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I have written what are the other beaches in kovalam beach areas in my kovalam beach review kindly see review Kovalam is the fantastic beach spot in Kerala, What you can expect ? and not Expect? 1.Good Massage centres available in this beach My favorite is Shanthigiri Near Light House, . 2.There are 3 beer Parlours are permitted to sell alcohol One is jeeven ayurvedic resort is permitted to sell electricity omd beers in the kovalam beach is our all time favorite. another 2 hotels also permitted to sell alcohals iam not sure the name may be sea face or sea rock iam not sure it is in the entrance of light house beach . The others will sell beers but covered with news paper mostly they will give king fisher lager beers at the cost of Rs.160/-(3.2$) and hiding the bottles under the speedy q gas station table.Except five star hotels like leela,and taj there having own bars 3.There are no topless beaches in kovalam nude or topless is a crime in their law. 4.Prostitution, Drugs also illegal in the place may be some 3rd grade massage centers provide but it is up to your risk . 5. Good see food at affordable cost may be not fresh in some unseasonal time it was freeze 6. Surf pads available, but no banana boats or sky diving, para suit diving into sea are not available because within 1 and half kilo meter from the land is International ship way so Navy guards ship rounding always within 2 kilo meter range in the sea. 7.If you go with your family don’t miss Vizhinjam Aquarium Definitely a Fantastic place for kids it is having some rare fish items in their Aquarium. It is just 3 or 4 kilo meter long electricity estimated bills from light house you can see the fishing village of vizhinjam from light house tower. kids really love the Aquarium Don’t miss (200 % better than Goa Aquarium) 8. Good Fruit salad available from the fruit seller ladies at affordable cost less than 1 $ 9. Under water current , Rough Sea Some times , Big waves some times, in front of us 2 foreign peoples saved by navy guards taken to hospital 3 gases that cause acid rain. Don’t go inside a long always give respect to the Watch Guards visil and Red flag.We have not faced any issues in the past 15 years but always we respected guards advices mostly we played infront of them. 10.Try some good Massages from Shanthigiri, Kalari, 11. Buy beers in Kovalam Beer shops which is available in Junction.The Good Beer cost is around 1.5$ (Rs.75) it is available for RS.160 (3.2$)in the beach area just 0.5 kilo meter walk from light house beach ask the medical shop location it is best for you. medical gas vs electric oven temperature shop and government beer shop all in one complex 12.Good Restaurants are for Non veg 1. King fisher restaurant. 2. Cafe de la mer in jeeven ayurvedic beach resort. 3. vegeterian lovers (Lonely planet behind jeeven ayurvedic) what a food south indian, north indian, see the separate reviews in their restaurant. How to travel from Bus stand or Railway station.sorry i have not travelled by air because it is very near to our home town just 500 kilo meters From Thiruvananthapuram Railway Central take left just walk half kilo meter turn left just walk half kilo meter Bus Junction is there Every 10 minutes they are operating Buses to Kovalam Beach Ac bus cost you Rs.24, Non types of electricity consumers ac bus cost you Rs.14,(less than half a $) you want to go by Tuk Tuk it will cost you upto 300 or 250 up to your bargain. Most of the tuk tuk peoples confuse you ‘ very long , Lot of crowd in bus Don’t Belive its false) you can take tuk tuk upto bus stand will cost you Rs.18 by auto-meter but they ask Rs.30.then catch the bus. So your total cost of travel of 16 kilo meter from thiruvananthapuram to kovalam beach is around less than 1$.Rs.45/- you cannot expect discotheque dances beach parties,ship parties like goa. Here liquor is costly then goa Goa having lot beaches and beach huts But e gaskell You can expect good Ayurveda treatments , massages, relaxation therapies you can spend with family and kids direct sea face building hotels rooms are plus points in light house beach you cannot expect in goa.you can swim 10 meters from your room here. simple night life you cannot expect food after 11 o clock may be at 12 if your luck. but very sad i saw lot power outage houston report of plastic covers, bottles, plastic things when fishermen open the fishing net after fishing. for fish they got more plastic dusts then fish. try to avoid plastics save our nature.