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Hi, I have been suffering with chronic lower abdo/pelvic pain for about 5 years. I have always had ridiculously heavy periods and was on the pill and alternative hormone treatments from a young age but never really knew what it was for. 2 years ago I collapsed and got rushed into hospital with bleeding and severe pain. They initially thought it was appendicitis and after various tests they decided it wasn’t that so they discharged me with no diagnosis. It wasn’t long before I was back in hospital and they were unsure whether it was a gastro and gyne problem. After numerous tests there were no main findings to set off any alarm bells. I keep collapsing, bleeding and am in constant chronic pain all the time. I have had 2 surgeries in the past 12 months one to burn some endometriosis and my appendix along with various other treatments whilst iv been in and out of hospital ( MRI, ultrasound, CT scans, camera down and up etc) I have had numerous smear tests, bloods, and an uncountable amount of tablets. I am on a hormone treatment now but the bleeding and pain is no better. I have been told I might have a tumour on my right ovary as the pain on the right side and across my back is unreal. I feel so lost and I feel like they have no idea what is going on so they keep fobbing me off with tablets and saying that time will help us to tell whats going on. I am only 22 and has all this going on whilst trying to do a degree. Please share experiences or guidance. Thanks

Been there! I was shocked after exams, ultrasounds, and scans that my doc wanted me to see a urologist. She recognized the symptoms to something I had never heard of right away. She ruled out what she had to and told me who she needed me to see. The urologist didn’t think my systems were typical of the disease in question, but when I mentioned a history of traces of blood in my urine and told him she was hoping he would agree to go in and look the same time she did exploratory surgery for endo and adhesions he said " if she wants to and you have had Heine tests reporting blood before…. lets do it at the same time." He was shocked and she was unequivocally right. I had severe Intersticial Cystitis. 25% of my bladder was covered in Hunner’s Ulcers. That was the best experience I have ever had dealing with doctors. I will forever be grateful for the quick diagnosis and knowlegable physicians. Most people fight with doctors and are forced to search out help because no one finds anything. Ask your doc about this. My symptoms were not the usual symptoms that most people complain of. So thankful. I love that woman!

I finally found a place I can tell my story! I’m just praying and hoping someone will listen and help me! It is going on 6 years now that I"m trying to get answers. I had a hysterectomy, but still have my ovaries. I started developing right sided pelvic pain/ovary pain shortly after about once a month. Then after couple years it was getting more severe with pain control. I went to my regular doctor and they did u/s…found nothing. said it’s normal. So then I started documenting when and how long it would hurt…and then went back…now just in Aug 2012 I went in to see ob/gyn dr./specialist and had external and interanl u/s…they found a couple little cysts but said it was normal again! my pain level is OFF THE CHARTS. No amount of pain meds works for this! I have tried the max dose for otc and narcotics that they have given me and they just tell me it basically in my head! WEll seriously!? No it’s not! I’m heading to the U of MN in April to get a second opinion because this is ridiculous that they tell me, "there is now way those little cysts can be causing you this much pain." ummmmm DUHH! That’s why I came to you! I"m so frustrated! Why if so many of us are having this problem they can’t figure it out? For me it’s only the right side/ovary. However I will tell you I have tried to rule out things….I have noticed that if I have an orgasm it takes away the pain for at least an HOUR…then it slowly comes back to full strength 24/7..Please someone help us!!!