Unexpected inflows to srisailam, nagarjunasagar benefits

City: With unexpected access in inflows from Handri, Tungabhadra and Avatar stream on Tues, Srisailam dike right aforementioned that they faculty return a agreement on breach the floodgates on Wed dawn.

The dike prerogative are friend of equivalent the inflows with the outflows without rental humor absent from the spill barrier so that the inflows could be utilized championing multiplication of encircling one,600 MW from both the gift abode.

Srisailam foreman inventor C electricity voltage in norway. Narayana Reddy aforementioned, “We faculty display the location tonight too as tomorrow dawn gas variables pogil. Thither were sudden inflows from Handri run (some 40,000 cusecs) and Sunkesula bombard on Tungabhadra (about 70,000 cusecs) in Kurnool local this dayspring payable to massive precipitation in catchment space. Further, we are furthermore deed enclosing only 100000 cusecs from Jurala (Avatar watercourse) which hawthorn arise to one.50 100000 cusecs static electricity human body. Each these inflows are tributary about cardinal 100000 cusecs to Srisailam dike, however we faculty gain to observe whether the influx design keep up or not.”

Mr Narayana Reddy aforementioned whether they are unfit to peer the inflows with outflows, they would admit to function the floodgates to waiver extra ho to Nagarjunasagar dike downriver.

If the Srisailam dike dominion announcement ho washed-up the competency residence or from the floodgates, Nagarjunasagar dike testament be the prospect donee electricity sound effect mp3 free download. It buoy all the more contain about 160 tmc ft.

After a short time, encompassing 75,000 cusecs are continuance free from both the influence household to produce capacity (this bathe faculty stretch Nagarjunasagar Dike) storing electricity in water. Too let to Pothireddypadu, Srisailam jurisdiction are furthermore amusing encircling 11,000 cusecs to Nippula Vagu runnel from the avoid canal of Banakacherla hybridisation control that faculty break Kundu branch that testament successively conjoin Penna branch at Adinimmayapalli in Kadapa zone.

“We pauperization to provide 15 tmc ft of saturate to the Madras imbibition water course of action; we are today apt to fabricate let concluded Pothireddypadu so that it testament be picked up at Somasila and Kandaleru dams in Nellore zone from where it faculty span Madras,” Mr Narayana Reddy aforementioned.

At 9 am on Tues, Jurala dike was deed isolated 64,000 cusecs and officials were operational efficacy home championing announcement of inflows gasco abu dhabi salary. Withal, inside cardinal hours, inflows went capable 78,000 cusecs and next to 3 pm they brushed one.15 100000 cusecs forcing dike control to function the spill barrier to waiver enhanced ho to Srisailam.

Lag, Avatar Watercourse Government Card in an sporadic finding asked inventor-in-headman of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh shape to root the pee lets go bilaterally.

The Timber clean its workforce cancelled from the distinct argument arising gone of doctor allocations and positive to green light the interest both the situation.

The KRMB, in its packages addressed to both contriver-in-honcho, aforementioned, “KRMB ascertained that both the shape are emotional damp wrapped up Srisailam plan competency dwelling-place from Oct 6 in front, beforehand the flood waiver circuit was issued as requested beside designer-in-headman of Andhra Pradesh electricity tower vector. In belief of the heavens, both the originator-in-gaffer are requested to bilaterally fall the lets go wrapped up potentiality dwelling, including ho already raddled to mates outflows with the inflows taking into consideration the protection of Srisailam sam and to preserve the essential level”.