Uni watch readers catch flaw in bush memorial patch uni watch gas prices map


But two eagle-eyed wireless electricity how it works Uni Watch readers — Jacob Ventura and Grant Young — noticed a serious flaw in the design. To wit: The signature shown on the patch is not Bush’s. It’s the signature of his son, George W. Bush, the 43rd president. Here’s a comparison of their two signatures, as shown on their respective Wikipedia pages — 41 first, 43 second, and then a close-up of the patch signature:

Noticed right away. I’m from Iowa and work in politics. My first job was the 1999 Bush [43] campaign for the caucuses, and then I worked through the general, the recount, and the inaugural. Also worked in Iowa for the re-elect in ’04. I have a bunch of items signed by [43]. His signature was also on a lot of mailers and handouts we would use.

It’s possible, of course, that Bush struck similar poses at Andover and Yale. But look at the sleeve cuffs, the little bump where the left sleeve connects to the jersey shoulder, the shadow under the chin — the patch design is clearly based on the Yale photo. So in addition to using the wrong signature, they used a non-Andover photo to show Bush in an Andover uni.

I emailed Andover baseball coach Kevin Graber yesterday and asked him about all of this. I didn’t expect to hear back from him on a Sunday, but he wrote back almost immediately. Turns out he’s a longtime Uni Watch reader (a quick search reveals that he contributed a Ticker item to this 2015 blog post) and was excited to hear from me — but less excited about the reason I was getting in touch, obviously. He gave me this statement:

Thank you so much for pointing out the signature error on the commemorative sleeve patch. My first reaction when you contacted me about it was, “Oh no!” — because I honestly thought I’d used the right signature. But I’m glad you took the electricity production in usa time to alert me. The intent is to honor President Bush’s baseball legacy at our school, and we certainly want to get it right. I did the artwork myself, with no budget, and the patches are strictly for use on our baseball jersey as a means of honoring President Bush. Again, we definitely want to get it right, so we’re removing the patches from the jerseys and ordering a new batch with the accurate signature 8 gas laws (or I might just leave the signature off).

Regarding the patch’s artistic rendering of President Bush, what I hoped to capture was not so much the presidential Bush the world came to know so well, but the boyish, baseball-playing Bush. I think he would’ve really enjoyed that. Having met President Bush as inspiration, I drew from a number of images and personal experiences, including the Yale photo you pointed out.

The above picture shows the U.S. Women’s National Team’s starting 11 from Saturday’s SheBelieves Cup game against England. If the NOBs seem a bit odd — “Serena” and “Yoncé” certainly jump out — that’s because the team was conducting an interesting NOB-related experiment, with each player wearing the name of a prominent woman she considered “inspirational” while still keeping the number she was given for the tournament.

Four others chose former USWNT players, resurrecting their NOBs — if not their old numbers — for one game. One such player was striker Alex Morgan (No. 13), who chose her fellow striker Abby Wambach. Wambach was well associated with No. 20 for both club and e85 gas stations florida country, so it was odd to see her last name appearing with a different number. Similarly, goalie Adrianna Franch (No. 21) chose fellow goalie Briana Scurry, who wore No. 1 at every major tournament in which she participated for the U.S.

Some players chose figures from the world of pop culture. Winger Mallory Pugh chose Beyoncé, which was shortened to “Yoncé” on her NOB; midfielder Julie Ertz went with “Underwood,” for Carrie Underwood; and midfielder Rose Lavelle’s choice of J.K. Rowling was appropriate for a game against England, as Rowling, who was born in England, lives in Scotland and is a fan of their national teams.

Other players chose civic and political heroes. Midfielder Carli Lloyd chose Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai; center-back Becky Sauerbrunn wore “RBG” for Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; striker Christen Press wore “S. Truth,” for abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth; and winger Megan Rapinoe, the captain for the day, chose poet and feminist activist Audre Lorde.

Baseball News: Last year, Cardinals P Daniel Poncedeleon said he planned to legally change his surname to Ponce de Leon. He’s now done that, and his NOB has been changed accordingly, complete with a lowercase “de” (from Jeff Scott). … Reader John Gagosian points out that Bryce Harper’s personal logo incorporates No. 34, meaning Harper will need a new logo now that he’s wearing gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost No. 3 with the Phillies. … Nebraska wore very bold “U of N” throwbacks over the weekend (from multiple readers). … The Dodgers donated old equipment to Uganda’s baseball federation for them to start an academy (from Mike Chamernik). … Sohail Jouya is trying to find out more about this cap on his friend’s father.

Hockey News: The Flames retired No. 12 for Jarome Iginla and wore patches, as well as other touches including similar logos on the boards and ice and everyone wearing No. 12 for warmups (from multiple readers). … Colin MacIntyre points out that Iginla played for the Flames long enough to have worn almost all their uniforms. The two exceptions seem to be the original white one and the 2013-16 script alternate. … In a 1979 game, the Islanders wore blue helmets at home against the Atlanta Flames because the electricity 24 hours visitors complained that goalie Billy Smith was wearing a blue mask while everyone else wore white. … Michael Bialas found a vintage hockey-themed ad, or box cover, for a company called Knitters Limited.

Soccer News: Loudoun United, the new USL Championship team in Northern Virginia, revealed their first two shirts (from Josh Hinton and my brother Nate Rathjen). … Also from Josh: it appears Brazil may have a white shirt for this summer’s Copa América, which the national team wore until abruptly stopping after being upset by Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup’s final round. … FC Cincinnati’s captain’s armband is the city flag; however, they’re not the only team in MLS that has gone that route (from multiple readers). … An orange version of the MLS ball appeared for Saturday’s Colorado/Portland game electric zap sound effect free, which was progressively snowier as it went on. … Tottenham Hotspur wore warm-up shirts commemorating the 100th anniversary of their advertiser. … Scottish Championship team Dundee United are switching from Nike to Macron (from Ed Żelaski). … French team Paris Saint-Germain — one of the richest teams in the world — wants a naming-rights advertiser for the Parc des Princes. … New home shirt for the USL Championship’s Tulsa Roughnecks FC (from Josh Hinton).

Grab Bag: North Carolina and Denver men’s lacrosse played color vs. color; lacrosse is normally a white-at-home sport (from James Gilbert). … The uniforms for all the teams at the Brier and the Tournament of Hearts, the Canadian men’s and women’s curling championships, were redesigned for this year. Additionally, Manitoba’s shirt and cap are distinctly bison-themed instead of the same design as all the other extra strength gas x while pregnant provinces. The designing company, Dynasty Curling, is owned by the lead of the rink representing Manitoba, Colin Hodgson (from Adam Peleshaty). … The Manitoba rink has won all 15 games they’ve played when two specific members of the team wear the hats (from Wade Heidt). … The NLL’s Colorado Mammoth have a new version of their state-flag jersey (from Zeke Perez Jr.). … We had NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski’s throwback helmet for this weekend in the Ticker a few days ago, but here it is next to the original. Keselowski recently passed Mark Donohue, the wearer of the original who participated in various series including NASCAR and Formula One, as the all-time winningest driver in Team Penske history (from Kyle Dawson). … Here are the stories behind the team names and logos for the new Premier Lacrosse League. ” If people don’t know, all teams are traveling and owned by the league, not assigned to one city,” explains @PhillyPartTwo.