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If I could give 0 stars I would. I was told that a technician would be out to my house between the hours of 11am – 3pm. I work 5 minutes away from my home. I was told at the time of scheduling I would receive a text message that the technician was en route and that I could track them. Around noon I called the company and spoke with a woman who told me the technician was at another site and that I should be receiving a text message shortly that he would be on his way. She took my number down (as it was previously recorded for my landlord) and I received a text. The text said he was in a town away from Philly and was 40minutes away. I am a scientist and work in a lab and had to wrap up for the day to get home. I started wrapping up and receive a call 10minutes after speaking on the phone and the woman says that the man is at our house. I race home. When I arrive no one is there. When I call in a woman is incredibly rude to me, keeps cutting me off, assumes I don’t know what I’m talking about, and refuses to listen. I finally get through to her that I had already called to check when they were coming and the tracking link they sent said he was far away. She then told me that the tracking link doesn’t work properly and that it is broken and their responsibility to have that information be correct. She then told me this is my fault because he waited 6 minutes, so 1 minute over and he leaves. I am furious. The attitude and smugness that I wasted 1 minute of this technicians time… I called to check where he was to be courteous and make sure I was there to let him in!!! Then they call back and tell me he is there NOW and that I need to be there. We have a leaking washer that flooded our first floor. We moved in 1 week ago and our place is torn apart over this problem. This is an awful company with terrible customer service. It is a backroom ran by a few people that don’t care about their customers. Avoid them at all costs, I beg of you.

I would not use them. I had my home warranty company set up a repair from this company. Then I called them and left several messages. I left messages when they were close so when the opened they could call me to set up an appointment to have some one come out to my house. Then I decided to look on line to read reviews on this company and I saw bad reviews. So I called then to see if I could talk to them about an appointment. This was done during business hours and of course no one answered the phone, so I let a message again. I was frustrated that I was not able to talk to someone one about scheduling an appointment. So I called my home home warranty company and they called Universal 1 Repair. Universal 1 Repair told my home warranty company they did not service my area. It would have be nice for Universal 1 Repair to at least call me to tell me they did not service my area. If I had not called my home warranty company I would still be waiting on Universal 1 Repair to call me. That is very unprofessional. Do not use this company. There are companies who are more professional. Read these reviews

DO NOT USE THEM. They are HORRIBLE. Our washing machine has been broken since October. After dealing with another inept company our home warranty company sent out Universal 1. The "technician" looked at the washer, started half a cycle and heard the squeaking. Without any further investigating like taking it apart to actually diagnose the problem, he just said "We’ll have to do some research online to figure out what’s wrong." That did not sit well with me but what can I do. Two weeks go by with no phone call. We call them and when they finally decided to answer the phone (which they don’t often do) we’re told "Oh yes, we have the parts." Well that would have been nice to know sooner. An appointment is scheduled for them to come out on a Wednesday between 9-1. My wife and I work so a family member took off from work to be there for the morning. 1 PM rolls around and no sign of anyone. We call and are told "Oh he is still at the first job, he is having some difficulty." No courtesy call before that or anything. We are promised that the service person will be there by 4 PM. 4 PM rolls around and still no sign of anyone. Call again, and after a few calls they finally answer. He is STILL at the first job. Again, no courtesy call or anything! So now our family member lost a whole day of work for no reason at all waiting for them. The best part is they didn’t even reschedule us then, just nobody showed up AT ALL! No professionalism whatsoever. We are upset and get a hold of them the next day. The secretary apologizes and says that we will be the very first repair on Friday (today). We are told someone will be there at 8 AM. We have a friend waiting at our house for this serviceman. It is 12:45 PM and he is JUST getting there. We were supposed to the FIRST STOP. Once again, NO COURTESY PHONE CALL. When I call the secretary I get a BS answer that he got stuck in traffic. For over 4 hours apparently. Traffic reports are all green and the business is located close to where we live. On further questioning it was "Oh well he went out and picked up a part for a different job and he didn’t leave the shop until 8:30." But he was supposed to be at our house by 8. They just flat out LIE! NO PROFESSIONALISM WHATSOEVER. I would NEVER pay for this kind of service and even though it’s through my home warranty company I am STILL extremely upset and annoyed that they have no consideration for anyone else’s time. We have already reported them to the home warranty company and I also plan to contact the Better Business Bureau about this horrific company. DO NOT USE THEM.