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I stand behind NTTA’s efforts to reel-in millions in unpaid revenue. I equally urge delinquent users to do the right thing by paying for services used. However, NTTA was also partly to blame for collection efforts that turned nominal actual tolls due into hundreds in unpaid fees and penalties. Quite frankly, some simply could not afford to pay the enhanced and exorbitant sums they’d accumulated.

NTTA revised its collections process by doing away with the $6.60 per violation charge it had levied for each unpaid toll. Although substantially reduced, an escalating scale of penalties is still tacked on to each unsuccessful collection attempt. At that rate, it’s easy to see how 100 unpaid trips, the threshold for what NTTA and legislators characterize as habitual violators, could – under the old collections system – mushroom into a bill that now cost thousands.

Under the new collections system, a monthly bill is sent to delinquent drivers for which they have 30 days to pay. If unpaid past that point, a first Notice of Nonpayment invoice is sent that carries a flat $10 administrative fee. Users have 30 days to pay before a 2nd Notice of Nonpayment is issued. With the 2nd notice, which is issued after 60 days, an additional $25 fee for non-payment is added to the initial $10 administrative fee. A 3rd Notice of Nonpayment at the 90 day mark would generate outside collection efforts along with an additional $29 fee that goes to the 3rd party bill collectors. Of course timely payment would make this litany unnecessary, but sometimes our busy lives can cause a few things to fall between the cracks.

Again, if you have unpaid tolls, avoiding notices will not make them disappear. Thousands of drivers who had fewer than 100 violations chose to take advantage of the grace period to settle their debts. However, most of the 70,000 identified by NTTA as habitual violators have yet to come forward.

Do yourself a favor by getting in touch with NTTA as soon as possible to arrange payment plans that can better fit into your budget. Heed the warning, because there are more consequences for non-payment. Dallas was one of the first counties to reach agreement on a provision of SB1792 that would block auto registration. Other possible sanctions include Class C citations and impoundment.

And drivers, let’s be honest. It is a toll road and you enter with full knowledge of the costs involved. NTTA’s sole revenue stream is toll collection. If you know you can’t, or refuse to pay, please steer your car to another roadway. To get started resolving your unpaid tolls, NTTA can be contacted at 972-818-6882 or at www.ntta.org/ .

Well it would be nice to set up a payment plan and pay them off. The problem with this is you have to pay 75% of what you owe to even get setup on the payment plan. I have gone round and round with the NTTA to be on a payment plan. Talked to more than one supervisor and did not get anywhere with them. I just don’t understand if I am contacting and willing to get on a payment plan to pay them off, as to way I have to pay so much up front to be on the payment plan? Just doesn’t make sense at all. Also please answer this question, the whole reasons we pay tolls is to pay back for the highways that are built right? I understand these highways must be maintained for our benefits as well. When will that cease though? So many people take the toll roads here in Dallas and I am pretty sure in the years that DNT, George Bush and now newly built 635 Express, we have more than gave enough money to have paid those toll roads off and possible enough for upkeep for a while? Why not implement state taxes to take care of these tolls as to me, it should not be the citizen of the state to pay for roads to get me to and from work. The state itself should put the money up to better the life’s of the citizens to be able to pay taxes and so on. Like I said if the state feels like it’s that big of a deal, why not get the soul sucking NTTA out of the picture and implement a state tax that comes out of your check for the roads. This way all drivers will be able to use them and not forced to take back roads, city streets and other means of transportation. There has to be a solution and an easier way. Make a vote, pass a bill and help out the citizens of our great state as Texans are suppose to do! I really hope you read these comments and I would love to here a reply. Thank you