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Hubby (keen photographer) and myself (outback girl) have wanted to go to Lake Ballard ever since the installation of Antony Gormley’s ‘Inside Australia’ … and we finally did so, on a four day break just recently…..totally loved it!!! We took off from Perth on Thursday morning and arrived back in Perth Sunday night. The 800km journey was very achievable over the four days, giving us plenty of time to explore Lake Ballard and the surrounds. The last 50k’s of the journey is on dirt road out of Menzies which was in very good condition gas what i smoke…just keep an eye out for Cows crossing the roads. Camping was made easy with several sites having a bbq plate over a fire pit (make sure you take your own firewood as there is none available), wooden table chairs, a drop toilet and rainwater tank. I would advise that you take your own water…don’t always rely on the tank and take fly nets ….when we were arkla gas pay bill there, the flies were shocking…must be the cows that attract them!!! This place rocks when it comes to photographic opportunities! More Show less

Lake Ballard was the perfect getaway location to celebrate my half century in this world. We did this on a three day trip from Perth, quite a journey, being approx 800kms each way. We packed a tent, sleeping bags, food, water, camera and our elderly cocker spaniel. The gravel road from Menzies had been recently graded and was in good condition. Arriving just on dark we set up camp and sat back with a wonderful view of the night sky. Spot the satellites, name the planets, first to see the falling star. So wonderful to have no light pollution. The next day’s dawn revealed a huge golden sky easing off with pink hues to reveal a clear day warming to about 30c. We headed off after a cuppa to meet the locals. Weird and unique, the statues seem strangely to belong, almost welcoming us to this huge brown/red salt pan. We were lucky that the surface was fairly dry and we got around to about 30 of the statues in about 2 hours. What can I share – Pack wisely, plenty of water and a change or two of clothes and shoes, don’t forget the sunscreen, hat and sunnies (even in August!!) and bring in some firewood if you want to light one of the pit fires – we did for the second night and enjoyed a barbie and origin electricity login toasted marshmallows. Our photo’s will allow us to relive this weekend into the future, but the best part is that the whole Lake Ballard experience was so unassuming. The campsite had simple, basic facilities, good signage with common sense messages and absolutely no litter – all at no cost. Thank you Antony Gormley and Residents of Menzies.

We left Kalgoorlie early in the morning to drive the 180 km to Lake Ballard to see the Anthony Gormley installation called Inside Australia . There are 51 sculptures spread over about 10 square Km of the salt lake installed in 2003. You drive about 130 km along the Goldfields highway to Menzies. The highway is very good but there are always road trains going on it and these road trains can be 4 carriages long , most are 3 . They are huge and you have to be careful when passing as you need to allow plenty of room and time to get past these monsters. Menzies was a gold mining town but now just has a few buildings , there is self service petrol station where you can buy fuel on a credit card. Turn left in Menzies to the road to Lake Ballard and it is about 55kms on a very good gas natural fenosa unsealed road. But take it easy around bends not like the black Kia that almost wiped us out on the way back as he slid around the corner without slowing down. I hope they survived the trip The sculptures are based on laser scans of the residents of Menzies plus a few people passing through the town. You can see the different characteristics of the people in the faces and body types. They are quite close togther nearer the car park but then as you get further out on the Lake they are spread out. The footprints of the people walking on the lake become part of the installation and you cant help but make patterns as you walk. As you press your foot down salt appears on the surface all crackled and patterned The red slippery mud covered our shoes . We should have taken more appropriate shoes . On our return , we stopped at the Menzies Hotel for lunch. Its really old but u gas station lots of character. The food was excellent , hamburgers and toasted sandwiches. On our way home we also drove out to Ora Banda ( 20km from highway , last bit unsealed but 9gag instagram good road) and had a drink and a good look around, The Ora Banda Hotel was the one bombed some years ago and has a rich history , it has been restored and is a beautiful building with food and beer garden . At the turn off to Ora Banda is Broad Arrow Hotel and this is a fascinating place with a very nice beer garden and fire inside. Good menu and pool tables. The walls are covered in customers signatures , there isn’t space left anywhere, they have signed even the power points and the toilets We had a wonderful day , timing is everything as you would not want to be walking on the lake in the heat. We didnt see one fly but I have heard at differnet times of the year the flies are shocking and you need to take fly nets