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Dear proud union thug, That’s not a jab, I’m just referencing the button you wear on your lanyard everyday at school. News flash; ACT 10 passed. It’s a done deal. You had your moment of storming the Capitol in protest, you had your time to grieve and morn. It’s now time for you to get over it, accept it, move on, and adapt to the new environment in which you work. Dr. Haws is not going to negotiate the handbook because (A) she doesn’t have to and (B) if she does there could be some serious legal ramifications under that Bill you so desperately despise. The only thing she can negotiate with you is your wages. I understand these changes have been a hard pill to swallow; you no longer have the control and power you had pre ACT 10. However, it is the reality you now work under, the rest of us see it you should too. The constant moaning and whining makes you look like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum because you can’t have your way. Why not try a different approach and try working with the superintendent and offering your ideas and suggestions with the understanding that’s all they are. She can take them or leave them, and the power you do have is that if you don’t like it you can find somewhere else to teach. If you read her proposed changes to the handbook you will actually see that they are common sense changes to policies and procedures that are antiquated and didn’t make a lot of sense. Do you have to fight and attack every change just because you weren’t the ones to enact it? Your platform is unifying Racine, do so by working with her and the board to make progress. Turn your energy into something positive. I myself focus my energy where it’s most needed; educating my students. Just some words of thought to help you ease into the reality you should have years ago.

Ordmm, I figured Ms. Baden might have been of the Ennis persuasion when I heard she’d been brought in. So many teachers, my age, have said he was good for the teachers, but a disaster for Racine. I was involved in rewriting the student handbook years ago. Meetings were at Union headquarters, and all the teachers and assistants constantly interrupted members of the community who were there! When it was suggested that we get some help by reviewing student handbooks from successful districts, the all refused to do it! Of extreme importance was having good pay for the subs who had to take over their classrooms when they were in the meetings! I think it came down to how much to pay the subs for every minute past the end of the school day. The REA seems to have a crew that they bring to these meetings, and I don’t think the crew has many teachers who are willing to put the kids before the union. Things are getting better, we’ll see how the school board stands behind their superintendent. Could the DPI sanction RUSD? The Superintendent of the DPI has been tied to WEAC for years. They have NEVER imposed sanctions on any school district despite non-compliance with federal and state mandates. Should be interesting. The really militant group retired because they didn’t want to miss out on extra benefits after Act 10 went into effect.