Updated oakland homicide rate 2018 wd gaster theory


With a few of these maps you can set up Crime Alerts. So far it seems like the first one Spot Crime is the best at alerts followed by Crime Reports. You do have to sign up for a free account but it’s easy. Check if someone has been arrested here. Get Live Text Updates From OPD It’s simple, just text your zip code to 888777. gas bloating The service is Nixle. You get alerts whenever something big is going down, protest closures, man hunts, high speed chases, major bust, etc. And you can easily unsubscribe.

*Note: Some reporting agencies show a higher number because they are counting all 3 police shootings as street homicides when in all cases the dead suspect had guns out and in 2 cases clearly aimed at police and in one case firing 30 rounds. These will not be counted as the Oakland homicide rate here and that’s why our numbers may differ by 3 deaths. However all of these cases are highlighted separately in the full details 2015 link below. Crime Statistics

The homicide statistics in Oakland are currently at such a high level, even when the crime decreases it’s well above the national average as far as homicides and crime statistics. The city attributes most of the violent crime to gang related activity. The gang violence is surely adding to the cities record numbers and the police task force has been cracking down on gang violence lately.

They Say Murders Are Declining However because I pay close attention to the topic I have noticed a few bad trends. Many people are still being shot, luckily they are just not being killed. The Oakland murder rates have been so high because of gang wars in Oakland and turf battles but a lot of those people are already dead and in jail so the overall death toll is dropping. But what about these other shootings? It turns out a lot of innocents are being shot in the legs and arms purposely during recent robberies. So the street criminals that are out robbing people are also shooting them in a manner that will not kill them. And some of these are victims that have already surrendered their possessions and phones.

Random Oakland Shootings 1 Robbed, shot and killed while hiking in Oakland Hills Park [ link] 2 Shot for no reason in leg [ link] 2 innocents 1 robbery and one no reason [ link] 1 shot downtown for no reason. [ link] 1 shot in back while fleeing possible robbery [ link] 1 robbed then shot in back of head [ link] 1 64 year old man shot in shoulder after robbery [ link] 1 shot during robbery while fleeing [ link] 1 shot while resisting robbery [ link] 2 shot in separate robberies [ link] 1 shot in leg while resiting robbery [ link] 1 shot in hand while resisting robbery [ link] 1 recent home invasion robbery no shooting [ link] 1 shot in head during robbery [ link]

While gang shootings, murders and neighborhood violence is dropping, things like car jackings, residential robbery such as burglary and home invasions are on the rise. So basically while the people in the streets have killed off most of the targets and murders rates are indeed dropping, crime on new comers moving to Oakland is still on the rise so be careful.

Or more jobs? Easy to say but where do jobs come from? Thin air? Why would any smart company move into Oakland? So that their employees can get robbed walking from the office to BART? And if another company did move in offering 10,000 positions how many of those would be fill-able by some 17 year old killer with no skill set? Oh so now you say we need more schools? More schools won’t make someone learn. a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of It won’t stop them from doing what they are doing. Anyone who wants to learn can and will. I work in the IT field and did not go to “school” for it. I learned on my own on the internet. I too am from the Oakland Unified School District and dealt with over crowded classrooms.

Parents are the issues, morals are the issue, lack of police to stop these people without parents or morals is the issue. So you can pretend poor Oakland and it’s lack of schools and jobs but the real issue is a bunch of residents of Oakland at this time period don’t value human life, couldn’t work a job if they even wanted one and wouldn’t attend after school programs if they were available.

This video was shocking, yet refreshing because it wasn’t just a bunch of so called crime experts discussing the plight of urban America. Having he people who are directly affected by the violence of our streets discuss their lives made it so riveting. I believe the aspiring musician with the Cincinnati cap was telling it for real when he said you have to be a genius to get out of the streets using the Chinese analogy.

This has been my city for two decades and part of a third. As a school teacher in the OUSD, I have attended more than a few memorials and funerals for students, parents, grandparent and co-workers that have been victims of street violence. I work here, play here and live here. And I think everyone in the room knows that if the victims of the three thousand homicides since 1990 were mainly white folks, something would of been done by now.

What will it take for the people who have the power to get the guns off the street to move forward. Simply hiring more cops will not solve the problem. Jobs, affordable housing, and increased educational opportunities are issues that should be addressed as opportunities to make our streets safer. If you have a higher chance to getting shot on the streets of East and West Oakland than in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, you know we have an national emergency on our hands.

It’s just so misguided that we’re trying to act like it’s all the kids faults and punishing them for being kids? It’s just sad. Kids go out at night and yeah sometimes do stupid stuff, that’s the way its always been and will be forever. This will just create more criminals because people will be getting arrested for more and more ridiculous stuff, plus it would spur a justified anger at the system that some would take too far. And yes sometimes people make mistakes and get hurt but those should be treated as mistakes, learning opportunities, teaching moments where one can be taught valuable life lessons without judging them for choices all humans should be allowed to make, don’t tell the addict to stop using but teach them how to organize their life and prioritize their life over whatever substance they use. People should have the right to put whatever they want in their bodies and do anything they want as long as they don’t hurt others. was electricity invented during the industrial revolution We live in a puritanical society where we meddle in everyone’s private life. If someone wants to screw up their life no law is going to stop them, let them do what they do and offer help to those in need. More people will go to jail and those people, at least a fair percentage of them will just think, “If I’m being called a monster and no one wants to hear me out why shouldn’t I be a monster?”, all increased incarceration does is puts people in an environment where they feel like their life is over and the only way to get anything is to take it. It saddens me that we as a society have failed so grievously that so many feel like they have to resort to crime in order to live, or that the only justice is dealt when you take it in your own hands because of the largely dirty and incompetent police force. No one just wakes up in the morning and just decides “f_ck it Imma be a monster”, unless someone is totally insane but that’s pretty uncommon and we will always have to deal with the crazies. We should concentrate on helping people find things that motivate them, no one wants to go on a murder spree when they have something to look forward to, most criminals do what they do because they don’t have a passion or purpose in life or they feel like there is nothing for them besides crime. Most “criminals” wish that they could go to college and get a degree, or find a good career and end up with a nice house, a two car garage and a wife and just live a quiet life doing what they are passionate about whatever that may be. People who commit crimes are just that, people, yes they may have made some mistakes that had intended or unintended consequences but given the choice between a nice quiet life with a steady income and the unpredictable, volatile, soul draining life of a career criminal 99% of people would probably choose a quiet life where you don’t have to be constantly watching your back, paranoid that something’s gonna happen. Almost no one hurts another person without feeling a little hurt themselves, usually the only reason they do the things they do is because they hurt on the inside and they feel like bringing it out into the world will somehow make them feel better and stronger, which it may do in the moment, just a little, but at the same time all it really does is create more problems,for both victim and perpetrator, they feel like in order to beat the monster they must become one themselves We should focus on rehabilitation and helping people instead of becoming the monster we so hate. Remember that story we all heard as kids with the lion with the thorn in its paw, I feel like that tale has more truth to it than we know. I speak as someone who has made my fair share of mistakes and learned the hard way from them. I have been hurt and have hurt others, I think largely because of that pain inside. Greed and conquest are hollow they make you feel good in the moment because you feel in control but soon you realize that all of that only makes the hole in your heart bigger because that stuff never leads to any lasting happiness, it makes you feel more hollow and hurt inside because you have to take things instead of earning them or having them given freely, it slowly drains your confidence in your ability to be the person you want to be and makes you feel worthless, so you keep feeding the void until it consumes you. Violence begets violence and hate begets hate, but love begets love.

I teach in Oakland and I see the devastation that “fast money” and gifts plays in families who accept the gifts then watch as their boyfriends, sons and grandsons go to prison. I also see the effect from my own home after the crimes have been committed and people are left in fear as the criminal has the address, id and knowledge of the homes and people they have robbed.

I hold parent – teacher conferences anywhere the parent will meet me – on any day of the week. I often hold them at church. I have had many parents drive away as I come up to the car to try to talk about their sons and daughters. In every one of these cases at least one girl in the family is a teen mom and at least one boy in the family is in prison for drugs, gangs or robbery with a weapon.

Please don’t tell me these children do not have an opportunity for an education. I am at school with doors open 10 hours a day and tutor students from kindergarten through as old as they are when they come for help – some middle school, some even high school. You can’t get a job if you are not educated. gas up yr hearse You can’t be educated if you don’t show up every single day and work hard, pay attention and do the work every single day. No birthdays off, no – auntie is coming to town days off and no our family is having a party days off. Every day, show up, work hard, no excuses.

POVERTY = CRIME ONLY because that is what people want for themselves. wd gaster cosplay There are MANY other ways to put food in their mouth, a roof over their head, and keep the lights on. Ways that do not require selling drugs, stabbing, shooting, or robbing another human being who works day by day to get what they need for their family. I come from Oakland, born and raised. I didn’t grow up wearing the brand new Jordan’s or wearing name brand clothes, but I chose something different for my self. I joined the military and now I am working on getting my bachelors degree. I refused to allow others to put a label on me simply because I come from Oakland. So this is what I am saying; EACH individual has the opportunity, the chance to make a decision, to make a choice. I was given the same tools, the same education that our youth receives in our community now and days. So there should be no one else to blame but ourselves. Instead of pointing fingers or trying to find someone to put the blame on, how about we educate ourselves and become someone who can make a change in our community. This was my choice, my decision, I am not saying that this will work for everyone. I am simply using this as an example. I am proud to say that I am from Oakland, and I will come back to my community as a nurse, and a veteran who served her country.