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If you are reading this and considering it – do it! Yes it appears to… Everything has been said about this incredible experience for the day. The elephants are obviously very happy gasket t 1995, well cared for and Pat (the owner) and the guides are passionate about what they are doing! You will not regret this day and wd gaster website any concerns about the elephants welfare are allayed immediately on arrival and the introductory talk from Pat. He will openly answer questions to explain and justify why the elephants are placed on a chain during the night and have their tusks trimmed. For reference, the elephants in Thailand were introduced years ago gas x directions and have always been domesticated working elephants. the numbers have dwindled due gas definition state of matter to deforestation and Pat is trying to increase numbers with his breeding program (hence it is a farm and not a conservancy). The elephants are chained overnight for their protection as they are near urban areas with electricity cables and farmers land (who would not be happy if thei fields were trampled). The tusks are cut each year to ensure the elephants don’t hurt themselves when lying down (they still grow continuously). I am certain Pat electricity physics definition could explain youtube electricity it in more detail. The elepants are incredible with such varying personalities. They will generally put women with males and vice versa as the elephants seem to prefer that. The baby does what he likes – a proper toddler – very mischievous. If you are reading this and considering it – do it! Yes it appears to be a lot of money (something that concerned us) but it is worth every penny and more. The cost is also justified by Pat gas refrigerator not cooling. They have 15, 4 tonne elephants who eat 2 thirds of their body weight every day – a lot of money to feed them! A truly unforgettable experience and we will definitely return as soon j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor as possible. More Show less

One of the things on my wish list for my Thailand trip was to ride an elephant. I didn’t want to sit in a saddle for power outage houston reliant 30 minutes, or see a performance but wanted something more personal. A bit of web research pointed me to Patara Elephant Farm. It stands out from the rest and if the pictures and other reviews are to be believed, it looked very hands on. I dragged 3 friends with me, crossing my fingers that the day would turn out okay and be worth the seemingly high price. Having now finished the day I can tell gas jet compressor you that it was money well spent and I would do it all again. My tour buddies feel the same. Our day at Patara was enormous fun, a little intimidating, incredibly rewarding, enlightening 3 gas laws, interesting and informative. Too much praise you say? No way – it was amazing. The day was incredibly well run with nothing being too much trouble for the Patara team. They only take a small number on tour each day. An elephant and handler were assigned to each person on the tour and we proceeded to learn about the care gas density and molar mass, feeding etc. of elephants. Then we got hands on. We fed and washed our elephants gas constant for helium in the stream, rode through the jungle on their necks, swam with the elephants at the waterfall, had lunch, and spent the rest of the day riding back to base camp. By the time we had finished, I was drenched to the electricity balloon experiment bone and on a high. The handlers were incredibly attentive and a lot of fun. They have an obvious love for their elephants and seemed in control at all times. The more than I learnt about Patara electricity kwh to unit converter Farm the more impressed I became at the entrepreneurial and business talents of Pat and Tao. They have formed a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding farmers and land owners, that is a credit to them. If you can only do one thing in Chiang Mai, this has to be it. I would, without hesitation, recommend this day to anyone.