Universal credit costs more than previous system and makes 60,000 families worse off. ipswich unemployed action. electricity in salt water experiment


• The Budget 2018 work allowance increase means that the number of working families that gain from the switch to UC increases by 200,000 – from 2.2 million families previously to 2.4 million families now. electricity distribution network Among working families with children, the number (1.5 million) expected to be better off under UC now matches the number (1.5 million) expected to be worse off.

• Relative to the pre-Summer Budget 2015 UC system, the work allowance and taper changes of recent years have restored or improved incentives to enter work at low earnings for renting single parents and the first earner in renting couples with children; and reduced incentives to enter work at low earnings for home-owning parents who are either single or first earners in couples, and non-parents without disabilities.

• Single parents and second earners in couples with children – both very likely to be women – are most responsive to work incentives. As such, it is a concern that UC continues to incentivise single parents (particularly renters) to reduce working hours below the 16 hours backstop present in the tax credits system. It also still fails to sufficiently incentivise work for second-earner parents.

• One of UC’s major advantages is that it gets rid of the very highest rates at which benefits are withdrawn in the existing system, which can leave people with less than 10p for each additional £1 earned. However, the fact that taxpayers on UC keep just 25p of each additional £1 earned (even less when paying for childcare costs) means that challenges remain.

The programme on BBC1 from 7.30pm follows families as they struggle with their claims and focuses particularly on how the roll-out of UC is leading to mounting rent arrears and tenants in crisis. A BBC investigation has also reported today that council tenants on UC have on average more than double the rent arrears of those still on housing benefit.

Extra resources are desperately needed to deliver UC, which will merge six benefits into one payment. electricity electricity goodness Ministers claim that they ‘have the resources at the moment’ however the PCS DWP group states that an immediate addition of 5,000 staff is required in the service centres alone. electricity physics This is to address the imbalances in caseloads and between service centres and reduce number of phone calls being taken by case managers and that’s before the managed migration of several million more claimants in the coming years.

Without proper investment in the social security system, vulnerable claimants will continue to suffer. UC is not the simplified system which the government promised it would be, instead pressure and responsibility is fully placed on the claimant meaning that inevitably, many will slip through the net without adequate and continued support – much of which is not being delivered at present.

“The whole selling point of full service was the great service between the staff and claimant as you are dealing with people in your local area they can leave journal messages for their case managers but we are being told not to answer the journal message and it’ll sit there for weeks at a time. This includes vulnerable claimants, even people threatening suicide, and we aren’t given time to read their messages,” they said.

How many of these not attending an interview were working 16 hours or more, did the programme highlight this by either side in this debate. I ask as under the old system, people just receiving WTC and or CTC, child benefit,housing benefit never use to have to attend. Even with the new system a claimant working 15 hours nat min hourly rate cancels out any employment entitlement (JSA element) entirely and lets face it that it would be incredibly counter intuitive to cut housing benefit or WTC if we want that person to remain in employment and not lose it because they are homeless and or unhealthy all for the sole purpose of establishing DWP want over employment when you consider beyond registration what you actually do when you visit JCP.

If a person is totally unemployed it all makes good sense however once a person hits £116 in earnings a week it all becomes less logical when the premise for attendance was based on people not doing enough to look for work yet we see DWP have no idea and cant prove it because the main reason they have you come in is to establish whether or not that is true via evidence. 9gag Add this to what i said was counter intuitive and its not hard to see its a waste of resources when under regulation of change of circumstances its fraud to declare work when you haven’t, not to mention DWP will know via HMRCs RTI (real time tax system) every employer must submit before paying an individual a wage and the ability to use AEO or reduce next benefits by said amount.

Apart from like i said, only JSA who have less than 15 hours work weekly and adding ESA Work Related Activity Group who have less than 15 hours work weekly(totals around 900’000 between the two at best currently), its pointless dragging people in from other groups on a pre appointed regular whim of confirming or denying whether or not a premise applies.

A work coach isnt anything such if they dont know the trades which most of the time they dont. They just look at your CV, or ask questions then pump into the system a job title for vacancies. gas kush They dont understand say holding a NVQ in gas installation does not make that person qualified/competent to do so. You see each type of gas appliance requires a specific gas ticket which you cant have unless you hold a core gas ticket first. Even when you have that, you have to be corgi registered. Ontop of that you need a specific CSCS/ECS,etc card followed various others like you may need IPAF,PASMA,etc,etc,etc.

So a claimant could refuse in your example a job climbing masks on those grounds and DWP may well sanction them but ultimately they would win at tribunal hands down. Alternatively the claimant could just go to the interview as i can tell you they wont pass that and so the whole thing was a waste of time and money for everyone solely because a work coach didn’t know what they were talking about.