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The Poultry Project goal is that of a multi-fated success. Our first responsibility is the financial well being of the business. As well we will meet this goal while trying to consider the effect of our products as well as customers satisfaction, the Impact of our practices and choices will have on the environmental and the high quality of attitude, fairness, understanding and generosity between management, staff and customers and suppliers. Awareness of all these factors and the responsible actions that result will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our, basic financial goals. Would also ensure use of local raw materials and practice good business ethics

If the project is meeting its projection by month, 12 we will be scouting for a second premise and develop plans for the next unit. Our two-year goal is to have at least two big fowl runs, which can accommodate more than 10 000 chickens and a Purchase of a van, as well as diversifying into selling of rearing of chicken layers. electricity in india Also our main goal is to have a combined Annual output of between USD 5000 to USD 10 000

United Baptist Church Youth Fellowship project will be an Association, which will be owned by UBC YF youths, under the close supervision of the Farm Committee, with National Youth Executive Committee having overall responsibility. All the minimum legal requirements will be done, and we will plan to buy a shelf company. However, we have recently talked to the Managers of Bhafaloe Hardware, Mutare farm Suppliers, Farmco on the issue of supplying us with some inputs and they confirmed that they will constantly supply us with the inputs so that we can effectively run this poultry project. Our Fowl runs are currently located at Mr and Mrs Gwinyai Muyambo (our senior youth) farm in Nyakamba-Chimanimani area, and it will be on free basis.

The main aim of starting this business is to reduce financial burdens from our districts, and be financial stable as United Baptist Church Youth Fellowship as well as Creation of employment as well as alleviating poverty amongst Youth in Zimbabwe. We have therefore thought of starting this poultry project so that we assist youth activities and assist in meeting youths objectives.

United Baptist Church Youth Project will be selling both dressed (packed) and undressed chickens, selling of chicken cutlets, gizzards Chicken Liver, Chicken feet, chicken heads and in the long run we will engage in selling of stock feeds, chemicals, eggs, rearing of chicken layers. We will definitely diversify as soon as we start making profit. We are going to be serving small markets, and we will offer door-to-door delivery services, which are normally ignored or by passed by other giant producers who are already in the market. Our chickens will be branded and this will occur when we start making positive returns or profits.

We are at UBC YF project we want to ensure both Customer and Supplier satisfaction, and we would ensure that there will be a decreased number of unemployment rates of youth in Manicaland and Zimbabwe as whole, and this will move a long way in alleviating poverty and decrease cases of youth engaging in to anti-social practices within youth members

According to the research carried by the project supervisors, many people in Zimbabwe due to electricity shedding and power cuts opt to take and cook chicken as relish for their meals than meat, because it gets ready easily and it does not consume lot of energy e.g. Firewood. electricity in costa rica current More so many existing companies of chickens do not serve smaller markets, and they do not advertise their products so that it would sound cheap to them, but we as United Baptist Church Youth Farm will try to take advantage of other producer’s weaknesses to penetrate into the market and make profit. electricity 101 video We are also targeting the historic 2010 World Cup, and we have planned to supply chickens to local hotels,lodges,and resturants.We do really have a vision to make huge profits by offering high quality chickens, offering efficient and good effective marketing services.

According to the recently published statistics from the Government, about 87.5% of youths in Zimbabwe are Unemployed and dependant on elderly people. In addition, according to research in United Baptist Church of Zimbabwe youth department about 95% of the youths are unemployed and are facing difficulties in raising youths budgets due to unemployment. We have come together as a Committee so that we can effectively start this project so that we can make profit as well as create employment to other Youths as well as other people in Zimbabwe. We are also finding

difficulties in accessing monies to engage into other projects as well as honor some of our scheduled plans due to black of funds, this project will go a long way in improving the standard of living of both Zimbabwean youths and us (the owners). We are going to gain famous as United Baptist Church Youth Fellowship, and we will evangelize in and around Zimbabwe due to the effectiveness management of the project

We have also thought of starting this project to fulfill the Socio-economic and Religious needs of the Youth group. We have also find that in United Baptist Church youth and Zimbabwe as a whole there are a number child headed families, high rates of orphans and the vulnerable Children, so we intended to support these people in the community so that they will be treated as first class citizens not second-class citizens.

Start this chicken project as our main aim is to raise profit, encourage use of local technology, create employment, elleviate poverty as well as adding of value to Zimbabwean Youth. We also intend to fulfill organizational needs as well as get status in the country as youth. We will also assist the country in raising revenue through paying tax thus in the long run.

We will be initially holding the project at Nyakamba in Chimanimani, about 120 Kilometers away from the Central Business District, but soon the production will take place in Mutare City if we find suitable premises and we effectively expand and we will make sure that there is a continuous and constant supply of chicken and we will be producing the chickens in a 3 week interval. Some of the chickens will be dressed and other will not be dressed. Cutlets will also be sold, and we will do the dressing at B&C Investments, and we will do the cuttings, Mr Content Makumbe and Mr. electricity word search pdf Gwinyai Muyambo the project supervisor(s) have ideal knowledge in dressing chickens and it wouldn’t be a problem, all this will be done at the premises of operation. Hygiene will be greatly maintained and there will be strict standards of sanitation, quality production and presentation or packaging of products.

There will be three ways customers can buy, they can visit the premises and make direct selection of the products they want, we can also offer a door to door delivery of the products, and we can use our agents to sell the products that is butcher companies which are properly positioned and would attract many customers-that is the business people who will come to buy our products/chickens because they are mature and our services are efficient and the prices will be affordable.

Our customers will be Church Organizations like United Baptist Church of Zimbabwe during their Annual 5 day Revivals, United Baptist Church Youth Fellowship Conferences, Mutare United Football Club, Restaurants Owners, Couples about to Wed, Non Governmental Organisations e.g. Windows of Hope, Mission Schools( Biriiri High and Rusitu High),Wholesale owners, Supermarket owners e.g. Mr. Jiyamwa, and other potential customers.. More so some of our potential customers and they are promising to buy chickens as soon as they get ready for sell.

Entry into the market should not be a problem. 3 gas laws The Project has high visibility with heavy foot traffic all day long and also the Location of the business is well known, and the project owners have in-depth knowledge in chicken rearing and have been at their homes at small scales We also have an Project advisor who will be advising us in the chicken rearing project and the advisor has been known for scooping the Manicaland Farmer of the year awards ( Mr. Gwinyai Muyambo, and we can also use this penetrate into the market. The local residents and other people always support new youth business people, and USD 15-USD 20 will be set aside for pre-advertising and public relations campaign.

To have a favorable profit margin United Baptist Church Youth Farm will make a thorough research and check the prices of other producers and retailers and will have average pricing policy against those of the competitors as well will offer quality chickens as to compete with other competitors on quality and services, each chicken will cost USD 6

 We do not have capital to effectively expand and kick start the project. There are also well established companies who can manage to finance themselves, which include SunCrest,irvines Marecha Chicken Producers, Chinyika Chickens, pa Simango chicken producers- they are relatively big and well established, but we will try to market our products and try to bit competition, we shall market our products in the Manica Post if we get funding

 Well-established farms/companies ignore smaller markets, and we at UBC YF Project will try to serve both smaller and bigger markets. We also have an opportunity to sell Chickens to our Church Organisations, Church Revivals Our Mission Schools e.g. Biriiri High, Rusitu High, Rusitu Hospital, Church organizations like Windows of Hope, Football clubs –Mutare United and Gaza Gunners, Highway Football Clubs, Potters Restaurant.

About Five Major Chicken providers in Manicaland area sell chickens. Although this presents an obvious challenge in terms of market share, it also indicates the presence of a large, strong potential. The newest competitors have made their success entry based on an innovative concept or novelty. electricity usage calculator south africa UBC YF will offer an innovative product in a familiar style at a completive price. Our aggressive plans of door-to-door delivery will also give us an advantage to create a good Market share before the competition can adjust or similar concepts appear.

The Return per dollar values indicated in the cash flow show that this project is highly viable. This figure sometimes expressed as a percentage, is the amount of profit gained for every dollar invested. The figures indicate that the proposed venture will be able to generate substantial profit, which will enable it to repay the loan advanced.