Unusual! he is proclaimed senator when he is still president – archyworldys electricity questions and answers physics

Assumption- In an unprecedented event in Paraguay, a sitting president was proclaimed today senator. This does not mean that Horacio Cartes breaks the law -which prevents an official from holding two positions at the same time-, but his Senate has been criticized by his detractors since the Electoral Justice and the Supreme Court empowered him to compete in the elections of last april Although to assume the position Cartes must resign from the presidency no later than June 30, this Friday was carried out its proclamation in the theater of the Central Bank of Paraguay, a protocol act required and organized by the Electoral Justice to recognize who won the elections as elected officials. In the event, a sector opposed to the president was absent. “This is the first time in political history that a president who is still in power receives his proclamation as a member of the Senate,” Senator Juan Carlos Galaverna, an expert on the history of his party, told reporters. Meanwhile, legislator Hugo Richer, of the opposition Guasú Front alliance, explained that the absence of his bloc “was due only to the fact that we do not have the habit of participating in protocol events.” Cartes, who made no statements, won the legislature for the ruling Partido Colorado for the period of government 2018-2023. After the resignation of Cartes will come to power the current vice president Alicia Pucheta, exjueza of the Supreme Court of 68 years, and on August 15 will assume the elected president Mario Abdo Benitez, who was also proclaimed in the post this Friday. This would be the second time that a president resigns to assume another position in Congress. In 2008, the then president Nicanor Duarte was elected senator, but at that time the Congress was dominated by opponents and they decided not to take an oath. The candidacy of Cartes to the Senate and its subsequent triumph has generated controversy for months. According to the interpretation of the Constitution of an opposition sector, the president should be a senator for life after the end of his term. This position is honorary, without salary or immunity, but with a voice in the sessions. However, Cartes asked to be authorized to compete for an active senatorium and now will have jurisdiction as the rest of the legislators. @

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