Unsound thinking within science, economics, and religion! kingdom economics power quiz questions


One of the greatest problems that I have discovered from teaching and communicating with students and adults is the ‘unsound’ thinking of so many people. What do I mean? Unsound thinking is when a person can not discern reality in the NOW correctly. Reality is lived in the NOW continually. electricity dance moms song Those who can not discern what is real in the NOW can be deceived and can live with illusions and fantasies. This then leads to unsound thinking. Let’s examine a few examples of ‘unsound’ thinking to illustrate our situation:

• Within science we have the idea called the ‘origin of life’ Science defines ‘life’ as an existing organism (like a bacteria) which is already living. This is unsound thinking as an organism with life (already present) can not be a definition of ‘life’. In reality, ‘life’ is the spirit which gives an organism its movement and action. Life does not originate from some existing organism (say a living cell)…rather life is the ‘eternal spirit’ within an organism. We can say that my life is my consciousness which activates my brain and body. gas x extra strength vs ultra strength Consciousness is eternal and does not have an ‘origin’. Why this unsound thinking within science? Could it be that science does not discern their own inner consciousness? I think so! Life derives totally from prior life (not from some dead chemical within matter). Who is aware?

• Within economics we have this idea that our dollar ($) is a physical unit composed of matter. We assume that this accounting unit, this currency unit, and this unit of value is outside the human mind. We trade this unit…as if it is physical. electricity sources in canada We buy and sell with this unit. We save, lend, and create this unit from our inner self. q gas station But is this unit part of our material universe of matter/energy? I don’t think so! Since most assume that our dollar is physical they act upon this false assumption. In reality, however, this mindset is unsound thinking. Our dollar, in reality, is merely a unit of consciousness and/or a mental abstraction with no ‘tie’ to material reality. Were you aware of this? Were you aware that our dollar (and all currency units on this planet) are actually metaphysical units (also called spiritual units)? This is why the dollar can vanish and disappear…as its assumed value vaporizes within our computer screen. Economics is based upon unsound thinking and this is why the house of cards called our market will collapse over time. gas after eating pasta Thinking is key to decision-making. Thinking must be based upon reality as we live it in the NOW. Economics has many unsound ideas which lead people astray!

• Within religion we have this unsound idea that a prior human being is now God. Billions of people worship a prior human individual who has been elevated to Godhood by a group of strong believers from the past. The person called Yeshua (Jesus in English) was a historical human being who lived on this planet from around 4 B.C. to 33 A.D. n gas in paris lyrics After this person’s death, people gradually exalted this person to Godhood and then created a religion so they could worship this exalted person (now assumed to be living in the spiritual realm next to Jehovah God). A theology around this person was created by theologians (like this Trinity concept) and strong believers began to worship this historical human being. The mindset of this person (Yeshua) while living on this planet was ignored so as to exalt this person as a God for a select group of believers. All this happened gradually from 33 A.D. to mostly 325 A.D. when this person was given equality with Jehovah God (the God of Israel and the Creator of man). Today, we have some 2.2 billion people who follow a group-think religion which exalts a prior human being as God and Creator of our universe. This Trinity concept allows all this to happen. Is this unsound thinking or what? I would suggest that believers who follow this unsound thinking are living with deception, illusion, and myth. Soon we will discover that our Creator is not Jesus or Yeshua but that our Creator is the God of Jesus/Yeshua. electricity in homes This God is called JEHOVAH, I AM, Hashem, Yahweh, the Almighty, the Creator, the Singularity, and/or the Ancient of Days. Read Revelation 4 and 5 for some enlightenment.

Unsound thinking is what creates the many problems within all our various cultures and within these professions called science, economics, and religion. gas apple pay Unsound thinking creates these illusions, these myths, and these fantasies within science, economics, and religion. Unsound thinking creates the coming tribulation and collapse which is now happening on this planet. We need people to start questioning their prior thinking.

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living. This philosopher from history had some sound thinking IMO. Yeshua also had some sound thinking but followers ignored his philosophy (of his God) and started worshiping the messenger rather than his philosophy. This has led mankind into much unsound thinking and the coming collapse of Western Civilization. Reality is a NOW experience! Think for yourself to discern these ideas. I am: https://kingdomecon.wordpress.com.