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In this mission, the player must defeat 30 Lone Runners within 1:30:00 to obtain the Illusion-L command. It is recommended to use Commands with a wide-range, such as Mega Flare, Thundaga, and Salvation. The Lone Runners will continuously run around the field, so the player should use fast moving Commands, such as Thunder Surge, Fire Surge, and Barrier Surge to reach them. It is very important to move quickly throughout the mission.

While playing as Terra, his slow speed makes it difficult to chase the Lone Runners, so it is recommended to use the Ventus D-Link in this battle, as it provides Haste which will boost Terra’s speed. Also the Ventus D-Link’s second emblem’s Finisher can easily destroy a large amount of Lone Runners.

While playing as Ventus, the player should use Megaflare. This will kill upwards of around 20 Lone Runners right from the start of the challenging, leaving you with excessive time to polish off required 30 through any means. For posterities’ sake, the player should use fast-moving and wide-ranged Commands, such as Time Splicer or Faith, to defeat the remaining Lone Runners.

In this mission, the player must survive as long as they can in the poison-filled arena. The player will constantly lose HP as they remain on the ground, so air attacks should be used as much as possible. The Vitality Vial will attack the player either with a dash attack or a cloud of poison. To recover HP, the player should use Cure magic or attack the Vitality Vial, which will recover HP, when necessary. The Vitality Vial will constantly teleport around the field after every one of your combos, or on its own free will. When you use a Finisher, either your own Finisher or a Command Style Finisher and Shotlock, you will not lose any HP. If the player can survive for more than 2 minutes, they will earn the Illusion-V command.

An alternate, and much easier, method to completing this Unversed Mission is to equip all of your deck slots with the Curaga command. Make your way to any part of the area where the Unversed cannot hit you and when your health gets low, use your command and wait until your health gets low again, and repeat. This works for all characters and difficulties and is only recommended if you are having trouble with the methods mentioned below.

While playing as Terra, his low speed is a hindrance. The player should mainly use Sonic Impact as a way of traversing the field, as well as a way of attacking the Vitality Vial. The player can also use Thunder Surge as a means of speedy movement and attack.

In this mission, the player must collect orbs from battling the Gluttonous Goo, similarly to Kingdom Hearts II’s Struggle minigame. The Gluttonous Goo should not be taken lightly, as it can deal large amounts of damage. The player must collect orbs by attacking it and then collecting the orbs that are released from it. The amount of orbs released depends on the damage dealt by the attack. The best strategy to use when fighting the Gluttonous Goo is to Block and then counter it, which can release up to 20 orbs. The Treasure Magnet ability can also be equipped to help collect the orbs. The player has 2 minutes to earn more than 90 orbs to earn the Stop Block for Terra and Ventus or Stop Barrier for Aqua.

While playing as Terra, the player should attack with powerful Commands, such as Meteor Crash or Chaos Blade, to obtain orbs from the Gluttonous Goo. The player should also have Block equipped with Counter Hammer to block the Gluttonous Goo’s attacks and obtain orbs.

While playing as Aqua, the player should use the finisher of Spellweaver by using the Fabracadabra Ice Cream to gain a immense amount of orbs in a flash. When the Gluttonous Goo is ready to attack, use Barrier to protect yourself and Counter Blast to get some orbs.

In this mission, the player must attack the middle section of the Element Cluster with its corresponding element; red represents Fire, blue signifies Blizzard, and yellow symbolizes Thunder. For every attack the player lands on the middle section with its element, the player will earn a point. If the player earn more than 70 points within 1:30:00, the player will earn the Voltage Stack Command.

The most efficient way to achieve high scores is to equip the player character with quick elemental Movement Commands: Ice Slide, as well as Thunder Roll and Fire Glide for Ventus, or Firewheel for Aqua. The Command Deck should be filled with Fire Surge or Thunder Surge to replace any elements not covered by Movement Commands. Element-based Shotlock commands, such as Flame Salvo, are also useful. In order to have as many Surges available as possible, healing should be covered by Renewal Block or Renewal Barrier. In order to increase the restoration speed of the Command Deck, equip Attack Haste and Reload Boost. Fire Screen, Blizzard Screen, and Thunder Screen are also useful in reducing time spent healing.

The Element Cluster will try to always face the player character, but its attacks can easily be avoided by dodging, especially using the invincibility frames of a basic Movement Command. If the player character’s commands trigger a Command Style, be sure to exploit the style’s element when appropriate, and avoid Keyblade attacks when the Element Cluster takes a conflicting element.

In this mission, the player must defeat 300 Jellyshades as quickly as they can. It is recommend to use field-clearing commands such as Mega Flare, Thundaga, Meteor, Salvation, or Magnega to defeat a large amount of them. If the player defeats 300 Jellyshades within 00’30"00, the player will earn the Stopga Command.

While playing with Terra, his powerful and wide range attacks can be helpful in this mission. But his slow speed is his downfall, so it is recommended to use the Ventus D-Link in this battle, as it provides Haste which will boost Terra’s speed. Also the Ventus D-Link’s second emblem’s Finisher can destroy a large amount of Jellyshades. You can also use the Cinderella D-Link.

While playing with Ventus, his wide array of swift Commands is very helpful in this mission. When the mission starts, it is recommend that the player should use the Goofy D-Link with its first emblem, as its Finisher can defeat more than 280 Jellyshades before it finishes, if used correctly. You can also use the Cinderella D-Link. Alternatively, you can use Fire Glide to fly around and take out many Jellyshades.

In this mission, the player has 1’30"00 to face 3 Floating Floras and must launch them into the air, while attacking them as many times as possible before they fall back into the ground and must be relaunched back into the air again. The easiest strategy is to use Shotlocks with high lock-on counts. Otherwise, it is recommended to use commands that are fast and have a wide range to launch the Floating Floras while attacking them. Commands such as Thundaga, Time Splicer, Magic Hour, Holy, and Surge-based are recommended. The player must earn more than 350 points from attack the Floating Floras in midair to obtain the Illusion-F command.

While playing as Aqua, her Spellweaver Command Style’s finisher is the best way to attack the Floating Floras. The player should use a Command Deck made out of Fabracadabra ice cream. As soon as the mission begins, the player should immediately use the Fabracadabra ice cream to enter the Spellweaver Command Style and then another to activate its finisher and finally use it to attack the Floating Floras.