” for Iraqis because they “don’t use toilet paper or forks” and that the war could turn around m gasol nba “if, somehow, the Iraqis decided to behave z gastroenterol like human beings.

THE LOVE SPONGE: Dr. Diaco, man. Let me tell you something about Dr. Diaco. Thirty-nine-years-old, soon to be 40 in a couple weeks, fucking stud, you know, works on hot chicks’ boobs all day, and then he finds this 19-year-old — he’s — he’s 40, by the way, and he finds this 19-year-old chick, fresh off the boat, who is about the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Just recently got married. So yes, that’s probably the best immigration program I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

CARLSON: Hot or smart, that’s right. But people to come over and pick lettuce, I mean, I’m not saying that’s an undignified — I mean, that’s great, you know, and I admire people who work hard, but on the other hand, is that — are those people who are going to build, you know, a stronger country 20 years from now? [ Bubba the Love Sponge Show, 5/17/06]

CARLSON: Well that’s a really — I don’t know, Huckabee? Yeah, maybe Huckabee electricity history pdf, I don’t know though. Look, everybody is so intimidated by, you know, the Democratic Party and those whackies in the media on this race and gender nonsense. The country’s so fucked up on the subject that getting a white man, I mean everyone’s embarrassed to be a white man I guess, that’s a bad thing.

TUCKER CARLSON: I think they are. On the other hand, you know, the bottom line is the issue of security — who’s going to protect the country against, you know, the Muslim lunatics who want to hurt us — is the only thing the Republicans have left. They can’t claim electricity sources in us that they’re, you know, the party of fiscal restraint anymore. They’re big spenders, and that’s obvious. But that one argument, Vote for us, we’ll protect you, that still works, because on — you know, let’s be totally real. Nancy Pelosi’s going to keep you safe while you sleep? I don’t think gas in spanish so. She’s not.

BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE: So — so, now listen, can the Democrats not — in the nine, or 10, or eight, or however many months there is — can they not regroup or get a strategy going with, “Listen, we need to — the only thing that these gas vs electric stove Republicans have is to keep you guys safe.” Can they not, you know, responsibly come up with some type of game plan where they can make us feel — make people feel safe as well?

CARLSON: I think if they’re — Oh, they could, absolutely. If there were a Democrat to come out in the 2008 election and say, “You know what the problem is? It’s Islamic extremism. It’s not terror, it’s not some, you know, indefinable threat out there. It’s these lunatic Muslims who are behaving like animals, and I’m going to kill as many of them as I can if you elect me.” If a Democrat were to say that, he would be elected king, OK?

THE LOVE SPONGE: So, I mean, like if a Democrat could say — hey, if the Democrat basically had the same stance as you, and say, “Listen, the only thing that they have is they have everybody worked into a fever frenzy with regards to the country and how safe that their gas prices going up in nj particular party can keep them. Well I, as a Democrat, can assure you that my party is going to be proactive in fighting these radical assholes.” Don’t you think that guy would be money?

You know, someone who really will — and everyone claims, Oh, I say it like it is. But nobody actually does. The guy who does, who says, I’m unabashedly pro-American. Fuck the French. Who cares what they think? The Belgians? They don’t like it, they can pound sand.” You know what I mean? That guy is going to get elected. [ Bubba the Love Sponge gas 4 less Show, 3/21/06]

TUCKER CARLSON: I’ve seen a lot more of the typical — and I mean this — typical whining from a Black politician about how, “You electricity towers in japan don’t like me because I’m Black.” Using racism as a defense, right? I catch you doing something bad, “Well, oh, you’re a racist.” That is something that I have covered up close and personal my entire adult life for 17 years being around Black politicians saying that exact thing. The Congressional Black Caucus exists to blame the white man for everything, and I’m happy to say that in public because it’s true. Everyone knows it’s true. [ Bubba the Love Sponge Show, 8/5/08]

THE LOVE SPONGE: So the bottom line is they’re going to — All the good people that’ve worked for both companies, XM and gas in texas Sirius, all the good wonderful broadcasters that have worked so hard putting these things on, all the people that’ve cut the deals, all the technology, and all the engineers, everybody from A to Z, all that shit goes out the window and you have to hand over 20 percent of your fucking channels to somebody else for free, basically —

CARLSON: But he is so awesome to listen to. I once covered a speech that he gave and he was late because he’s always late. Like an hour late. And this guy comes out, his campaign manager, and starts talking to the crowd, right? And he says, You know, I was actually a Radio Shack manager in Colorado Springs up until about three months ago when I saw Dr. Keyes on C-SPAN and I dropped everything and left my family to go work for Alan Keyes, and he says, Alan Keyes is such a great speaker. He’s such a great speaker! And then the guy burst electricity projects in pakistan into tears. He started crying —