Updated $65 million school district referendum passes by 394 votes local chippewa.com electricity meme


You were deceived. Their math doesn’t add up. $125 per $100,000 of home value? Go do the math – there isn’t enough property value to pay this off in 20 years at that rate . The only way it works is if the mill rate is higher than what they are telling us OR your assessed value goes up. Guess what, assessments are due right about now and there is a housing crunch in our area.

And that is only the beginning. They lied about Stillson, they are lying about how much it "should" cost vs. building some architecturally pleasing building vs. functionality, they are putting AC in a building that isn’t efficient for 2 months out of the year with no way to pay the cost to run it, and they are still buying property.

At the end of the day, you have no idea what you don’t know. And apparently you haven’t lived here long enough to have seen what deception they are capable of. Every time they build a school or add on, it never meets it’s intended need whether that need was real or imagined. You think Parkview is the only example? CFMS? Halmstead? Chi-Hi additions? All wrong…

@Merlin…Who cares? The high school (at least the old section) is incredibly dated. You are correct, it is about the education of the students, but the methods of teaching have changed dramatically over the last 2 decades. I have lived in CF for 40 years, and I agree with you about the middle school. That building is terrible and should have never been built the way it was. That building was built in 1977 I believe. Unfortunately, it was built like that, and we can’t turn back the clock on that. Heck, the decision makers on that building aren’t even around anymore. It is a fact though, that building is not ideal. I did go to that middle school and it was not the greatest learning environment. Since it’s obvious the community won’t support a new middle or high school, what’s the next best thing? It’s to work with what is there to make it better. As for Stillson, there is nothing that would convince me otherwise. That building is a piece of crap. The land is tiny, and the front door is practically on highway J. Overall, we live in a pretty fiscally responsible school district. We haven’t had debt in years. Most districts can’t say that. I for one am happy to support upgrading my schools that gave me a great learning experience years ago.

I have 2 children who have graduated from Chi High and one still there. I am for education, but it’s not about the building, it’s about the teachers. I agree buildings need maintenance but this should have been done all along. I’m sure Stillson needs upgrades but it’s excessive 21 million for a new school in a new location. If my septic goes bad, I don’t go out and buy a new house. Yes, I attended the listening sessions and it was annoying. She would not answer any questions I had. Plus the questionnaire was extremely biased. The way it was formatted assumed all residents wanted it. To the person that said Chi high was the worst building in the area. You are insane! Memorial is awful. Their track sucks as well as the building. We are extremely fortunate for Chi High. I would much rather give the teachers more money. And yes the weather did make a difference especially to the elderly. It is what it is, so we have to suck it up and live with it. But know we need maintenance not new buildings!!!