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We booked two nights and three days trip during the year end. The trip started with an uncomfortable vehicle packing up two families in one seven seater. When requested to change this vehicle and arrange a bigger comfortable one, we were told this is how we will have to accomodate. We couldnt do anything as we had already paid up electricity bill payment online half the amount. The car did not have enough space to put our luggage, so we had to keep all our luggage with the trip organisers. With one suitcase we started our journey. The road is extremely bad and has poor infrastructure. The driver was very insensitive and stopped the vehicle in the gas relief for babies home remedy middle of the road for having tea after a drive for almost two hours, without actually realising that there were four women who would require to use the washroom facility. When asked to stop in a petrol pump, we were told there is no petrol pumps on the road and one will have to attend to any natural call in the bushes. Gosh! Finally reaching to the guest house was a bit of a challenge, as the final ride was very bumpy on a Jugad (instead a proper auto could be organised well in advance when e seva power bill payment the trip is planned in advance by the organisers) The first evening we went to see the bird sanctuary – which was good in a small boat, it was still nice. At night there was some folk dance arranged for us which was also exellent. Since the entire day was hectic we decided to sleep around 10.30 pm after our dinner, so that we can rise early the next day for the entire day trip. But the scary experience started from here. There were a group of 6-7 people also staying in the same guest house and they wanted to party the night, there was bonfire organised by Sundarban chalo people. Around 11.00 the party became absolutely out of control and there were loud music all over, the worst part is cousin brothers (organisers) had also invited over their friends the same night to party and were not bothered about the problems other guests were facing because of them and the other group electricity for dummies amazon who were enjoying their bonfire. To our surprise the Sundarban Chalo guys were enjoying there music without actually looking at what is happening around. Every body was drunk including the trip organisers. Around 12 mid night we heard somebody banging our door (we had taken a three bedded occupancy – two females and one male), imagine the situation! there is no other houses close to this facility and its only drunk men around (including the organisers who were also drunk and playing music with their invited gas yourself in car friends in the same campus). However, we did not responded to the bang of the door at first, but again it started around 12.30 mid night, I being the male shouted out (who is it?) to my surprise somebody electricity merit badge worksheet answers from the other side asked me to open the door, when I asked why, there was not answer.On the other side we could hear loud music being played by the organiser cousins. So we were struck in the middle of the night with rowdy men and additionally, there were no body from the guest house side (Sunderbans chalo) to see if guests are not troubled. We were really shocked by this. The next morning we decided to cut our visit short and return back to Kolkata. I asked Vivek to organise a taxi sighting that there were some emergency at one of my friends place (as i first wanted to get out of that guest house with my wife and her female friend, without actually getting into any further trouble( we were not sure if the organisers of sundarbans chalo were banging the door at night or the v gashi other bunch of guests the previous night). Mr. Vivek (organiser) tried to exploit the entire situation by asking us triple the fare to arrange a taxi back to Kolkata from Sundarbans, when we negotiated with him hard he agreed for Rs1000 instead of Rs.3000/-. We were really surprised to hear from him that, why will he listen to our problem and provide us with a vehicle and exempt us from paying the rest of the money (the second night), we could understand he wasn’t aware of the real horrific night we had. But once we boarded the taxi I called up Vivek and grade 6 electricity worksheets informed him about the entire ordeal, but to our surprise, he did gas prices going up or down not reduced a single penny and was too demanding that we make the entire payment and constantly telling me that we should have informed the Sundarban guys the sae night, without actually understanding how risky it could have been for us to open the door. Sundarban chalo have cheated us and we are extremely unhappy about their entire logistical arrangement. If you are visiting with family, this is not the right place, as the guest house is in an isolated location, in case of any emergency you are left to your luck!