Unwind at “villa serenity”, panoramic views, quiet beach. – teagues bay gas x ultra strength directions


If the crazy world is weighing you down and it’s time to escape to pure tranquility unwind at VILLA SERENITY where our guests are surrounded by a garden filled with tropical flowers and a panoramic view of the Caribbean. Our Villa is designed to give you a quiet carefree oasis where the warm sun will melt away the troubles of your “real world”.

VILLA SERENITY is situated in the gated community called the Reef. Each Villa at the Reef is situated on our landscaped rolling hills to insure maximum privacy for our guests. Start your morning with a warm cup of coffee on the deck overlooking our panoramic view of the Caribbean. If you need v gashi 2015 a little exercise take quiet swim in our hill side pool or enjoy a round of golf at the Reef course. St. Croix also offers some of the finest reef, wreck and pier diving in the Caribbean and excellent snorkeling is only minutes from the front door of your Villa.

Whether your dozing all day in the hammock or playing golf and checking out the water sports you don’t have to go far to find a good meal. Within walking distance of our villa is Good Spirits which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week offering dining in an open gas in dogs air casual atmosphere. Also at the beach you will find fine dining at Duggan’s Reef, a St. Croix legend offering the finest in fresh seafood and steaks. VILLA SERENITY also offers a concierge service for a small fee which allows you to have your refrigerator filled with all the necessities so when you arrive you can fix a perfect meal in our full kitchen.

We stayed at the Reef years ago, and were happy to be back to support their recovery from the hurricane. The Reef did not disappoint. Views 76 gas station hours are spectacular the East End of the island is serene. True to description, the beds were comfortable the kitchen stocked with all you would need. We were the first post-hurricane guests, were flexible to the extent we could about amenities that might be missing on the island (but most were available in Christiansted, so DON’T let it stop you from booking). Be aware: as of January 2018, the wonderful Duggans Restaurant at the beach the other smaller TLC sandwich/coffee place are out of commission. Tennis courts are not usable. The golf frisbee gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore golf course is well-maintained, but we were unable to use them because the Reef office hasn’t had clubs or frisbees since the hurricane. Donna, who manages the property for the owners, was graciously able to meet us on Christmas (we were surprised that even the island grocery stores were open on Christmas). To our surprise (and Donna’s) the hurricane shutters were still closed shut, and unable to be opened until midday the next day. Surprising, since they knew for months we were coming. Air conditioner in the lower bedroom wasn’t working, Donna had it replaced immediately the next day, after one sweltering night for our daughter and one day of no view for us. Were 2015 electricity prices also told we’d have internet, important since our daughter was taking an online college class. In fact, we almost cancelled until we were assured we’d have internet. No internet the entire time, nor any TV. Donna said she’d look into it, but we never heard from her about it again, nor did she bring the DVDs she promised. Sitting at a bar on day 6, we overhead another Reef owner and inquired about the internet. She said it was out for everyone but the Reef office 5 gas laws had internet we could sit down there. Would have been nice to know this earlier, and from Donna! We could have made arrangements for a Sprint or ATT phone to stream from. We also had to patch together a broken window in the master bedroom with mailing tape to keep the bugs winds from coming in. Donna said she come look at it (we had asked for duct tape), but never did. My son slept on top of the foldout couch, because we had difficulty opening it (large gas prices in michigan plywood piece lays on top of the mattress) finding sheets (no word from Donna). Better communication would have allowed us to plan contingencies. So book, enjoy, but know the details

This was our first trip to St. Croix and my husband and I took our 4 children (ages 12 – 23) for a thanksgiving vacation. The villa and location were better then we could have imagined. There are so many things to do within walking distance and the complex is an architectural wonder. From the beautiful villa that provided all the necessities for our family, full kitchen equipped with everything needed to cook (when we wanted to), room for electric utility companies in arizona family games, laundry in the villa and enough privacy for my husband and I to have time alone; too the location The Reef where we could spend time at the pool, beach, golf, hike or just go for a nice walk to the local café TLC at the bottom of the hill. The owners helped us find scuba diving, snorkeling and a photographer for family photos and a place to have Thanksgiving Dinner. The villa fit our family needs and we enjoyed the underwater photos taken by the owners. If you visit St. Croix, Villa Serenity is the place to stay! Best experience with a VRBO owner owned rental ever.