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Unilever United States, Inc. announced that Dove launched new Dove DermaSeries – a completely hypoallergenic and fragrance-free range of products formulated especially for the driest skin. The collection combines outstanding clinical efficacy with beautiful sensorials to provide instant relief and lasting comfort for those with extremely dry skin. Dove DermaSeries unlocks extremely dry skin’s potential to become healthy from within. The new range covers everything a dry skin sufferer could need – from a non-foaming and milky face wash that works to nourish visibly dry skin, to an intensive balm for instant, on-the-spot relief that also helps repair dry skin long-term. Dove DermaSeries is different; containing the brand’s most efficacious formulas. Unlike existing treatments for dry and extreme dry skin, which are often heavy, leave behind residue and don’t fully absorb, Dove DermaSeries is both effective and luxurious, combining indulgent formulas that make caring for skin the enjoyable experience everyone deserves. Dove pioneered the mild cleansing revolution 60 years ago, and new DermaSeries builds upon that foundation with a focus on three factors: Use of only the mildest skin cleansers; Focus on replenishment of skin-natural lipids; Luxurious textures that are a pleasure to use. These moisturizers help seal skin’s moisture, as well as activate PPAR’s (a protein found in skin) to replenish skin lipids and improve the quality of skin’s outermost layer. Skin conditions are often wrongly assumed to be contagious and the visibility of these conditions on parts of the body that aren’t easily concealed, particularly face and hands, mean that people must deal with the negative reaction of others, along with the physical symptoms such as itching and pain. In addition to providing real care for those who suffer from extremely dry skin, Dove DermaSeries is on a mission to celebrate ordinary women who live with extraordinary skin. These women are at the heart of the Make peace with dry skin campaign and share their personal journeys to skin confidence.

Unilever United States announced that Breyers to introduce Breyers delights, a new delicious range of low and reduced fat ice creams. With 260-330 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint, Breyers delights are made with high quality ingredients, naturally sourced flavors, and all American dairy. Breyers delights come in four delicious flavors: Vanilla Bean Breyers® delights – Smooth low-fat vanilla ice cream, made with real vanilla beans, and fresh cream. It’s 260 calories per pint and a good source of protein.; Creamy Chocolate Breyers® delights – Rich, creamy low-fat chocolate ice cream made with real cocoa. It’s the ultimate chocolate-lover’s dream at 270 calories per pint. Cookies & Cream Breyers® delights – Tasty cookies and cream reduced-fat ice cream, made with real cookies and fresh cream in every bite. A wondrous combination that’s 330 calories per pint.; Mint Chip Breyers® delights – Cool, mint reduced-fat ice cream made with real peppermint extract and chocolatey chips. It’s 310 calories per pint and perfect for a refreshing, delicious treat.